We’ve reached the first primary contest in the month of May, and it “may” be a very consequential one. On the Republican side, with Donald Trump’s victories last week in the Mid-Atlantic states, Indiana has become the tipping point to easily push him into territory where he would be heavily favored to earn the needed 1,237 delegates and become the GOP nominee. On the Democratic side, the race is less consequential since Hillary Clinton has already mathematically shut Bernie Sanders out of contention in terms of pledged delegates. We’ll be watching the race in both parties tonight and updating results as they become available.

Races Called

Trump: IN

Sanders: IN

Indiana Primary
All polls closed by 7pm ET
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 92 Proportional
GOP Delegates: 57 Winner-Take-Most
Winners: Trump, Sanders

This page will be updated as results come in from Indiana. Some counties are central time, and some are eastern time.


Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, see the details here.


Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in Indiana.


    • Cruz is not a Canadian, but you don’t care about that fact. Cruz is not connected with Goldman Sachs, but neither do you care about that fact. Facts don’t matter to Trump supporters, because they support a habitual liar, and that doesn’t matter to them. Oh well, I guess if Trump supporters have their way, we’ll be welcoming the Clintons back to the Whitehouse next January.

      • All politicians are liars. I live in Tx and I don’t support Cruz, because he hasn’t done a thing for us. Trump is an ass, but between the two I would take Trump…lesser to two evils so to speak, simply because there are systems in place to keep the president in line.

        As a veteran, I refuse to vote for Hillary because of Benghazi and the fact that she doesn’t know how to use common sense when it comes to keeping information on a need to know basis. Even if the information wasn’t classified at the time, you should still exercise more control over it. Basically, if it was any other person that did the things she did, they would be in jail. Even Snowden wasn’t as bad as she is. I look at anyone voting for her as a traitor to the U.S.

        Sadly, out of all the candidates, Trump is probably the best.

        • How is Trump the lesser of two evils? What has Trump done for you? If there are systems in place to keep the president in line, then why does it even matter who we have as president? I know YOU might not vote for Hillary, but what about the rest of America? I will not vote for Hillary, but neither will I vote for Trump, because with Trump comes TROUBLE. He is not a conservative, he is an authoritarian, he’s pro-abortion, he stands for nothing but himself and whatever he wakes up thinking each morning. His disapproval rating is higher than Hillary’s. He could very well spell the end of the Republican party, which wouldn’t be such a big issue if we had a decent party to replace it, but we don’t. Trump supporters will vote for Trump, but an awful lot of people will not, and Hillary will win.

          • Trump hasn’t done anything for me personally but he is a good businessman even if he isn’t a good politician and the government is basically a big business and is loosing a lot of money. Politicians don’t know how to manage money and we really do need to get our national debt down.

            It doesn’t matter if someone is a conservative, authoritarian or anything else really, congress has power over the president, there are things the president can and can’t do, and in no way will they let him get away with anything that would hurt the US. That being said, it does matter who we have as president because of their supporters in Congress and in the House, many of which do like a lot of voters do by voting down the line without really knowing anything about the issues.

            Trump won’t gain much, he actually makes more than what the president makes and he’s already well know everywhere (either famous or infamous), plus his time will be taken up by the Presidency so he won’t be able to manage his person holdings as well.

            We need to get rid of all parties, the primary problem with our government is because of the party issue. The government should be in the hands of the people and not politicians. The votes should be for the best of the best and for the good of the people, not politicians and not what’s best for a party.

            Sadly people look at only a few things when it comes to casting their vote, if they don’t like a certain policy, they look to someone that supports what they want. People have a bad habit of doing that instead of looking at what’s best for the country as a whole.

            • The government is not a business. The difference is force; no business can compel me to buy their product, but government can. Also, Trump is not that good a businessman, at least not as I read about his business history, and as an authoritarian he’s an even worse politician. The national debt is less of an issue right now than spending, which is out of control. The president does not control spending, that’s Congress’s job. Congress is a separate branch of government which has little control over the executive branch. They can only impeach if the president is totally out of control, and they don’t like to do that. I don’t care about Trump gaining anything for Trump. I care most about what Trump will do to our country, and I see nothing good coming out of it.

              I don’t like the two party system either, I think our government should do what is right, not what a political party says. But Trump is not a morally upright, do-what-is-right kind of person, so I don’t want him to represent us as a nation.

              My opposition to Trump is based on what’s best for the country, not political ideology.

            • That’s one of the things people don’t understand, the government is a business. The national dept is about spending but not directly. You’re right about the president not controlling spending but he does have a large impact on it. Congress normally follows party lines…which normally follows what the president wants.

              What will Trump gain? A title?

              What’s good for our country, that’s a good question. Trump wants to build a wall, that’s a pretty good idea to cut back on illegal immigrants. In fact, as it stands now, anyone can pretty much get across anytime they want, Terrorists, drug dealers, spies, and anyone else. It seems that stopping these people from coming into our country is pretty good to me. A wall will help, tougher immigration will help. In fact, being in a country illegally is a crime in most countries, the U.S. is basically the only country that sits back and does little to nothing.

              Our national dept is mainly due to unequal trade. This is another issue Trump wants to address. Trust me, a free trade agreement is not the way to go, if you want to have an impact on debt, an equal trade agreement would work the best, but that probably won’t pass because most party members probably have a hand in some type of trade.

              Our country is a laughing stock of many countries because we just sit back and let ourselves be pushed around…and we let it happen until we are finally pushed into a corner and we have nowhere else to go but to push back. That needs to change, at least a little. Many of the large countries respect Trump and some of the smaller ones that push us around a lot fear him.

              If you want what’s best for our country, Trump unfortunately is the way to go. If you want what’s best for you…or in many cases…what’s best for criminals, spies, and other criminals, Clinton is the way to go.

              Sadly, as I said before Trump is the lesser of all the evils. I see politics as an evil any way you go, if it’s going to happen…it’s best to go with the lesser.

              I do like the phrase Political Ideology, it’s actually funny. Everyone has them and everyone follows them….you, me, …everyone. In fact it’s part of our culture, our way of life. That being said, political ideology is the fabric, it’s the base of what people consider best for our country.

              Sorry, I sometimes ponder things, however, what’s best for our country isn’t always what’s best for the people.

            • I find it astonishing to think that there are people who genuinely believe that Trump is the lesser evil. As for the way he is seen around the world, well, I have to say he is not respected, and is often feared but for totally the wrong reasons and by the wrong people.

          • Trump is not trouble. The GOP, THE Democrats and media are trouble. Their strings are pulled by puppets behind closed doors that no one sees or hears.Authoritarian? Really? Then also right this very minute right before your eyes are the New World Order/Illuminati happening to control the mass of the people. And what about the Freemason, The Vatican, The British Crown, The silent government also happening now!!! What do you have to say to that?? And Hililary, Obama granted her immunity for her crimes. If she is elected she will grant Obama immunity for his crimes. She is a career criminal.

          • Here is what it boils down to…..do you want the government to keep supporting freeloading bums? If so, Clinton. Doing the right thing for our country will not be the popular thing (cutting programs and/or making it so fewer freeloaders can live off of the government.). I’m all for helping veterans, disabled, and elderly people. However, something’s got to give. A good president will not be a popular one at first.

            • No, I do not want Hillary or Sanders or Trump. I don’t see enough difference between any of them to make it worth giving them my vote. Trump is a Clinton supporter! I would vote for Cruz, but if he’s not available, then I will vote for none of the above, or else a decent third party or independent candidate, if one is available.


          • Why, because it doesn’t agree with yours?

            You know nothing about my background, if my reasoning was flawed, I wouldn’t have the security clearance I do.

          • >>You really should stay away from that toxic waste dump called “The
            People’s View”. The hate and vitriol spewed there surely cannot be
            healthy. And should you wander back into that cesspool, please let your
            pals know that their disgusting remarks concerning other posters are
            being followed closely.

        • I have two sons that are Marines and I trust Hillary more than anyone else. I’m also 72 years old and been following politics for 50 years. Trump is the worse candidate I’ve ever seen short of Barry Goldwater.

          • I’m glad your sons are serving, how do they feel about the role that Hilary played in Benghazi , letting their fellow Marines die and not allowing or calling in support for those poor men?

            Being the worst political candidate basically makes him the best suited for the job. We don’t need any more politicians, we need people running the country that cares about making this country better instead of politicians and supporters that only care about their party interests.

            If anyone did what Hilary did over the emails, they would be sought for treason or something similar….Oh wait, Snowden did something similar, but not near as bad…I guess people with money and contacts in high places can get away with anything, and if one of these people are actually found guilty, someone in power will pardon them for their crimes so they come out squeaky clean.

      • “”Cruz is not a Canadian”…””” —–> He hasn’t been one only these last 18 months or so.

        • I’ve always said that dual citizenship was a problem, and that when push comes to shove, people who hold dual citizenship will have to make a choice. Ted Cruz had to make that choice, and I don’t hold that against him.

        • Based on the law, he is considered an American and can hold the presidential office.

          Mind you, I’m a Texan and I’m not a Cruz fan at all, but he is American regardless of what people want to believe. Unfortunately, his wife saying he was an immigrant added fuel to the fire.

          • Being legally American and being legally eligible to run for president are two different things…… because the US constitution say so. The founding fathers didn’t want any foreign princes running for the office of commander-in-chief in the USA. Hillary-the-bitch was just waiting and hoping for the Republican party to put up a non-eligible candidate against her. She likes it easy….especially with her Federal Court fellow Jews in charge of the country’s jew-diciary….. Cruz would have got fucked the instant he seemed more popular than Wall Street anointed girl Hillary. Trump 2016!

            • Until the Supreme Court decides differently the existing “I don’t know” – the Constitution was specifying the “Natural Born” for a different instance. Cruz is legal for Prez unless the court further clarfies “Natural Born”.

            • I agree that the Supreme Court should make a definitive ruling on this, and it would be good if the case against Cruz were to go to the court fast, while it’s still germane.

              But I disagree with “legal for Prez.” The Constitution has a requirement that a person be a “natural born citizen,” so it’s up to the individual to prove that he (or she) qualifies–not taken for granted.

              All the lawyers and bureaucrats and lower level judges in the world can give their opinion, but the only opinion that matters comes from the eight (erstwhile nine) umpires in the black robes.

      • Cruz’s wife is connected with Goldman Sachs, also connected with the New World Order. Cruz is born in Canada by birth, MORON!!!

        • If Ted Cruz showed up at work instead of his wife, I doubt they’d accept him just like that. It’s his wife’s job, not his. American citizens are citizens by birth, regardless of where they’re born. All it takes is for one parent to be a US citizen. But no sense arguing, it won’t make any difference to you what I say, because you’re a Trump supporter.

          • Then you don’t know politics. It is a business of relationships, and having his wife involved with Goldman Sachs should raise any problems to those that oppose corporations being in bed with the government. The Clintons have the same problem as well.

            P.S. I hate Trump.

            • That is what I don’t get, do his supporters really think he is going to speak for them? The jackass even tried to get money from big money doners, but got rejected, so he went on to attack them. But they are like, “He’s an outsider, he is a straight shooter”.

              I will say this though, Trump is a stronger candidate, for Cruz had little to no chance at getting any crossover voters for his strongest appeal was to older religious conservatives in rural areas, which Trump beat him at. This is what scares me about Trump, Trump has a damn good shot at winning if Clinton wins the nomination, due to his faux-populist stance which will lure independents and more moderate Democrats (due to his foreign policy of not invading the middle east as well). Some people said they would vote for him just to cause all hell to break lose if Hillary is the nominee to stick it to the establishment. Hell if Hillary plays the political correctness card, then Trump sure as hell will win. Sure Trump has higher unfavorables right now, but the general election has not started. Trump has defied the odds from the very beginning, so it is a bad idea to think he is going to lose just because he is Trump now.

        • A natural born citizen of the USA is someone born to a US citizen. It does not depend on where you were born.

      • LMAO, get your head out of the sand.

        Cruz IS CANADIAN. Born IN CANADA!
        Cruz is connected to GS through his wife WHO IS on the GS payroll.

        It’s better to keep your mouth shut and give the ‘impression’ that you’re stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

        Folks, Ethan is a prime example of kommon kore. Please home school your children.

        • Perhaps you didn’t know (not enough education, maybe?), but one’s citizenship in this country does not depend on the place of one’s birth (otherwise children of Americans born outside the country would not be citizens, which would be absurd), but rather on whether one is born to an American citizen, or has been naturalized. We already know that the constitution forbids naturalized citizens from being president, so only natural born citizens (those born citizens because at least one parent is a citizen) are qualified to become president. There are only two kinds of citizens in this country, natural born and naturalized. There is no third kind of citizen.

          I frankly don’t care if Cruz is married to an employee of Goldman Sachs. He’s still a better man than Blow-your-own-Trump-et. Has anybody vetted Trump and his associations? Does anybody care what his wife (or wives, girlfriends, whoever he sleeps with) does?

          By the way, I was homeschooled, I have never been exposed to “kommon kore”. Perhaps you should check your own education regarding US citizenship.

          • Edit:

            Apparently, there is now evidence that both of Ted Cruz’s parents being eligible to vote in Calgary, AB:


            Both Ted Cruz’s mom and dad are listed in this urban polling data, which could only be given to registered voters, and only Canadian citizens can be registered voters.

            This may be the first evidence that Ted Cruz’s mother held Canadian citizenship in 1974.

            Updated 24 Jan • View Upvotes

            • A U.S. citizen may lose his or her dual citizenship by obtaining naturalization in a foreign state, by taking an oath or making an affirmation or other formal declaration of allegiance to a foreign state or political subdivision thereof, by serving in the armed forces of a foreign state, or by performing certain other acts, but only if the act was performed “voluntarily and with the intention to relinquish U.S. nationality”.


            • As I mentioned here before, there is such a thing as dual or multiple citizenship. For instance, my aunt, who is American, married a man from England, and together they live in Canada, both being naturalized Canadians, but retaining their birth citizenship. Their children are triple citizens of the US, Canada and Great Britain.

              The US and Canada both have citizenship by birth, or jus soli. Any child born in the US or Canada is automatically a citizen of that country. The US also has citizenship by descent, or jus sanguinis. Anyone born to a US citizen is automatically a US citizen, regardless of where they are born. Since Ted Cruz was born in Canada, under jus soli he was born a Canadian citizen. Since he was born to an American mother, under jus sanguinis he was also born a US citizen. He held dual citizenship until that became an issue, whereupon he renounced his Canadian citizenship, tho I wonder if he had any legal need to do so, as the requirements for a president are only that he be a natural born citizen. The only thing which would prevent Ted from being a natural born citizen of the USA is if neither of his parents were US citizens when he was born. If they weren’t citizens upon his birth, yet they managed to obtain citizenship for their son upon his birth, I wonder how they did it.


    • Hillary get HER money from Goldman Sachs… and several other of the banks that her husbands Presidential legacy made too large to fail…
      have you failed to note that?

      .. and what’s the odds that she is going to REMOVE her husbands Presidential Legacies and REPAIR this nation?
      .. because Bill’s Presidential legacies and free trade MUST go to EVER have a hope of righting the ship of state.
      The policies embraced by BOTH Clinton’s are what brought this nation to it’s knees.
      Oh yes… I remember her well, sell NAFTA and the Gramm-Leach- Bliley act like they were going to fix the world.
      They did… HERS!

      • Democrats and a lot of non-Democrat women and minorities will never support Trump, and neither will a lot of thinking Americans who care about our country. I don’t care how bad Hillary is, I won’t vote for her regardless. But neither will I vote for Trump just to avoid her. Give me a good candidate or go home. I don’t know that there’s much Trump can do to change people’s opinion of Hillary.

      • When it all comes down to it, even if Trump or Clinton wins by popular vote, it’s the electoral college that actually chooses who becomes President. People really have no say in the matter.

    • If Hilary is to be the next president, we might as well open up all our boarders (like they ever been closed) and do away with immigration and the boarder patrol. We also need not forget to email all our classified documents to all foreign governments and post them to the web for all to see.

      Oh…and before we forget, we need to tell our troops that if they are attacked, no reinforcements will be sent to help, they are on their own.

        • If anyone has learned anything at all by watching this election cycle and what the pundits said, both sides of the isle said, what all of the political “experts” said, and in the face of 60,000 negative adds about Trump, you should expect the unexpected.

          Trump is making history here. Everything he has accomplished so far has been completely unprecedented, unheard of, unexpected.

          Trump will be the next POTUS and it can not come too soon.

  1. There will be a contested Democratic Convention, because Bernie will continue to gain delegates and Hillary won’t get the ‘magic number’. And support for Bernie is so YUUGE, and reasons to never ever vote for Hillary are so MANY, that the nomination will go to Bernie OR the Democratic Party will self-destruct. #BERNIEORBUST

  2. I’m looking forward to the war against Hillary. I’m looking forward to the wall, stopping drugs, helping the vets, quickly defeating ISIS, a rebounding economy, killing off the climate change hoax, resurrecting the coal industry, putting people back to work, better work opportunities and higher salaries, ending political correctness, cutting waste and fraud across the board in the federal budget, retirements of traitors in Congress and deporting the foreign invaders and gang thugs polluting the society.

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