We’ve reached the first primary contest in the month of May, and it “may” be a very consequential one. On the Republican side, with Donald Trump’s victories last week in the Mid-Atlantic states, Indiana has become the tipping point to easily push him into territory where he would be heavily favored to earn the needed 1,237 delegates and become the GOP nominee. On the Democratic side, the race is less consequential since Hillary Clinton has already mathematically shut Bernie Sanders out of contention in terms of pledged delegates. We’ll be watching the race in both parties tonight and updating results as they become available.


Races Called

Trump: IN

Sanders: IN

Indiana Primary
All polls closed by 7pm ET
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 92 Proportional
GOP Delegates: 57 Winner-Take-Most
Winners: Trump, Sanders

This page will be updated as results come in from Indiana. Some counties are central time, and some are eastern time.


Ted Cruz has suspended his campaign, see the details here.


Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic primary in Indiana.

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