There are two states voting today in primaries across the country. The big race is the Kentucky Democratic primary where Hillary Clinton is hoping to pull off a big victory and give her campaign a boost in the coming weeks. The most recent polling in Kentucky from March, however, only gave Hillary a 5 point lead. Kentucky Republicans caucused back on March 5th. Republicans and Democrats are both holding primaries today in the state of Oregon as well.

Called Races:

Clinton: KY
Sanders: OR

Trump: OR

Kentucky Democratic Primary
All polls closed by 7pm ET
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 61 Proportional
Winner: Clinton

Oregon Primary
All polls closed by 11pm ET (8pm PT)
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 28 Proportional
Dem Delegates: 74 Proportional
Winner: Trump, Sanders

This page will be updated as results become available.


  1. The issue is who will be commander and chief, Bill or Hillary? Essentially this would be a 3rd term for Bill!

    • Which is unconstitutional. This is why Hillary Clinton by all sensibilities should not be able to run because she was the spouse of a president. That is quite a different matter than a brother or father or son. The forefathers would not approve of a 1st “Lady Man” that was a previous president for eight years. This is what a Banana Republic would do.

      • Its constitutional, but if Hillary needs Bill’s guidance, just how well defined us her polucy on economic griwth for our people? She should have already created a well defined economic plan to build on.

        • She always complains that they are broke. She and Bill left the White House broke. They even had to return stuff they stole from the American people’s house..If they cannot handle money of their own. They are very loose with the taxpayer’s money so it is doubtful that she or he would have good economic plan?

      • I disagree. The restriction to stay in office didn’t exist until 1947 thanks to Roosevelt. I doubt the writers of the constitution cared much about multiple consecutive terms given that Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe all served multiple terms fairly early on in the Country’s beginnings and they didn’t amend it then. Also, the writers of the constitution, given the mindset of the time, would have a problem with any woman being president. Hillary is her own person and legally has the ability to be president.

        • I think the Founding Fathers would like the idea of a “term limit” for president. People wanted Washington to serve a third term, but he wanted to set an example by stopping at two. He was barely 65 at the time.

        • They should put term limits on congress and senate members too. We have congressmen sitting for 50 plus years. This is wrong. They limited presidents to two consecutive terms, why not the house too?

          • I am not a fan of term limits. Ironically, one of the best illustrations is in the Eddie Murphy comedy, The Distinguished Gentleman. It takes Congressmen a couple years to figure out the job–and in the meantime, unelected staff run the show.

            The real problem is campaign funding. Most of the elected official’s time is used up kissing up to funders.

            And, finally, they make their real money after they leave office, twisting the arms of those who are still there. They’re not as dangerous while they’re still in office.

            • It’s called public service, not a career opportunity. Most politicians are in it for the perks (i.e. $). If a semator sits for 6 years, they better know their job by reelection time, or they shouldn’t serve any longrr. Once voted out, they still have benifits kill ncluding full salary and health coverage. Plus the guy taking their ppl lace also receives the same, if not more perks then their defeated colleague.

              And we wonder why we are $19 trillion in debt!

            • The real problem with term limits is they deprive voters of the ability to cast their votes for whom they wish to see in office, simply because somebody else thinks voters shouldn’t be allowed to reelect somebody they like over the long term.

            • When your blood gets infected your doctor transfuses your blood. Same thing with politicians. When issues get old, they need new blood to approach the issues with a new view point reflecting the times, not ideas that were relevent in 1941.

            • Not true, because they could stand down for one – two terms and run for office again. Gov. Terry Branstad did it in Iowa.

              Nothing in the Constitution prohibits running for additional terms after you exhaust term limits provided they are not consecutive.

              Limiting congress and senate terms would be healthy for the country as a whole. Obstructionism, gridlock and career minded individuals contribute to the partison politics where nothing gets done for the people.

      • This has been my complaint about Hillary from the outset–even using “Banana Republic” elsewhere, here. As Hamlet said, “man and woman is one flesh.” When married, they “become one.”

        However, Hillary is much tougher than Bill. I don’t think anyone is going to think Bill is running things if she is elected. The only reason she says she’ll give him a job is that he is the one who is liked.

        • Not at all. Never in the history of our nation has a 1st Lady later served as President. Primarily this is a case of first impression. Like all other bill of right challenges, the Supreme Coutt will chime in and further erode the bill of right’s protections. Just like the 4th amendment right has been eroded. Most spouses of sitting Presidents have no crucial role in administrative policy goals.

          • That is a far cry from a spouse that worked on healthcare while she was 1st Lady. Bill Clinton was Impeached for his unbelievable filthy acts in the Oval Office. He stained the Presidency and Hillary Clinton was party to those actions. She then blamed the “Right Wing Conspiracy” and tried to use that again about Benghazi. She has yet to apologize to the American people for those lies. The audacity of the women to act so “Righteous” about Donald Trump’s words about women is incredible. They want to vote for Hillary when she conspired with her husband debasing the women that he assaulted? Get real ladies. Also, people like John Kasich, what a phony saying that his girls and wife are not on board to vote for Trump? That shows who’s wearing the pants in that family and he is not worthy of his word. Did he not promise to vote and support the Republican Nominee when he was on the debate stage? These phony RINO.s like Mitt Romney that thinks he is so “pure” of a Mormon (what a joke). Trump gave him money and supported Romney in 2012. Romany is a typical turncoat.
            Donald J. Trump…..President 2016

            • 1.)”Unbelievably filthy acts”?? A blow job from a groupie? You must be as pure as the driven snow. And of course you are voting for Trump who has cheated on at least two wives, went after Princess Di and made ‘come on comments’ about his own daughter. 2.) Hillary was not a party to Bill’s affair with Monica. It wasn’t a threesome.3.) Hillary has never been the president and so she is entitled to run. Period. You’re really stretching for this one. Trump supporters are hypocrites.

            • Hillary Clinton was an enabler and she has no use for a real woman. (she is a feminist) pushed her husband to veto the partial-birth abortion ban twice. It only passed when Bush came to the Presidency. it took a Republican to be human. How is it that she is such buddy buddies with the Muslims that treat their women like crap. She also gets money from the Muslims in foreign countries (for her family foundation) which she probable uses for her election which is definitely against the Constitution of the United States of America.

            • How presumptious of you! Just because politicians almost never keep their promises, that doesn’t mean that Trump is some how less genious, or qualified.

              Hillary enabled Bill’s shameful conduct, and then attacked the victims of his insatiable sexual appitite by demeaning them publically. Most spouses would have divorced their partners for just one indiscretion, let alone multiple affairs.

              So if all that makes me a hypocrite, then “sign me up!”

  2. Bill Clinton was Impeached and now Hillary Clinton has the audacity to run for Presidency when she was a co-conspirator in his staining the Oval Office with his filthy habits. This shows that they have no shame and no brains. Both Hillary Clinton and Bill are intoxicated with Power and would be lousy in the Highest Office of the land.
    Donald J. Trump …….President 2016

  3. I do not think that if Hillary is elected it would be like a third term for Bill. NO , it would be first term for Hillary.She may give some advisory role to him and even informally discuss issues with him at home.But then Bill might have done the same when he was President.Surely both of them are matured enough so as not to force their opinion on one another.

  4. Democrats are never concerned with someone’s character, they are ONLY concerned with someone’s position; however, on the other hand, Republicans are concerned with character and not concerned position.

    This should help explain volumes about the core differences between the two and why we find it hard to understand what comes out of the mouths of Dems.

  5. Elections? …As Claire Wolfe said, “America is at that awkward stage; it’s too late to work within the system but too early to shoot the b,a,s,t,a,r,d,s.” ….but it’s getting closer.

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