Nevada Republicans will caucus tonight to choose their preferred presidential nominee. The results will not come in until very late, possibly closer to midnight eastern time since the caucus does not begin until early evening in Nevada. Donald Trump appears to be the favorite heading in, however, anything could happen given that caucuses are unpredictable and polling is very sparse.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
Nevada Republican Caucus
Live Results: DecisionDeskHQ, CNN, NYTimes
Caucus starts between 5pm – 7pm PT (may vary by county)
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Nevada will award delegates proportionally with 30 delegates at stake.

Latest updates throughout the day will appear here, newest at the top:

Update 2 – 11:03am ET 2/24

Here are the final numbers with 100% reporting:
Trump Win NV 2

Update 1 – 12:00am ET 2/24

The Associated Press has announced Donald Trump will handily win the Nevada Republican Caucus. Here is the race as called just after midnight:

trump wins nv

The numbers will continue rolling in but we’re signing off for the night. Follow the results above at the Live Results links. Full update available in the morning.

Original Story

Report from the New York Times:

Donald J. Trump’s Republican rivals are seeking to make a stand against him in the Nevada caucuses on Tuesday, their last chance to slow his momentum before a dozen states vote on the party’s presidential nomination next week.

But it may be difficult to stop Mr. Trump in Nevada, where he has enjoyed a high profile because of his business dealings in Las Vegas and where only a small number of voters have typically participated in the caucuses.

Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Marco Rubio of Florida have established serious operations in the state, and both campaigned there in advance of Tuesday’s contest. They may once again be battling for second place rather than for a real shot at dethroning Mr. Trump.

That battle took on a sharply personal tone on Monday, when Mr. Cruz fired a top aide because he had spread a video that misrepresented comments Mr. Rubio made about the Bible. Mr. Cruz said he was upholding his campaign’s standards of integrity. Mr. Rubio’s team fired back that Mr. Cruz, not his aide, was the one with the character problem.

If Rubio were to win Nevada, for example, it would certainly reshape the race to an extent as it would break Trump’s winning streak. On the other hand, given that this is a caucus and not being held as a traditional primary, it might just reinforce the “Trump does badly at caucuses” narrative without actually changing the race. Most of the Super Tuesday states are holding primaries, not caucuses, so that bodes better for Trump.

Polling and trends are favorable to a Trump victory right now so that is what I would expect heading into tonight. An upset is certainly possible, given the way caucuses are unpredictable, but if the polls are anywhere near accurate, Trump could be holding as high as a 26 point lead which leaves a lot of cushion.

We’ll be updating this thread later in the evening when we start to get results.


  1. I’ve been watching elections for a half-century, and I’ve never seen anything like this year. The “winner” is assumed, and the big fight is about who will be the best “loser.” After all, there’s only one prize. Being second is no better than being Carly Fiorina.

  2. It’s amazing that Republicans can’t grasp that nominating the biggest extremist is going to destroy their chances in the general election. Then again, you can’t expect much from people who consistently vote against their own economic interests.

    The fact that Trump can flip flop on major issues and it has no impact on his popularity shows that substance is irrelevant to his followers. They just vicariously get off when he attacks people.

      • “Dumb Liberal” … you just proved that Trump and his followers throw insults and labels when faced with opposing ideas.

        • Anyone that would vote for hillary or bernie is dumb, and liberal. You have something against stating facts?

          • there are a decent number of people that will vote either bernie or trump, but not cruz or hillary. both trump’s and bernies popularity has to do with a combination of party clowning (calling mexican’s bad, claiming a 21% gender wage gap, etc.), which all popular candidates do to some extent, and the willingness to go against their party.

            • How many hours a day do you spend on twitter? Your lack of proper sentence structure shows. Go back to your one follower on twitter, your Mom is dying to know if you enjoyed that casserole she made for you last week

      • One wonders just who the dumb one is when you who can’t construct a coherent grammatically correct sentence. Are all conservatives burdened with your limitations?

        • Someone who is “dumb” doesn’t have the ability to speak. So I would say you’re all, technically, a little ignorant. Semantics don’t mean anything in a forum like this. You all understood what he was trying to say, whether you agree with it or not.

          • Interesting point. The word “dumb” did begin as meaning “the inability to speak.” However, it is overwhelmingly used to mean “stupid” these days (in America).

            My guess is that dumb, or dumbfounded, meaning “unable to respond,” eventually came to mean the inability to respond intelligently, and thus, the new meaning, as stupid.

            • Well said. I was just ribbing everyone who honestly thinks random strangers care about their opinions. Debate in a forum like this is highly unlikely to change an opinion. It just makes those being responded to more angry and doesn’t accomplish anything. Inflection and tones of sarcasm are lost through text. We don’t even know with whom we are arguing. Unless you are 267 years old, I don’t think I’m actually talking to THE Goethe. What is the point?

              My point is: they understood what he was saying, yet chose to rip him because it wasn’t said properly. It’s simply dumb! 😉 😉

            • It is part of the fun of being on the internet. I mean who doesn’t like to bring out their inner grade-schooler every now and again?

            • Correct again.

              And this whole brouhaha was over just ONE letter–the article, “a.”

              If Scottsvb had said, “a Dumb Liberal,” we wouldn’t have had this entertaining sideline.

            • “Debate in a forum like this is highly unlikely to change an opinion.”
              not true, i am an independant and was leaning towards bernie, then i went to a forum like this and realized that bernie was the wrong guy to back. it wasn’t that they convinced me of their point of view. i feel that bernie’s plan concentrates power in the government (of course he can only do so much), and the danger of that is people blindly accepting things as long as it is good for them at that moment. so when everyone that supported bernie started arguing recorded facts (there was plenty to argue about, so why pick the facts to deny?) i figured that maybe the answer to our current problems is the opposite of concentrating more power in one spot (as people tend to be getting too comfortable with such).

          • Words have several definitions, and being stupid, is one of them, at least in North America. Merriam-Webster also defines it as: lacking intelligence.

        • Dumb is voting for a Socialist or a Communist criminal, but liberals are the dumbest in the land. But they vote for their brand regardless what it does to them.

    • Trump really hasn’t flip flopped as much as you might think. Read his books, watch interviews he did in the late 1980s. He was holding roughly the same positions then as he is in this race. He did evolve on abortion however and is now pro life. That’s a trend in many people, they start out with some left wing ideals but as they get older, they see how wrong those ideals are and change to a new position.

      People support Trump because he has substance, more so than anyone else in the GOP and everyone on the Democrat ticket. He has been saying what many people in this nation want done: kick out all the illegals (it puts an end to needless/preventable crimes and saves us a ton of money), end the lousy Free Trade deals that are costing us a lot of jobs while enriching other nations, repeal ACA and move to a more free market solution, bring jobs back by lowering corporate taxes and putting tariffs on other countries (so our standard of living doesn’t keep sliding towards 3rd world status).

      • Really? He still supports planned parenthood so he isn’t pro life. He flip flops on immigration, supports touchback amnesty, and said Romney was to hard on illegals. Doesn’t support states right. Is beholden to the big banks (currently has billions, with a B, in loans with the banks. Just so much ignorance about who he really is.

        • planned parenthood isn’t all about abortions, in fact it is a pretty small part of what they do. the hard line on illegals is just republican soundbite crap, all of the current candidates for the republican party are for having illegals turned to citizens via the standard process (or abbreviated), certain parts of the economy would collapse if they simply deported them, but they don’t want them to stay outside the system.

    • Why don’t you go pray to your allah, muzzie ?
      This must be the time for your namaaz, isn’t it ?
      Hurry up … Your child-bride is waiting for you to come back from your mosque with your last instructions from your imam on how to destabilize America .

      • There’s nothing there that would cause a rational person to think THEFred is Muslim.

        What gave you that idea?

        • Oh my my, how you do love abusing italics. Funny that you can’t form a proper sentence, however. Well, maybe it is just indicative of a bigger problem; your lack of a proper English education. That is what happens when one drops out of Highschool, or maybe you are just one of those ‘low info voters’ I keep hearing about. You do seem angry, ‘THEFred’.

    • THEFred I will vote for Mr. Trump. He has done enough now to get my vote if he flip flop so be it. Still will not be as bad as anything left that you can vote for.

    • Hillary for Prison 2016
      Bernie is a Democratic-Socialist, or something like that, whatever it is.
      Trump wins by a “yuge margin”, “yuge”.

    • That’s a pretty funny assessment because our current president was elected on his extremism, and he never moved towards the center for the general election. To this day, this man has kept his extreme, anti-American, alinsky-tactic ideology to bully everyone who dares defy him and refuses to compromise with anyone on the other side of the aisle. Democrat/leftists are such friggin hypocrites because they never budge when the political right tries to get something done yet will cry foul when the right won’t move towards their anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-free market ideas.

          • A case could be made, but I don’t think I’d call him a corporate extremist even with his pro-TPP stance, but he certainly flirts with the edge.

        • Here, let me fix that sentence for you. ‘I love…Obama’. There. Fixed it. Feel better now, coming out of the closet?

            • Did you set your phaser to dumb? Please write your response in proper sentence structure. I feel like I just read a post accidently composed by someone’s cat. Meow

      • Bernie is not that far to the left. On the international scale, he is just center-left. America is just further to the right of most nations, so what is seen as far left and extreme, is not really that extreme. Plus, most of the nation wants what Bernie argues for.

        • On an international scale, less than half of the world’s countries are free. That makes Bashar al-Assad not that extreme right, just center right.

        • Wealth redistribution? Of course people want that. Who says no to the ‘free money’ being handed to them that they did not work for and do not deserve? The problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.

          • It is not free stuff and no one is asking for cash. We are already paying taxes, so why not have our tax dollars pay for things for us and what we want, instead of the 29 trillion spent bailing out Wall-Street (, or the over-sized military budget that is 57% of our discretionary spending

            How can we afford to keep spending that much money on the military, and there are calls to increase it from 581 billion. How much more do we need to spend on it, a trillion? People say we can’t afford increasing spending on the social safety net, but are all for increasing military spending to even more ridiculous levels.

            Also wealth is limited, if those at the top hog all the money, there is no way there is going to be a health and thriving middle-class. And no one is asking for a 100% income tax that is asinine or that there should be no rich people. But if someone is making a millions a year, are they going to miss an extra million or 2? Trickle down economics does not work ( Sure there is a period of a boom like the roaring twenties or the mid to late 90s under Clinton, but then comes something a bust like The Great Depression and The Great Recession.

            I am just pointing out the fact that something can’t be extreme by definition, if most of the nation is extreme, the people are the ones that are extreme. Webster: “very far from agreeing with the opinions of most people”

            Also Democratic Socialism is not the same as full-blown Socialism. Secondly Bernie’s policies align more with Social Democrats, who want a system that has social policies to protect people and have a capitalist system. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, workers comp, public sector unions, child labor laws, work place safety, minimum wage, etc, are example of Social Democrat policies. The idea of paid maternity leave, single-payer system, paid vacations, paid public universities, etc, were American ideas and are nothing foreign to us.

            • I do not agree with the huge bailouts of Wallstreet and the banks. That was wrong. Period. However much I dislike socilaists at least Bernie did cote to Audit the Fed, unlike Mr. Tea Party Conservative Ted Cruz, who only the ethically blind and reality warped minions would follow after that tell. As far as voting for a socialist, America would never be able to withstand such programs. We have billions of people inside the US and even the socialist programs in Europe have been cut and capitalism has replaced many of them. If one wishes to look at a successful economy then look at Capitalistic Switzerland and then go from there

            • Billions of people? What!? We only have 318.9 Million and even if one accounts for undocumented people, no way hell that number would make it billions.

              So, do you oppose the socialist programs I mentioned above that we do have?

            • Correct on the numbers. Typing from my Icurve I didn’t notice the error. Should be doing this from my tablet instead. The programs you have mentioned above are not ‘socilaist’. You must have gotten that list from Michael Moore. Socilaism, as defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary is one or all of the following:
              1. any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods
              2, a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property
              b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state
              3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

              By this definition at least, the vast majority of the programs you and Moore have mentioned are not “socialist” at all. Indeed, of the items listed, I can count only a handful that have anything whatsoever to do with the abolition of private property, the nationalization of industry, the central planning of the economy, or “the governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution.”
              The vast majority are either “public goods” (i.e. “non-excludable” and “non-rivalrous” offerings such as the CIA, the FBI, the police, the military, the courts, street lights, public monuments, roads, sewers, etc.); quotidian government operations of the sort that are found in all political and economic systems (the Census Bureau); services that, in practice, can really only be provided or operated by the state (the IRS, the Secret Service, prisons, the White House); services that can feasibly be provided privately but toward which governments are inevitably tempted (NASA, the postal service, garbage collection); or welfare provisions that, while certainly redistributive in nature, are not necessarily “socialistic.”

            • Not from Moore, but citing Mises and CATO, some favorite sources of the right in order to be nuanced.

              Also, most political scientists view the programs I listed as such being classifed as “Socialist in nature”

              What you are describing is Communism. Communism has no private property, but socialism does still with your personal property. And in a Social Democracy/Democratic Socialism still have both.

              I never mentioned “public goods” as socialism, did I?

            • I do not give a rat’s behind about opinions. What I was describing was not ‘my description’ to be perfectly clear, it was the description and very definition of socilaism as given by the Webster dictionary as I stated. To say that the Webster dictionary suddenly has it all wrong but the bias of an individual’s blog or website has it right is a fallacy. To see the damage of socilaism one has to look no further than the Nazi party of Germany or to the failed Soviet Union.
              You are the one who has conflated communism with socialism. Either you are being willfuly ignorant or intellectually dishonest. At any rate, you are utterly wrong, but by all means, argue with Merriam Webster and maybe they will see things your way eventually

            • 1. the USSR was not Socialist, but Marxist-Leninist and partly Stalinist, a form of State-Capitalism. Yeah it is Socialist in its name, but is The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea really that? Trotsky (one of the founders of the USSR) and Chomsky both made eloquent arguments stating this.
              2. The Nazi’s were National Socialists and oppose most policies of standard Socialism and in fact Socialists were some of the victims of the Holocaust, along with Communists, Social Democrats, and Democratic Socialists. The Nazis rejected class and only cared about protecting the “True Germans”.

              I am going to use Webster, since you like their definitions

              Socialism – a way of organizing a society in which major industries are owned and controlled by the government rather than by individual people and companies.

              And here is Communism: a way of organizing a society in which the government owns the things that are used to make and transport products (such as land, oil, factories, ships, etc.) and there is no privately owned property.

              Seems that that Communism completely eliminates private ownership while Socialism does not, only partially. But, this point is moot.

              Here is the thing though, no one is asking for a pure socialist society, it won’t work, just like a pure free-market society won’t work, but that does not mean there are certain aspects of it we should ignore. Instead we are asking for a Social Democracy (which the US partly is already), but just expansion of social programs, like Healthcare and education).

              I mean, we already have Medicaid and Medicare (which have their roots in socialism, but are not entirely socialistic) and why not expanded it. People should not be put into debt just because they can’t afford the costs of private insurance nor risk dying if they are uninsured (if the ACA is repealed). People’s life’s should not be played games with and just because someone is rich, does not mean they should get better care (does not mean they should get worse care either). Tuition free public college, is just expanding what the government already covers through tax dollars, which is public primary and secondary education. Just like for those schools, private universities would still exist.

              This falls in line with the definition of Social Democracy: a democratic welfare state that incorporates both capitalist and socialist practices.

              On one hand, you have the government getting directly involved in the education industry which is by definition socialist, but at the same time capitalism still exists, for there is still private education.

        • If you genuinely look into his politics, Trump is pretty center of the aisle. He uses stuff like building a wall and banning Muslims to capture and hold media attention and keep the spotlight on him.

    • You don’t seem to grasp what is going on in this country do you. The people in general have shown an extreme disgust towards politicians and the way the government has practically destroyed this country. The media has aided and abetted them. They have protected the likes of Obama and Clinton–both dishonest and criminals. We want no more dynasties like more Bushes and Clintons. We got rid of the Bush, now we will get rid of Clinton. She belongs in jail. Her husband, a rapist should also be in jail.

      There are no differences in the Republicans or the Democrats –they are both corrupt. We want no career politician–we want something new and that’s Donald Trump.

      The best the Democrats have done is put forth a socialist and a rapist’s wife who is being investigated by the FBI.

  3. If Donald Trump achieves nothing else, he has achieved activating the voting public in numbers not seen in years..and he ripped the fake, phoney, tell’m what the PC BS, scab off the face of the republican party.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    • You are absolutely right, and when voters in NV were interviewed on why they supported Donald Trump, it was for that very reason.

  4. Must B Bought & Paid For Trump Media.. It is Disgusting & Evil to PRAISE & Exalt a Liberal as if he were a Conservative & use Polls to Convince people he is the guy they should vote for.

  5. From everything I’m seeing in NV, it looks like they are not that organized and most people are simply voting and leaving with a smaller pool of voters staying around to caucus. IMO, the current poll numbers may provide an accurate estimate on who wins tonight. I don’t see any signs there will be an upset

  6. Best possible outcome (after Trump wins by double margin again):

    1) Canadian Latino Cruz is 2nd — staying in the race with the help of his Zionist Goldman Sachs wife’s backing, thus shoving it in the face of the other Latino, Rubio the RINO.

    2) Latino Rubio is third — thus, showing that The Establishment-scum are quickly becoming immaterial.

    3) Brainless Kasich sticks till march 1st — sucking up more votes from Establishment Neocon Robot Rubio.

    4) Ben, the patriot, Carson ends his bid — mercifully.

    p.s. After the Kenyan foreigner Obama DISASTER — who’d be stupid enough to vote for another foreigner…in this case a choice pair of Latinos…?!

    The American People are waking up and saying: Enough is enough!

  7. Vote for Trump and you will ruin the USA. His thinking is so old school. The World has changed and he egotistically thinks he can change it back to the good old days. Wrong. The rest of the World has caught up with the help of the internet and Global economics. That is a force that this twit can’t change. Bring back those car manufacturing jobs from Mexico etc, and you will be paying way more for that car that you want, as Americans won’t work for peanuts like Mexicans.
    Trump is a smoke and mirror type of guy. He has so many lawsuits against him for his sketchy business practises. If you want him to run the USA, Good Luck!!, but he will just be helping the rest of the world as they quickly catch up to the USA standard of living.
    If you are stuck amongst the smoke and vote for him, you will then deserve what you get.

      • You think Trump is honest? He has fooled you. Do you have any insight into his business practises? Has he ever bribed a politician for his business purposes?
        You are obviously drinking the Kool-Aid that Trump is serving my friend. He is just telling you what you want to hear. So basically,he is using the naïve (like yourself) to fulfill his lifetime dream of being the most powerful man in the world.
        (definition of naïve- a person showing a lack of experience, wisdom or judgement)

        • You’re full of BS… He’s not a Lieing Politician like Cruz or even Rubio… But watch… Rubio will be named VP for Trump by April… cause Trump will win it by March 15th

          • You’re right. “He’s not a Lieing (sic)Politician (sic) like Cruz or even Rubio…

            He’s a liar in a class by himself.

            • You are in a class all by yourself too; probably closest resembling mutant bacterial/viral strains

            • Is projection the only word you know how to properly spell? Based on your gross over usage I would say yes. Speaking of pony, don’t go all Catherine II on us

      • Telling someone to “[S]top voting for Lieing (sic)Politicians” and vote for Trump?

        One or the other, dude.

    • That is actually one of his better ideas. More jobs in America, is better for the American economy and helps with unemployment. Not to mention, with more people employed, there is more taxable income and that helps with the deficit. “Free-trade” does not benefit anyone, except the powers that be.

    • ‘The rest of the world has caught up…’ Really? I hope you are not referring to the Global money wars and negative interest rates as countries around the world are printing currencies like water to flood their systems in order to prevent recession. Well let us take a look at Venezuela, Japan, Greece, Italy, France, would you like me to continue? In Japan the rates of interest are negative, which means you pay the bank for the honor of loaning them your money. Yes I see how much the ‘rest of the world has caught up’ to the USA. Either you are a terrible liar or you are just not very well educated. Now, by caught up do you mean the magnificent ‘migrant crisis’ where Europe is being flooded by mostly Muslim males? Obviously you were not talking about the value of their currency. Perhaps you were referring to how the EU nearly went bankrupt and is only hanging on by a thread, mostly thanks to what was the strong economy and currency of Germany. Or maybe you meant the Middle East was catching up, because Syria, Iraq and Libya are doing so well currently! Just a minor ethnic genocidal cleansing….
      No? Perhaps you were speaking of Saudi Arabia and Russia, otherwise known as the big players of OPEC. Clearly they are dong swell, with oil prices dropping faster than dead flies. You know what, never mind. I am sure your list of countries ‘catching up’ is far shorter than those countries flailing in their economical death throes

  8. Trump is not a conservative,

    Conservatives are for free markets, Trump will start a sanctions war with China
    Conservatives are for flat taxes, Trump supports progressive taxes
    Conservatives are for small government, Trump’s policies will balloon the size and power of the police state (finding illegal immigrants and deporting them will take a large expansion of domestic intelligence and police power)
    Conservatives support gun rights, Trump supported the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban
    Conservatives are pro-life, Trump supports Planned Parenthood
    Conservatives support the freedom of Judeo-Christianity, Trump is barely religious
    Conservatives are pro-business, Trump supports the minimum wage
    Conservatives need to take back America and block out the socialist/fascist liberals, Trump will compromise with Democrats

    I’ll say it again, Trump is not a conservative.
    Vote for Cruz. The only good government is no government.

    • Cruz? The Liar? The Idiot? The guy who only cares about himself? The guy that isn’t liked by it’s own Senators in Washington? The guy who will lie and cheat to steal votes from other canidates? The guy who also has given us no plan to cut the deficit! They guy who says will end obamacare but has no alternative? Oh and BTW Conservatives and Moderates who are Voting For Trump don’t give a CRAP about Conservatives or LIberal ways of the Past… We want someone who will Make America Great Again… and that’s a NonPolitical Hack in office who can make good Deals and make the Military Strong, Bring Back Jobs, End Obamacare and replace it will Health Savings Accounts, End Commoncore, Take Care of the Vets, Stand with Isreal and our Allies, and more… Now, Who Really Doesn’t Want This?

          • So you’re OK with compromising with Democrats, Planned Parenthood, and Progressive taxes?
            BTW Trump likes the individual mandate, or did..until he didn’t 2 days later. Which is the core of Obamacare.
            What I’m trying to kind of get at is – if you’re Ok with those things, when why did/have you voted conservative in the past?

            • We need to compromise with Democrats! We need to with both sides. That’s the problem in Washington… No Deals are Done! And Bad Deals are Done! Trump isn’t raising out taxes.. He has said Obamacare is too expensive and done wrong since before he started running. No other person has a alternative plan on Obamacare but Trump who has consistantly said Health Savings Accounts and state ran lines need to be cut for lower costs!
              Again this isn’t about True Conservative Values… it’s about Making America Great.. not everything will be hard core Conservatism..but the majority will be how conservatives feel.

            • So it’s time for me to be frank, my first comment was mostly a troll. I’m definitely a small-gov’t progressive (you might think that’s an oxymoron, but it’s not, I’ll explain if you want).

              I had never considered until having this conversation that the Trump phenomenon isn’t an ideologically conservative revolution, but more of a centrist one with some right-wing flair. It gives me some hope.

              In all honesty, I could support Trump were it not for his comments about Mexicans and Muslims. My commitment to religious and racial non-discrimination is nearly absolute, along with my aversion to authoritarian government and large standing armies. I’m actually sort of screwed when it comes to the choice between candidates…

            • I don’t like Muslims cause they don’t like US! And they tip like 5% when they dine out or Not at all. Now with Trump… he likes Mexicans.. he just wants them to enter the country Legally! He has 100s working for him if not 1000s. With Muslims, he don’t like the Islamic ones that don’t respect christians and the radicals! I mean who really does?

            • Scottsvb:
              Beware of using the word “compromise.” People tend to read it as “giving in.”

              Trump uses the word “negotiate,” which means, I’ll get what I want, and I’ll give you what you want–as long as you don’t want something that matters to me.

    • Sure. Let’s go back to the Articles of Confederation because that worked so well in the 18th century.

      You’re right about one thing though; Cruz as President would be the end of government and America.

  9. The more Trump wins the more a Democrat will be President . The Republican Party will be laughed at with the world and If Trump wins that nomination his choosen vice President political career is over .

  10. You all should google “Hilary Clinton Scandals” and you may change your mind about Trump, I think their are alot on both sides and think that Mr trump not the best is also not politically motivated and will send a message to both parties that we are fed up with their way of doing business

  11. Trump is pulling in crowds that I haven’t seen in a long time. Bernie has had some big crowds but from the Republican delegates the crowds they are having is embarrassing compared to Trump’s.

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