2016 Democratic Primary Delegate Count

The delegate count for the 2016 Democratic Primary is listed below and broken down by each state. For a Democratic candidate to clinch the nomination, they need to earn 2,383 out of 4,765 available delegates. If no candidate clinches this majority, then a brokered convention will take place to find a consensus candidate as the nominee. The Democratic Party also utilizes “superdelegates,” which are made up of party leaders who are free to support the candidate of their choosing.

Note: Delegate counts are updated regularly and usually within 24 hours after voting ends in a primary or caucus.

Democratic Delegate Count (Need 2,383 out of 4,765 to clinch nomination)

2/1Iowa Caucus (Clinton)2321
2/9New Hampshire (Sanders)915
2/20Nevada Caucus (Clinton)2015
2/27South Carolina (Clinton)3914
3/1Alabama (Clinton)449
3/1American Samoa Caucus (Clinton)42
3/1Arkansas (Clinton)2210
3/1Colorado Caucus (Sanders)2541
3/1Democrats Abroad (Mar. 1-8)49
3/1Georgia (Clinton)7329
3/1Massachusetts (Clinton)4645
3/1Minnesota Caucus (Sanders)3146
3/1Oklahoma (Sanders)1721
3/1Tennessee (Clinton)4423
3/1Texas (Clinton)14775
3/1Vermont (Sanders)-16
3/1Virginia (Clinton)6233
3/5Kansas Caucus (Sanders)1023
3/5Louisiana (Clinton)3714
3/5Nebraska Caucus (Sanders)1015
3/6Maine Caucus (Sanders)817
3/8Michigan (Sanders)6367
3/8Mississippi (Clinton)315
3/12Northern Marianas (Clinton)42
3/15Florida (Clinton)14173
3/15Illinois (Clinton)7977
3/15Missouri (Clinton)3635
3/15North Carolina (Clinton)6047
3/15Ohio (Clinton)8162
3/22Arizona (Clinton)4233
3/22Idaho Caucus (Sanders)518
3/22Utah (Sanders)627
3/26Alaska Caucus (Sanders)313
3/26Hawaii Caucus (Sanders)817
3/26Washington Caucus (Sanders)2774
4/5Wisconsin (Sanders)3848
4/9Wyoming Caucus (Sanders)77
4/19New York (Clinton)139108
4/26Connecticut (Clinton)2827
4/26Delaware (Clinton)129
4/26Maryland (Clinton)6035
4/26Pennsylvania (Clinton)10683
4/26Rhode Island (Sanders)1113
5/3Indiana (Sanders)3944
5/7Guam (Clinton)43
5/10West Virginia (Sanders)1118
5/17Kentucky (Clinton)2827
5/17Oregon (Sanders)2536
6/4Virgin Islands Caucus (Clinton)7-
6/5Puerto Rico Primary (Clinton)3624
6/7California (Clinton)269206
6/7Montana (Sanders)1011
6/7New Jersey (Clinton)7947
6/7New Mexico (Clinton)1816
6/7North Dakota (Sanders)513
6/7South Dakota (Clinton)1010
6/14District of Columbia (Clinton)164

^Superdelegates are Democratic Party leaders who are free to support any candidate at any time up to the convention

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