2016 Primary Schedule

The 2016 Presidential primary schedule is finally set. Some of the dates below may be subject to change as states and parties make their final decisions regarding which day to hold their primary or caucus contests. Please use our contact form if you see incorrect information and can provide a link to accurate information. This page will be updated as the calendar is finalized. For total delegate count of each candidate, see the 2016 Delegate Count.

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Note: All dates are primaries unless otherwise noted as a caucus. Primaries and caucuses which are only being held by one party on that date are noted as (R) or (D). The delegate counts represent the total delegates from that state for each respective party. Primary and caucus results will be updated regularly.

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Delegates by State: GOP, Dem

D Del.
R Del.
Mon, Feb 1Iowa Caucus5230 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Feb 9New Hampshire3223 (P)MixedResults
Sat, Feb 20Nevada Caucus (D)43-ClosedResults
Sat, Feb 20South Carolina (R)-50 (WTM)OpenResults
Tue, Feb 23Nevada Caucus (R)-30 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Feb 27South Carolina (D)59-OpenResults
Tue, Mar 1Alabama6050 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Alaska Caucus (R)-28 (P)ClosedGOP
Tue, Mar 1American Samoa Caucus (D)10-OpenDem
Tue, Mar 1Arkansas3740 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Colorado caucus7937 (Unbound)ClosedDem
Tue, Mar 1Democrats Abroad (Mar. 1-8)17-ClosedDem
Tue, Mar 1Georgia11676 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Massachusetts11642 (P)MixedGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Minnesota Caucus9338 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1North Dakota Caucus (R)-28 (Unbound)Closed
Tue, Mar 1Oklahoma4243 (P)ClosedGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Tennessee7658 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Texas252155 (P, unless winner gets 50%, then WTA)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Vermont2616 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Tue, Mar 1Virginia11049 (P)OpenGOP, Dem
Sat, Mar 5Kansas Caucus3740 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 5Kentucky Caucus (R)-45 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 5Louisiana5847 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 5Maine Caucus (R)-23 (PClosedResults
Sat, Mar 5Nebraska Caucus (D)30-ClosedResults
Sun, Mar 6Maine Caucus (D)30-ClosedResults
Sun, Mar 6Puerto Rico (R)-23 (P)OpenResults
Tue, Mar 8Hawaii Caucus (R)-19 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 8Idaho (R)-32 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 8Michigan14859 (P)OpenResults
Tue, Mar 8Mississippi4140 (P)OpenResults
Thu, Mar 10Virgin Islands Caucus (R)-9 (UnboundOpen
Sat, Mar 12Guam (R convention)-9 (Unbound)Closed
Sat, Mar 12Northern Marianas Caucus (D)11-OpenResults
Sat, Mar 12District of Columbia Caucus (R)-19 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 12Wyoming Caucus (R)-12 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 15Florida24699 (WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 15Illinois18269 (P)OpenResults
Tue, Mar 15Missouri8452 (P)OpenResults
Tue, Mar 15North Carolina12172 (P)MixedResults
Tue, Mar 15Northern Mariana Islands Caucus (R)-9 (WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 15Ohio15966 (WTA)MixedResults
Tue, Mar 22American Samoa (R convention)-9 (Unbound)Open
Tue, Mar 22Arizona8558 (WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Mar 22Idaho Caucus (D)27-OpenResults
Tue, Mar 22Utah3740 (P)ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 26Alaska Caucus (D)20-ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 26Hawaii Caucus (D)34-ClosedResults
Sat, Mar 26Washington Caucus (D)118-ClosedResults
Fri, Apr 1North Dakota Caucus (R)-28 (Unbound)
Tue, Apr 5Wisconsin9642 (WTM)OpenResults
Sat, Apr 9Wyoming Caucus (D)18-ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 19New York29195 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 26Connecticut7028 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 26Delaware3116 (WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 26Maryland11838 (WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 26Pennsylvania21071 (P, WTA)ClosedResults
Tue, Apr 26Rhode Island3319 (P)MixedResults
Tue, May 3Indiana9257 (WTA)OpenResults
Sat, May 7Guam (D)12-Closed
Tue, May 10Nebraska (R)-36ClosedResults
Tue, May 10West Virginia3734MixedResults
Tue, May 17Kentucky (D)61-ClosedResults
Tue, May 17Oregon7328 (P)ClosedResults
Tue, May 24Washington (R)*-44 (P)Closed
Sat, Jun 4Virgin Islands Caucus (D)12-Open
Sun, Jun 5Puerto Rico Primary (D)67-Open
Tue, Jun 7California546172 (P)Mixed
Tue, Jun 7Montana2727 (WTA)Open
Tue, Jun 7New Jersey14251 (WTA)Mixed
Tue, Jun 7New Mexico4324 (P)Closed
Tue, Jun 7North Dakota Caucus (D)23-Closed
Tue, Jun 7South Dakota2529 (WTA)Closed
Tue, Jun 14District of Columbia (D)46-Closed

Allocation – All Democratic primary/caucus delegates are proportionally allocated. Republican primaries/caucuses are listed as Proportional (P), Winner-Take-All (WTA), or Winner-Take-Most (WTM).
Proportional – Delegates are awarded based on the percentage of the vote received by candidates, or some formulation of dividing up the delegates
Winner Take All – All delegates are given to the winner of the contest
Winner Take Most – Some delegates are reserved for the winner, some may be divided proportionally
Unbound – Delegates are not bound to a specific candidate and can support any candidate of their choosing, varies by state party

Open – Voters may vote in either party primary but can choose only one
Closed – Only voters registered in their respective party may vote in the party primary
Mixed – A semi-open or semi-closed environment, unaffiliated voters can choose to vote in either primary or can switch registration the day of voting

*Note on Washington State: The Washington State GOP holds a caucus on February 20 but presidential primary delegates will be awarded based on the results of the Washington State primary on May 24. The Washington State Democratic Party does not allocate any delegates from the primary, but rather holds its own caucus on March 26. As a result, Democrats may vote in the primary on May 24 but the vote is considered a “beauty contest” as it holds no bearing on delegates.

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Partial Source: Frontloading HQ, Ballotpedia

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