There are three Democratic caucuses taking place today, while Republican voters have the weekend off. Democratic voters in Alaska, Hawaii, and the state of Washington, will be selecting their preference for the Democratic nominee. Results will be sporadic throughout the afternoon and evening but this page will be updated as the results become available.

Called Races:

Sanders: AK, HI, WA

Alaska Democratic Caucus
Caucus begins at 10am Alaska Time (2pm ET)
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 20 proportional
Winner: Sanders

Hawaii Democratic Caucus
Caucus begins at 1pm Hawaii Time (7pm ET)
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 34 proportional
Winner: Sanders

Washington Democratic Caucus
Caucus begins 10am PT (1pm ET)
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 118 proportional
Winner: Sanders

This page will be updated as results become available.


  1. Um… if there are 20 proportional for Alaska: 9 to Sanders, 1 to Clinton, and 3 undeclared… where are the other 7?? Is this math the Palin legacy?

    • In your mind, the Dems have a problem and you attempt to blame it on Palin??

      There’s a chance the other 7 are super delegates which is how the Democrat Party makes sure the people have no real say about who their candidate is.

    • Sometimes, while the total vote is clear, it’s not easy to determine who won a specific delegate.

      In this case, 9 went to Sanders, 1 went to Clinton, and 3 are undeclared. That leaves 2 to be determined.

      There are also five Superdelegates:

      Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde,
      Clara Reid,
      Galea’I Tu’ufuli, and
      Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga
      for Clinton, and

      Therese Hunnkin for Sanders

      • It would appear that the process is set up for both Dems and Reps to take away the choice of the people and hand it to a tiny select few. Huge hotels have been built in Vegas with a tiny house edge. Likewise, making one outside candidate win 60% just to overcome the “House” smacks of a card shark dealing all the cards.

        The Dems have the bigger hurdle. OTOH, the Reps are showing themselves for what they are by doing everything they can to change the rules to their favor going so far as to say no delegate has to vote for their committed candidate even in the first round.

    • I’m not sure how many super delegates AL has, but they have 16 pledged delegates according to the AP. Apparently Sanders won 13 of the pledged delegates and Clinton got 3. Do a google search for “Democratic Primary, March 26th 2016” and the AP rundown of the entire primary season will appear within the search page.

  2. Well , the media have really exposed themselves on this one . They keep telling us , “oh the maths just makes Hilary the undisputed winner” but that is an absolute joke , would the super delegates have the audacity to to overrule the wishes of the democratic party voters . We should be focused on the pledged delegates and that is a close race and I would even go as far as to say looks more favorable to Bernie , if he wins the pledged delegate race and the superdelegates hand victory to Clinton she will have completely lost the moral right to be President and the Democratic Party will have killed democracy in America or at least exposed that it is and always has been a scam that never really respected the will of the people , they just used cheap tricks to control the thought patterns of voters , looks like old stategies are not working too well this time .

    • This 2016 election is going to be a game changer on both sides, from what it seems. And it will either wake up the populace to correct it or cause an unforeseen chaos that will hurt us badly…hope we just tweak it to make it at least be fair!

    • In 2008 the Media was all for Hilary again, and then near the end, the superdelegates dropped her and switched to Obama. It’s going to happen again this year. If the Superdelegates left Hilary, Bernie would be ahead of her by nearly 200 delegates.

  3. WA has 101 delegates, 17 superdelegates. With Sanders having 72% of the vote, anyone care to tell me why all the reports say he has 23 delegates??

  4. 23 plus 18 plus 7 does not add up to 118. What’s wrong with this pic??? hmmm main stream media crap.

    • The Hillary Beast is only winning states where the human trash are a huge majority…the rest, Hilldabeast loses badly — so MSM keeps it under the radar!

  5. If Hillary does not spend the rest of her life in jail — it means we have no justice system left.

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