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Nate Ashworth is the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Election Central and has been blogging politics for over a decade. Nate began covering politics on a personal blog in 2007 and then founded You Decide 2008 to cover the 2008 Presidential Election. That site eventually became Election Central to cover the 2012 Presidential Election and has continued to the 2016 cycle and well beyond. Nate has a professional background in IT with a passion for politics and writing. He can be found on twitter @PresElectNews.

Goethe Behr began as a contributor shortly after You Decide 2008 was formed. He has remained active since, becoming Contributing Editor and Moderator in 2016. He has a degree in English and History, with a varied background, including, but not limited to, teaching, sales, industrial and hospitality management, and is currently a landlord and partner in a small ad agency. He attempts to see two or three sides of every political issue.


This website is non-partisan and is not sponsored by any candidate, campaign, or PAC. Occasionally advertising for a candidate may appear on any given page through an advertising partner. A candidate’s ad is NOT an endorsement of that candidate as we do not filter or censor any advertising from any candidate or party.

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