The Democratic primary heads out west today for the Nevada Caucus which begins around 2pm ET (1pm CT, 12pm MT, 11am PT). The caucus should last for between 1 to 2 hours after which we should begin getting results somewhere after 3pm ET (2pm CT, 1pm MT, 12pm PT).

Saturday, February 20, 2016
Nevada Democratic Caucus
Live Results: DecisionDeskHQ, CNN, NYTimes
Caucus begins at 11am PT (2pm ET)
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Latest updates throughout the day will appear here, newest at the top:

Update 4 – 9:40pm ET

Another look at the vote total. Reporting at around 88% now:
clinton nv 2

Update 3 – 6:23pm ET

Hillary Clinton has been declared the winner with about 79% precincts reporting:
cinton sanders nevada

Update 2 – 4:17pm ET

First results starting to come in showing a near tie for Clinton and Sanders, as expected. Click one of the live result links above to follow along as the votes come in. Once we get into higher numbers, we’ll begin posting the actual results right here.

Update 1 – 3:21pm ET

The caucuses are happening right now and the results may take longer due to the overwhelming lines of caucusgoers. Anyone who was in line by 12pm PT (3pm ET) will be allowed to participate so it may take a little while. Entrance polls were just released, here’s some analysis from ABC News.

Original Story

Polls on the Democratic side indicate a very, very tight race in Nevada. We could be seeing a similar margin as Iowa where fractions of a percent separated Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Report on the race from RealClearPolitics:

Bernie Sanders has a path to the Democratic nomination, but the results of the Nevada caucuses Saturday will foreshadow whether that path is mostly magical thinking.

In the wake of his near-victory in the Iowa caucuses and 22-point triumph over Hillary Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, Sanders would like to make inroads with minorities, moderates, older voters and upper-middle-class Democrats to demonstrate an appeal beyond the base he’s developed of younger people, liberals and white voters.

At a Democratic town hall in Las Vegas Thursday evening, Sanders predicted he would succeed. “I chose to run, proudly, in the Democratic primary and caucus process, and I look forward to winning that process.”

Clinton was equally bullish on her own prospects. “He’s won one. I’ve won one. We’ve got 48 to go,” she said, referring to Sanders’ victory in New Hampshire. “I’m not going to waste a minute. That’s why I want to get this nomination as quickly as possible so I can get to work on being your president,” she said at the event, broadcast by MSNBC and Telemundo.

Sanders will need to win or come very close to winning in Nevada to keep his New Hampshire momentum. Looking beyond New Hampshire, the next Democratic contest is in South Carolina on February 27th.


  1. Let’s see how Nevada does. SC is next and will be influenced by Nevadas results.

    South Carolina polls
    as of February 18th
    Bernie Sanders trails in these polls; however, Hillary Clinton’s lead over him decreased in all of the polls.

    NBC/WSJ poll

    February 15-17th:
    60% Hillary (+28%) down -9%
    from her previous lead.
    32% Bernie

    January 17-23rd:
    64% Hillary (+37%)
    27% Bernie

    Fox News poll

    February 15-17th:
    56% Hillary (+28%) down -16%
    28% Bernie

    December 5-8th:
    65% Hillary (+44%)
    21% Bernie

    Bloomberg poll

    February 13-17th:
    63% Hillary (+22%)
    31% Bernie

    No comparison, because there is no previous Bloomberg poll.

    ARG poll

    February 17-18th:
    61% Hillary (+29%),
    down -1% from previous day’s poll.
    32% Bernie

    February 14-16th:
    61% Hillary (+30%),
    down -8% from previous day’s poll.
    31% Bernie

    February 12-13th:
    65% Hillary (+38%)
    27% Bernie

    Monmouth poll

    February 14-16th:
    59% Hillary (+29) down -19%
    30% Bernie

    November 5-8th:
    69% Hillary (+48%)
    21% Bernie

    PPP(D) poll

    February 14-15th:
    55% Hillary (+21%) down -33%
    34% Bernie

    November 7-8th:
    72% Hillary (+54%)
    18% Bernie

    CNN/ORC poll

    February 10-15th:
    56% Hillary (+18% lead),
    down -7% (as shown*)
    down -13% (corrected*).
    38% Bernie

    October 3-10th:
    49% Hillary
    (+25% lead, as shown*)
    (+31% lead, corrected*)
    18% Bernie

    *(note: spread math appears to be miscalculated by 6% for the previous poll. If you double check on page 7 the CNN figures of 49% and 18% do appear to be accurate.)

    Gravis poll

    February 11-13th:
    59% Hillary (+18%)
    down -13% (as shown**)
    down -19% (corrected**)
    41% Bernie

    September 25-27th:
    50% Hillary
    (+31%, as shown**)
    (+37%, corrected**)
    13% Bernie

    **(note: spread math appears to be miscalculated by 6% for the previous poll. If you double check on page 1 the Gravis Marketing previous figures of 50% and 13% do appear to be accurate.)

    CBS/YouGov poll

    February 10-12th:
    59% Hillary (+19% lead) down -3%
    from her previous spread.
    40% Bernie

    January 17-21st:
    60% Hillary (+22% lead)
    38% Bernie

    • Well Iowa was first, so of course people would be analyzing it closely.
      And New Hampshire is Bernie’s home state, so if he lost that it would have been a HUGE deal.
      There’s nothing particularly “special” about Nevada.

      • There must be an entertainment factor here the posts are dominated by the South Carolina race & not so much for Nevada… will it flip next week or is there too much competition with Super Tuesday coming up?

        • You are correct. The news source I was reading at the time kept calling him the “Congressman from New Hampshire” – so I assumed they knew what they were talking about. Given that the article no longer even exists, I now seriously doubt their credibility…

    • it’s only worth 4 electoral college votes in the november election.. so even though it’s a swing state.. 4 votes isn’t impressive to large parts of the country..

  2. Clinton big victory is 500 votes ahead?New Hampshire is 3 votes. She really is just squeaking by. When is the main stream media going to realise she realy isn’t doing that good.

  3. This is complete bullshxt .. the numbers you post, that EVERYONE is posting is NOT the actual voter outcome.. there were over 80,000 votes cast.

    The numbers you show above and mark as ‘votes” is copied from every other damn site who uses this same method and that is NOT the votes.. that’s the delegates.

    Why is everyone posting this misinformation and where are the actual final voting numbers? this is insane!

    • That’s how the DNC reports the numbers. They report by delegates vs the votes like the Republicans do. Have a problem with it? Take it up with the DNC

  4. Things have changed as of April 2nd. Hillary delegates don’t show up and replacements vote Bernie. Bernie wins Nevada!!!

  5. I’m not very intelligent but Hillary was awarded a delegate each 235 people that voted for her. Sanders was awarded a delegate for each 310 people that voted for him. If this is because Super Delegates then why don’t they just pick who will run. Now it is just so we think we are involved but this is ridiculous. Bernie won NH and came away with 13 delegates. Clinton came away with 15 and lost.

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