There are two states with primary voting today. The state of West Virginia is holding a Republican and Democratic primary, while Republicans alone are voting in Nebraska. Democrats held a caucus in Nebraska back on March 5th. The race to watch is West Virginia, where polls show Bernie Sanders with a 6 point lead on average.

Called Races

Trump: NE, WV

Sanders: WV

Nebraska Republican Primary
All polls closed by 9pm ET
Live Results: Politico
GOP Delegates: 36 Winner-Take-All
Winners: Trump

Note: Bernie Sanders won the Nebraska Democratic Caucus back on March 5th

West Virginia Primary
All polls closed by 7:30pm ET
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 37 Proportional
GOP Delegates: 34 Proportional
Winners: Trump, Sanders

This page will be updated as results come in later this evening.


  1. HILLARY SHOULD RETIRE and GIVE US A BREAK, because all we will be hearing about is Bill’s Affairs, and all their other BS! HILLARY, DO US A GREAT FAVOR and RETIRE!!!! Trump has already started the BS, and GOD KNOWS … WE DON’T WANT TO BE DROWN in this mess all over again!!!!

    • So the woman should sacrifice her career because of her husband did something wrong 25 years ago. Yeah, that’s fair. Sounds more like Trump should shut the hell up.

  2. Hillary will be Americas 45th and FIRST WOMAN President.

    You can take that to the bank and bank it and i don;t mean a Wall Street bank lol

    great article – applauds the write of this article.

    Trump will be barking up a dead tree, Hillary is an open book there is nothing Trump is talking about that we haven’t heard about Hillary already and she will still have her YUGE army of supporters.

    ” Lets Go Hillary “

  3. Trump, a GOP trump card will triumph over the Democrat nominee on 8 Nov. 16 simply because the Democrats already had two terms and now it is time to swing back to the GOP for the next two terms.
    With regards to Muslim ban it is logical. Today almost all terrorist attacks are committed by Muslims and it is so true as far as Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, China and South East Asia is concern. In the US almost all terrorist attacks with exception the Oklahoma bombing are committed by Muslims thus Trump should not change his mind over what he propose originally.

    • But he will, if the democrats are ignorent enough to nominate the candidate which gets less popular with every sentence she speaks publicly than Trump will try to get the samders voters. He passes H. on the left already by flip-floping on issus (war :”i’ll talk to putin”
      Minimum Wage: the minimum has to stay where it is vs. increas it by som magnitudes
      Tax cuts for the wealthy vs in the end midle class get tax cuts
      Breaking up big banks)
      I predict he will flip flop on the pro life issus and on the muslim ban too. It starded already: there will be exceptions (tworts the new muslim mayor of London sadiq khan).
      IF that trend of H. getting unpopular in the swing states continius and you keep that “it will be a wak in the park”-attitude up and on the same time bash the bernie bros you will lose!
      #clinton 4 devil

    • Trump will win because he’s a winner and killary is a loser. That lousy rat threw my fellow soldiers and sailors under the bus and let them be murdered while she slept. The military doesn’t want her for a good reason. We didn’t fight for our country to turn it over to this low life communist bitch.

      • Your army doesn’t want her, you and your brothers don’t want her but your industrial-war-machine wants her, wants her bad.
        #Clinton 4 Devil

  4. Bills wrote or sponsored by Hillary that passed 65. ( 8years as senator ) Bills wrote or sponsored by Mr Sanders whopping 0 (25 year in house or senate )

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