Wisconsin is holding a Republican and Democratic primary today with a high-stakes battle on both sides since this is the first primary in the month of April. Polling has shown a swing toward Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side in recent days, while Ted Cruz appears to be maintaining a lead on the Republican side. Look for results coming in around 10pm ET.

Called Races

Cruz: WI

Sanders: WI

Wisconsin Primary
Polls closed by 9pm ET (8pm CT)
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 96 proportional
GOP Delegates: 42 winner-take-most
Winner: Cruz, Sanders

Update on the results from NPR:

Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders are the projected winners of the Wisconsin primary, according to the Associated Press.

The victories are important achievements for both candidates as they look to stop their leading rivals.

For the Republican Texas senator, his win over Donald Trump increases the likelihood of a contested Republican convention this summer in Cleveland.

Cruz will win at least 18 statewide pledged delegates with his win — a number that is sure to grow based on how many congressional district he carries. The Texas senator was performing well in the most populous southeast corner of the state, where there was heavy turnout and long lines all day.

Trump isn’t down for the count just yet. The real estate mogul hopes to run strong in the more rural northwest corner of the state, where he made final campaign stops on Monday. The only hope for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, far behind both Trump and Cruz in the delegate race, to pick up delegates may be in the 2nd District around the state capitol of Madison, where Republican voters are more moderate.

On the Democratic side, Sanders gets an important win over Clinton, building on other recent wins in Hawaii, Alaska and Washington.

“I think it looks like we’re headed for another victory, which would be seven of the last eight contents the senator will have won. He really has a tremendous amount of momentum,” Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver told NPR’s elections special shortly before the race was called. “We’ll see what the margin of victory is tonight. But I think we’re expecting that there’s going to be a victory. In fact, I think there are some very early returns in right now and they look very positive.”

The margin will matter for Sanders though. He needs a big victory in the state to cut into Clinton’s 263 pledged-delegate advantage. Of the Democrats’ 86 pledged delegates, 57 will be awarded proportionally by congressional district, while 19 will be given to the statewide victor. The remaining 10, made up of party leaders and elected officials, will also be awarded proportionally.

Trump could afford to lose Wisconsin and still maintain a path to 1,237 delegates. For Cruz, on the other hand, this was basically a must-win because the remaining primaries head into Trump-friendly territory.

For Bernie Sanders, this is a big win since Hillary had been leading in Wisconsin as late as a couple weeks ago. In recent days, the polls showed a strong shift to Sanders. He’ll need the momentum heading into New York on April 19th, a contest where Clinton is strongly favored.


  1. …..here’s a little rundown on what to expect, courtesy of CNBC.
    Consider the source for the above comments regarding Trump. Establishment cabal propaganda while they nakedly steal delegates to promote a pocket-lining insider. No Thank You!
    Trump 2016

  2. the article is obviously lying if you look at Clinton vs Cruz, she’s up +5, Bernie is +12. With Kasich, she is down 7 while Sanders is +3 based on IDP/TIPP polls.

  3. Bye, bye evil Hillary — her next stop, not the White House, but the Big House….

    • Surfisher – you’re beating an almost dead dog (the Bitch)! she will be protected by the Administration, State, & Attorney General regardless what Comey comes up with. Should a Republican be elected in November, THEN she will be indicted, convicted, maybe even do time. Until then and especially if the Pubs keep cornholing each other, she may well be your next POTUS

      • I wish she would get indicted, just as I wish Bush and Cheney were indicted for war crimes.

        • and exactly for what should they be indicted ?? Do your research – Saddam was working on nuclear bombs back in 1988, had used chemical WMD on his own people, had support of both Congress & Senate (297-33-3 & 77-23) to invade Iraq. Retrospect says invasion was a poor choice but all was legal with support of all agencies.

      • Sam — great to see you back!

        It good to see you smacking down the brain-dead liberals and the brainwashed Dems, again!

        Kudos, and keep on posting!

  4. Get ready to welcome President Hillary Rodham Clinton – SMILES

    ” Lets Go Hillary “

    • Hillary would probaly beat Trump, but with trump getting farther and farther from the GOP nomination and Cruz won’t be it either. Hillary won’t stand a chance against anyone else. It sounds like you only like Hillary because she is a female anyway and that is truly pathetic.

      • You got it all wrong. Trump is clearly the only one who stands a chance against Hillary, but the powers that be won’t let him get the nomination. The PTB don’t care even who gets into the White House as long as it’s not Trump.

        • They don’t want Cruz either. They are hoping to bring in a third person at the convention if neither Trump or Cruz do not have the 1237 number.

      • I have a bunch of grand daughters; I think it would be good for young women and girls to see that a woman can be President. But, as long as a Democrat wins to protect the Supreme Court from the right-wing nuts I’m happy.

        • Oh Jesus! God help us if a democrat get’s in. We will surely all lose! Jesus! God save us from such a terrible hell on earth! With a sure liberal justice elected by a democrat we would have even more corruption and liberal decisions on the law and our constitution would be worth less than toilet paper! We already have hell to pay from Obama, our nation would be lost to the UN for sure and America would be gone forever!!!!

        • A woman POTUS could be a good thing, but not a lying, self centered Hüdin who is equally as responsible as Obama for creating the Middle-East debacle and igniting a stronger Jihad. Condoleezza Rice would be a far better POTUS, as example. Should SCOTUS NOT be conservative America as we have known it will very quickly begin to look like France, Belgum, and Greece.

          • Maybe Monica Lewinsky should run for president. Half of Hillary’s so-called political experience is the same as Monica’s.

    • In the 5 biggest contests left (NY, MD, NJ, PA, and CA) there is no way for Sanders to overcome Hillary’s delegate lead, and it’s doubtful that he will win any of them. Add to that the supers. Why would they suddenly switch to a man who was never a Democrat by party affiliation, who can’t articulate plans to go with his rhetoric, and who hasn’t lifted a finger to help any candidate other than himself? Like Jann Wenner said last month in the Rolling Stone endorsement of Sec. Clinton, the BS “revolution” simply “ain’t gonna happen.” It’s typical of the BS campaign teams sleaziness that Jeff Weaver tweeted to Team Clinton, “Don’t destroy the Democratic Party for the Secretary’s ambition to be POTUS.” Say what? It’s not Hillary who is out to destroy the party, and Sanders has made zero inroads among people of color.

      • You’ve got to be joking. Bernie Sanders march WITH MARTIN LUTHER KING!! Stop trying to downplay his success.If superdelagates swing this election over the popular vote you think we’re just gonna sit back and take that? Nobody is counting Super delagates because until they vote… THEY DON’T EXIST!

        And if Bernie ran his campaigne to help other candidates he wouldn’t have gotten this far. He’s running for the people, and that’s why he’s won 7/8 of the last election. …but you didn’t notice that… did you?

      • Isn’t Rolling Stone an old persons read? Who gives a shit about Jann Wenner endorses? He’s one of the tribe so what can you expect? The Dems haven’t done jack-shit for Bernie until he became a Senator and that’s when they needed him.
        Bernies real race and Revolution is outside of the two party paradigm. So piss off to you and your Clinton Criminal Syndicate.
        Hillary and Bill both need to end their life behind bars or let loose in a Haitian city by themselves.

        • In 2016, Rolling Stone Magazine’s readership is 24.5% aged 18-24, and 49.4% aged 18-34, with a circulation of 1.495,000, and estimated 8.39 readers-per-copy.

      • California is one of the most liberal states in the country. Sanders is far more liberal than Clinton. Hawaii and Washington are also both very liberal states and Sanders won both of them by more than 70% of the vote. I don’t know as much about those other states that you mentioned, but it makes sense that Sanders would have a decent chance of winning California. California is also winner take all. If Sanders won California, he would have a chance of beating Clinton in the overall primary, but if Clinton won California than Sanders would essentially have lost overall.

        By the way, Hawaii is 75% non-white and Sanders won over 70% of the vote here. That certainly seems like an “inroad among people of color.”

    • If she wins, it will only be because of the super delegates. A rigged system. The politicians pick our president, we just get to narrow down the no. of candidates.

    • If you remember, Hillary was leading in 2008 against Obama too. You know how that turned out.

      • Completely wrong! Hillary was kicking ass left and right in BIG states at the end of the 2008 race and she still could not overcome Obama’s delegate lead, which was nowhere near as large as Hillary’s is this year. You know, they did have Google in 2008!

  5. Cruz will have no more days like the one today. His big lies are not done but we can see through them much easier now.

  6. Any Democrat will win in 2016. The Republicans are only for the rich. They are against women, working people, the environment, health insurance, social security, medicare, and anyone non-white. They couldn’t beat a black guy with Hussien for a middle name and now his successes are killing them.

    • You are seriously twisted and drowning in the Liberal cool-aid of that party. Obama realistically has had 0 successes that have benefited the U.S.A. He set out, and said, to make the U.S. a 2nd rate nation and less powerful. If you believe in his goals, I suspect you live someplace other than the U.S.

      • It’s a shame you are a rude, angry person. What a way to live. I pity you.
        I do live in America and I served my Country in the military.

        • I flat don’t believe you! you are more like a concientous objector. LT Samuel Reusser USN (retired) 30 years. You are a defamer. And yes I’m quite angry with people / groups trying to take down my country

          • you are more like a Fox News hound who can not spell. Educate yourself and quit believing all the conspiracy theorists rhetoric. You better pray Hillary Clinton wins because she is the only person intelligent enough to pull this GOP created circus out of the toilet.

      • Hey, Sam. Good to hear from you. Hope you’re doing well. We’ve been missing your grumpy voice.

        But–isn’t it “Kool-Aid”? Har.

        • Hi Goethe, but you know, i’m not exactly a good speller. Eng-gi-neers rely on spellcheck and sometimes too lazy to even do that.
          I generally don’t comment anymore because there are too many wingnuts to waste my time on. I congratulate you on becoming a mediator and reporting some of issues. I still read a lot of the articles.
          I am again in psuedo-remission of the SLL/LCC and will probably see the election but will observe the results from a different dimension with a “give-a-shit” attitude. i.e., unconditional love even for the wingnuts.

          • Thank you, sir (that’s how one addresses an officer, right?). The spelling thing was just to poke you. I always liked doing that.

            As for the election viewing, ha! A tough old goat like you will kick this off. Only the good die young.

            Besides, I’m looking forward to your comments about President Hund. . . ;-O

            • Thank You, Goethe. yeah they kept me enlisted for 11 of the 30 and the O oath never mentioned gentleman so never became that part. I’ve had the Lymphoma / Lukemia since ’08 and this is the third remission, so who knows . . . But If Die Hündin does become POTUS and CinC, I may become a sugar addict to expidite movin’ on. That will be the last election the U.S. will have until a revolution occurs. That will probably be after bankruptcy. (p.s.) there is an old saying among enlisted . . . “don’t call me sir, I’m as good as you are !”

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