There are three states holding primaries today and one state holding a Republican caucus. Michigan is the big battle to watch on both sides as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fending off their challengers to hold down the top prize of the Midwest this week. Mississippi also holds a primary today for both parties. Idaho is holding a Republican primary along with Hawaii which holds a Republican caucus. Check this earlier post for some polling information and what to watch for in these races.

Called Races

Trump: HI, MI, MS
Cruz: ID

Clinton: MS
Sanders: MI

Hawaii Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
6pm to 8pm Hawaii time (11pm to 1am ET)
Delegates: 19
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Trump

Idaho Republican Primary
Primary Information
8am to 8pm (PT or MT depending on county)
Delegates: 32
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Cruz

Michigan Primary
Primary Information
7am to 8pm ET
Delegates: 148 Democratic, 59 Republican
Live Results: Politico
Winners: Trump, Sanders

Mississippi Primary
Primary Information
7am to 7pm CT
Delegates: 41 Democratic, 40 Republican
Live Results: Politico
Winners: Clinton, Trump

This page will be updated this evening when the polls start closing in the contiguous states around 8pm ET. Hawaii results won’t be available until Wednesday morning.


  1. Shocker, look who justed endorsed Trump

    Ted Cruz:
    Hawaii Caucus (Seems to do well in the closed caucuses)

    Donald Trump:
    Idaho (From the little information we do have, Trump sames to be the favorite, but really a toss-up between him and Cruz)
    Mississippi (Is doing well in the polls and is doing pretty well in these parts of the country)
    Michigan (polling)

    Mississippi (Part of the South, so due)
    Michigan (I think this is a toss-up, but right now Hillary is favored)

    • Did not due that well, but Michigan was a toss-up, but ended up in Bernie’s favor.
      Cruz’s win in Idaho is not surprising, but I was not expecting it to be that big.
      Trump’s win in Hawaii is unexpected, for Rubio was the second choice even by gamblers, but just goes to to show how unpredictable some of these states are
      3/6 this round or 3.5/6 if you count toss-up prediction).

    • At no point was Michigan showing in Hillary’s favor. They waited too long to call. Bernie was up as soon as Michigan was 1% reported. It was an amazing and very unexpected upset. More to come! Bernie’s honesty, consistency, and decades long record of fighting for the people instead of profits is resonating most with the young and with Independents. He’s literally breaking records at every turn. #FeelTheBern

  2. The radio is already reporting results. This app needs to update much quicker than it does. I’m disappointed.

    • Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you downloading and using the app. We’re a pretty small operation so we update as regularly as we possibly can. Sometimes that means we can’t be up-to-the minute and follow races like ID or HI that go late into the night. Everything, including delegate counts and results, are updated the next morning if things go too late.

      I hope you still find value in the information we’re organizing and presenting in the app.

  3. Trump continues to Dominate and Rule the GOP!
    He is the Dark Horse who cannot be stopped!
    They created him and now he Dominates them!

    • Yup, they did create this monster. If Bernie Sanders is not the Democratic nominee, we will have president Trump. :l

  4. The promise of a free college education and a good paying job after graduation doesn’t seem to be resonating with black Americans

    • She has the name, and she’s a woman, and Bill was actually the first “black president”, and Bernie is a NY Jew.

      Millions of people (minorities + women) are not hearing the facts. Bernie cares more about their lot Hillary could ever be bothered with, no matter what she says –

    • Resonating? Why should “promises” that obviously are empty and cannot be delivered be believed by anyone regardless of their ethnicity? Could it be that black Americans have heard so many empty promises that they’re no longer willing to drink the kool-aid?

    • Hey, how many black American want to be educated in percentage. Let’s not pretend, the majority want freebees, just listen to the manning report on YouTube., Manning really cares about the black American plight, but he tells it the way it is.

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