Bernie Sanders won the Wyoming Democratic Caucus on Saturday marking his seventh straight victory of contests held since the Idaho caucus on March 22nd. Wyoming is a small delegate pot, with Sanders and Clinton each taking home 7 a piece, but it’s yet another win for Sanders in the build-up to the New York primary on April 19th.


Full breakdown of results available from Politico. The vote was tighter than recent caucus results, with Sanders winning 55% to Hillary’s 44%.

Report from CNN:

Bernie Sanders won the Wyoming Democratic caucuses Saturday, providing his campaign with one more jolt of momentum before the race against Hillary Clinton heads east.

The Vermont senator was favored going into the caucuses. Wyoming is similar to other places he’s won with big margins: rural, Western and overwhelmingly white. The victory is Sanders’ eighth win out of the last nine contests — including a contest that counted the votes of Democrats living abroad — and a big morale booster heading into the crucial New York primary on April 19.

Sanders, speaking at a rally in Queens, New York, when the state’s results were projected, announced the victory to his supporters after his wife, Jane, joined him on stage to say they had won.

“News bulletin: We just won Wyoming,” Sanders said as the room exploded into cheers.

Sanders won 55.7% of the vote to Clinton’s 44.3%, giving each candidate seven delegates. That helps Clinton maintain her pledged delegate lead over Sanders, 1,304 to 1,075.

Here is video of Sanders addressing the Wyoming victory and giving his thoughts heading into New York:

As the polling currently stands in New York, Hillary is still leading quite strongly with the latest poll giving her an 18-point advantage.

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