New York will be the only state voting today with each party watching the returns closely as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hope for big wins tonight. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, is hoping for a big upset which would give his campaign a renewed vigor and leave open a narrow path to the Democratic nomination. Ted Cruz and John Kasich are likely battling for 2nd place on the GOP side, which could be a close tally.

Races Called

Trump: NY

Clinton: NY

New York Primary
Polls open from 6am to 9pm ET
Live Results: Politico
Dem Delegates: 291 proportional
GOP Delegates: 95 winner-take-most
Winners: Trump, Clinton

This page will be updated later tonight around 10pm ET when we start getting results.


  1. Bernie is only 244 pledged delegates behind. However, Dems don’t have “winner take all” states, so even if Bernie BEAT Hillary today, let’s say by ten percent (a landslide), he’d probably only get 160 of the 291 delegates and still be 214 behind. It would be easier for Bernie to argue the issue if he were not millions of popular votes behind.

    • Popular vote doesn’t mean anything. That’s why we got bush. He’s at 206 (according to 538 huffpo has him at 196) not 244 and he’s been winning small states by huge margins. He still has a path to the nomination. Don’t go around spewing nonsense unless you actually check your facts first lol

      • I believe (correct me if I am wrong) that Hillary won the popular vote in the 2008 Democratic Primary but lose the delegate vote.

        • It was close, but no, Obama ended up with the edge:

          2008 Popular Vote Totals:

          17,535,458 48.1%–Obama
          17,493,836 48.0%–Clinton

          • Did you make up those numbers? John from Queens remembers correctly.
            In 2008 the dem primary went
            Clinton 18,055,516 (48.26%) to
            Obama 17,628,560 (47.12%).

            But the the delegates went
            Obama 1741.5 (41.8%)
            Clinton 1643.5 (39.4%)

            • Real Clear Politics

              With apologies to John from Queens, you can make them say what you want. His numbers don’t count the caucus states. Also, it counts Michigan. The state leapfrogged its primary early, so all the candidates agreed not to participate. While none visited the state, Hillary left her name on the ballot, so she got a third-of-a-million votes, while Obama and Edwards got zero.

              The DNC said it would not seat ANY Michigan delegates, later relented, and gave each a half-vote.

              The number from Real Clear Politics counts some of the 44% “uncommitted” votes from Michigan for Obama, since he did get delegates.


            • There was no need to say something was made up! The fact of the matter is that Hillary has almost 3 million more votes than Birnie & more delegates than him.! It’s all about the votes at the end of the day! It’s not just about how many people at the rallies,!
              Millions of people more voting for Hillary than any other candidates including Birnie and he still whining!

            • No one said anything was made up. It was a question. We were talking about the 2008 dem primaries, and the numbers quoted were not from those primaries, hence the question. Also, what in the world do you imagine Bernie Sanders could have to do with the 2008 presidential contest? For your sake I hope you were stoned when you wrote your outburst. At least that way you might sober up and become almost normal.
              Please, don’t bother responding if you can’t make considerably more sense than you did here.

            • The same attitude as Trump supporters! When they disagree with someone, they react with:
              At this point, being very concerned about our Country and my kids future I’m praying God to save us from the Psychopath Trump! ???

            • Now Fatima, you were asked quite specifically not to respond unless you could make some sense, and you failed utterly. Intstead you departed even farther from reality without even making the detour thought-provoking, like decent fiction should do.
              Meanwhile, here in the real world it’s the ANTI-Trump disruptors that are spitting, cursing, trashing police cars, stripping naked, waving foreign flags, burning American ones, shouting Marxist rhetoric and even putting small children on the street to shriek profanities at calm, well-behaved Trump supporters as they pass.
              And as you may have suspected, yes, in fact I am only encouraging you to continue entertaining me. Ready? GO!

      • JS: Actually, Gore won the popular vote and Bush won the Supreme Court vote in 2000.

        As for delegate counts, they’re impossible to verify, so be careful when you question someone’s facts. After all, your preferred “facts” were in one case, only six different from what I used from Google–and your “facts” varied by 42!! The New York Times puts the difference at 213. Pick a medium, get a different number.

        Face it, at this stage, a 200 delegate difference–even without superdelegates–is a huge number to make up.

        And no, your vote and mine don’t matter, but your argument would still be stronger if Bernie could find a couple million popular votes between the cracks in his sofa or somewhere. . .

        • And he just may. Feel the Bern.
          (Bush’s dad played golf with one of the supremes the day before they appointed his son as President.)

            • Ignorance about what, exactly? Shooting a scorpion might seem ignorant to some. (Small target, likelihood of ricochet.)
              Thought I was reinforcing your comment – in my ignorance, have no idea or interest in your reply to my reply.

        • 200 delegates difference is not a huge amount to make up when you consider that california alone has over 500 delegates and there are still several other states who have yet to vote, including PA which has around 90 delegates.
          If sanders wins just 56% of NY, PA and CA he will have tied Clinton in the pledged delegate count

        • Sorry, its Maryland that has 95, PA has 189 delegates.

          DC June 14 20 (25)
          California June 7 475 (71)
          Montana June 7 21 (6)
          New Jersey June 7 126 (16)
          North Dakota June 7 18 (5)
          New Mexico June 7 34 (9)
          South Dakota June 7 20 (5)
          Puerto Rico June 5 60 (7)
          Virgin Islands June 4 7 (5)
          Oregon May 17 61 (13)
          Kentucky May 17 55 (5)
          West Virginia May 10 29 (8)
          Guam May 7 7 (5)
          Indiana May 3 83 (9)
          Rhode Island April 26 24 (9)
          Pennsylvania April 26 189 (21)
          Delaware April 26 21 (10)
          Connecticut April 26 55 (15)
          Maryland April 26 95 (23)
          New York April 19 247 (44)

          There are a total of 1647 delegates remaining… Sanders could end up with a 200 delegate lead over Hillary by the time we get to the convention. ANYTHING is possible

          • No, anything isn’t possible. There’s a far greater chance of you winning Mega Millions AND Powerball that there is that Bernie will end up with a 200 delegate lead. The schedule from here on out is very favorable to Clinton

          • Are you still going to be hoping for a miracle next Tuesday when Hillary wins Pennsylvania and Maryland convincingly, and comes out no worse than even in Conn., Delaware and RI? While I admire Bernie Sanders bringing important issues forward, this is starting to become a cross between a pipe dream and petulance.

        • Actually, if we’re talking about historical facts – which you democrats so often hate to do – what happened was, Bush won the popular vote, plus two legal challenges of that state result (both under democrat judges, BTW), which the FL Supreme Court then tried to ignore and hand to Gore anyway by whatever method of re-count the counties cared to conduct… and THAT’S when the U.S. Supreme court stepped in.

          • I’m not a Democrat, but yes, they “stepped in” –to halt a recount that was underway.

            The entire question was whether Bush, in fact, had “won the popular vote.”

            To me, it’s not “history” it’s “current events.”

            • You should be a democrat. They love to make up their own word definitions. Here in reality, “current events” are current while historical events are past. The 2000 FL recount debacle – just like all of the year 2000, is not current but history.

            • Maybe it was before you were born. I meant that I have been watching politics since Ike, so I’m not relying on a report of what happened.

            • Apparently you did, indeed miss your calling to be a democrat. They too tend to make guesses and act on them. I was there. I was quite adult and quite alert, too, and still enough so that I say with absolute certainty that the U.S. Supreme Court did not merely “step in to halt a recount that was underway.” It stepped in to halt a recount that the FL Supreme Court had just ordered to be undertaken DESPITE the fact that the election result had been certified and – as I said – two, separate legal attempts to challenge and set aside the result for recount had failed utterly. It was a recount illegally ordered by activist lawyers in robes with neither authority nor whit of legal basis to do so.
              But much more relevant than whatever causes your memory to fail is that the difference between you and me is that I know none of the above has anything to do with the fact that no event which concluded 15+ years ago is a “current” one, nor will it be no matter how you mean it.

            • Points disputed.

              Gore’s mistake was not immediately asking for a complete recount. He dawdled. Seeing the confusion in the public and the media, and obvious evidence of error, the Florida court stepped in to allow the recount.

              I misspoke above. It was Pat Buchanan who laughed when he heard he was given so many votes, and agreed that they should have gone to Gore. But again, that’s not the issue here.

              Subsequent studies showed that a full recount would have given Gore the state.

            • First of all, I only cared to correct you on facts, which you had so awfully wrong that I couldn’t now care less about your opinions. But regarding whatever Pat Buchanan may have found amusing, why are you offering petty whines and what-ifs about the way the election was conducted when at the time the best complaints anyone brought into two courtrooms failed even to show cause to set aside the election result, let alone order a recount?
              Also, whether it’s due again to your sketchy recollections, or you’re now resorting to fabrications, the historical fact is that EVERY subsequent, realistic “study” — i.e., that dealt with facts as they were and not as someone wished — showed GW Bush winning anyway.
              Seriously, if you’re not a democrat then what IS your problem? (Just so you know, I don’t care about an answer to that any more than your opinions.)

            • Then why ask? Why all the ad hominens; no one pays any attention to that stuff?

              Time for some warm milk and beddie bye.

            • Apparently, you didn’t Google it.

              Let’s remember how this went down. Gore did not ask for a recount. The Florida Supreme Court commanded it, due to the obvious irregularities.

              For some odd reason, they only chose certain districts for the recount.

              The subsequent studies showed that if the US Supreme Court had stayed out of it, and the limited recount had continued, Bush probably would have won. HOWEVER, if the entire state had been recounted, Gore would have won.

              Gore’s error was not in immediately asking for a full recount of the state. It was a Hamlet-like hesitancy that change history.

              In Florida, even without the “hanging chads,” the butterfly ballot confusion caused more than enough Gore voters to hit Pat Buchanan, instead, so the will of the people was clear.

              But that is all beside the point. The original point–AGAIN–was that Gore won the popular vote by a half-million, and it was the flawed voting system and the courts that decided the election.

            • Please site ONE post-election analysis that showed Gore received more actual votes than Bush in FL. Gore lost because he couldn’t carry his own state of TN, and looking at what a corrupt con man he’s become, that was a good thing.

            • The court’s ruling effectively halted the recount because they were only recounting the votes in areas where they thought Gore would benefit. They had no intention of recounting the votes cast on the same type machine in areas favorable to Bush.

              Every major news organization recounted those votes and reached the same conclusion. Bush won the Florida’s popular vote.

        • Do you know what that Supreme Court ruling was? It said, if there was a problem with voting on x-type machines, and there is a recount, you must recount the votes for EVERYBODY who voted on x-type machine, not just cherry-pick certain areas. That’s called equal protection. The state of FL did not have time (by their own laws) to do that.

          Besides, every major news organization recounted the Florida votes and came to the same conclusion: Bush won the state.

      • Neglecting popular vote means neglecting all those almost 3 million supporters votes that Hillary has more than Birnie!
        This is insane! This is a “HUGE ” desperation from Birnie and his campaign staff! Just to talk about it , it’s very offensive to the voters I mean to secretary Clinton supporters!
        Can anyone imagine if Birnie had more votes & pledged delegates than Hillary , Then Hillary & her supporters start whining! My God!
        I just can’t imagine!!!!

    • Popular Vote lag for Bernie = documented rampant Voter Suppression and closed primary Voting (such as today in New York where Independents are not allowed to cast their Vote for Bernie- only registered Democrats, so that is a TON of Independent Voters not taken into account for popular Vote)

      How many uncounted Votes alone due to Arizona shutting down 2/3rds of it’s polling locations or whatnot? Bernie has super delegates crossing the line now because they see the light. Bernie is not getting a fair shake and everyone knows it. Still- his campaign is surging! Bernie’s intense popularity, which also draws Independents and republicans in addition to Democrats, is the political reality- and it’s not going away, despite the non-stop establishment propaganda which has no shame.


      • New york already has investigations into the Voter irregularities (4X 2012 numbers- and that’s saying something). Already several states which were initially called wins for Clinton have had those calls reversed to wins for Bernie! So, YOU can go *sit down* while the Bernie Sanders campaign will continue! New York hasn’t even had it’s delegate convention yet! The DNC rules allow for a contested national convention if need be. You obviously don’t understand Democracy, the importance of the Vote or what is at stake. Even with all of this Vote rigging and suppression by the DNC- Bernie is still in the race- with nothing but *We The People* to power his campaign. Why be blind when you can open your eyes and see?

    • Agreed. If Bernie Sanders doesn’t pull off a miracle in the remaining primaries, and trails in popular votes and elected delegates at the convention, he and his supporters (I am one of them) can complain that the system is rigged and can complain about instances of voter disenfranchisement and possibly fraud in individual primaries, but there’s no compelling argument for delegates to cross over and give him the nomination. Then I think the story lines will be whether the Democratic Party just lost an opportunity to expand its base by ignoring the vast support of progressive independent voters (who btw are not registered Democrats because they don’t think the party is progressive enough) and whether Bernie’s supporters will vote for/support Clinton, which will be highly unlikely in many cases.

    • The only primary Bernie might win today is Rhode Island. The writing is on the wall. The wild card is he isn’t a true Democrat, so not sure if he’s worried about damaging the Democratic party moving forward, as he’ll possibly revert back to being an independent after the election. I personally have no problem with him staying in the primary race, and I hope he does, but if he loses 4 of 5, or is swept today, I hope he understands it really is over, and he should start to pivot toward helping the Democratic party win the general election. I think he has brought more attention to certain issues, but has no real plan to achieve them. A lot of his supporters are either too young, or have forgotten that Hillary was pushing universal health care back in the early 90’s, and basically lost the vote because she made the call to not compromise. My fear if Bernie got the nomination, he would be hammered that his main policy positions aren’t realistic, and he’s already proven he has no plan to make them happen. Whereas, Hillary can speak in specifics as to how she can get much of what she proposes achieved. I do really like the discussion during this Democratic primary season though, and it makes the Republicans look like they’re basically disconnected from the majority of the country. Especially their crazy front runner.



    An emergency lawsuit was filed today requesting Independents and unaffiliated voters be allowed to vote tomorrow. Because of this ALL independents and unaffiliateds are advised to go to their polling locations TODAY and request an AFFIDAVIT BALLOT. By law they have to give you one. Do not let them turn you away for ANY reason. No matter what they tell you, it’s the LAW that they allow you to vote. Do not leave until your vote is cast.”

  3. We don’t need re-education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark bribary in the caucus
    Ted Cruz leave them delegates alone
    Hey! Ted Cruz! Leave them votes alone!
    All in all it’s just another brick in the wall.
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.

    TRUMP/WEST 2016/2020

  4. We have had a few articles on this. And we had a commenter go off on it, saying we should only count popular votes and ignore the low-pop states.

    • They are ignoring the entire history of the country when they do that. These are the United STATES, not the People’s Republic of North America. And like it or not, what is needed and appropriate for Wyoming, say, is not the same as for New York (think gun ownership, for example. You would not dare go across a field in some areas of the west without taking a weapon to protect from rattlers, scorpions, etc.. Not so much a danger in NYC). One size does not fit all, and D.C. needs to stop trying to force the same solutions on everybody.

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