The Presidential race becomes a bit more scattered this weekend with a mixture of primaries and caucuses over the course of Saturday and Sunday. Here’s a breakdown of what’s happening on each day with some analysis of the races as they stand.

Called Races:

Cruz: KS, ME
Trump: KY, LA
Rubio: PR

Sanders: KS, ME, NE
Clinton: LA

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Kansas Democratic Caucus
Democratic Caucus Information
1pm to 3pm CT
Delegates: 37
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Kansas could be a competitive race on the Democratic side. Polls show Hillary Clinton with a reasonable lead, but with almost 40% of voters still undecided, this race is a toss-up.

Kansas Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
10am to 2pm CT
Delegates: 40
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Cruz

As with the Democratic race, the Republican side is close but currently gives the front runner an edge. The latest polling shows Donald Trump leading at 26%, however, 39% remain undecided. I would call this race a toss-up as well.

Kentucky Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
10am to 4pm Local Time (either ET or CT)
Delegates: 45
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Trump

The last poll in Kentucky is from weeks ago and shows Trump with a 13 point lead. However, given theLive Results: amount that remain undecided, this race can also be considered a toss-up. Trump may be a favorite, but he has not done as well in caucuses as he has in primaries.

Louisiana Primary
Primary Information
7am to 8pm CT
Delegates: 58 Democratic, 47 Republican
Live Results: Politico
Winners: Clinton, Trump

Donald Trump holds a sizable lead on the Republican side and should do quite well, likely winning in Louisiana. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is favored by upwards of 40 points

Maine Republican Caucus
Caucus Information
Time varies by county
Delegates: 23
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Cruz

There has been no recent polling in Maine so the state of the race is likely a toss-up.

Nebraska Democratic Caucus
Caucus Information
Time varies by county
Delegates: 30
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Sanders

No polling exists for this race, but Bill Clinton has been in Nebraska this week campaigning for his wife. I’d have to naturally give Clinton the edge here, but anything could happen in a caucus situation.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Maine Democratic Caucus
Caucus Information
Varies by county, between 1pm and 8pm ET
Delegates: 30
Live Results: CNN
Winner: Sanders

Maine is in the backyard of Vermont so Bernie Sanders could do quite well here. This could be a close one but I suspect Sanders may have the edge heading into it.

Puerto Rico Republican Caucus
Delegates: 23
Live Results: New York Times
Winner: Rubio

I suspect Marco Rubio will do well in Puerto Rico since he has been one of the few candidates discussing their economic problems as of late.

We’ll have results trickling in over the weekend and a full wrap up on Saturday night and Sunday night with the results of the day.


  1. This post shows, again, that we don’t really know what’s going on, since the polls have been so scant, and those we have, so inconclusive.

    To the degree that polls impact elections, it may be better to wait till the people have spoken. It’s especially important this year, since a large part of Trump’s appeal is that he is a “winner.”

    If polls were not showing Trump as the successful, powerful, front-runner, would he be getting so many “low information” votes?

      • Sorry. I was NOT saying that Trump supporters are stupid. In fact, he does well with the well educated, too.

        I was referring to “low information voters” as the segment of the electorate that doesn’t have the time to follow the minutia of the campaign, so they grab what they can, such as what the polls say.

        However, “low information voters” are the most loyal, since the more you know about the candidates of both parties, the less you want to vote for ANY of these. . .”public servants.”

        • Hmmm. The Trump supporters I am in contact with watch his whole speeches and know WTF is really going on. They are not relying on sound bites hand picked my parties against him and news organizations following orders.
          In fact, at Trader Joe’s today an African American guy saw my phone open to Drudge and was clueless as to what was happening today. He’s all Hillary. He STILL thinks Trump is KKK. Duh. Ugh. Can we say not informed?
          On the way out in the parking lot an African American lady who overheard the conversation drove over to me and rolled down her window and said “America Deserves Trump!” meant in the most complimentary way. I wish I could have spoken to her to find out why she liked Trump.
          In the words of your faux name here, Goethe — ‘Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.’ That’s all Trump! #MAGA

          • She likes Trump for the same reason that most of you like Trump. He had a successful reality TV show. If he gets the Nom it’s going to be hilarious watching the MSM empty his closet 24/7 while that coverage sucks all the air out of the room in a negative way and Hillary’s bad coverage falls into the noise floor. All hail Hillary the POTUS. Get a clue!

            • People like Trump because “he doesn’t belong to their secret socities and hasn’t gone through their initiation rights”, said Newt Gingrich. He isn’t bought and paid for. In other words, he isn’t corrupt like the rest. He’s uncontrollable. What part of that does your low informative ass not get?

            • There is only one ass in this and it’s not me. Trump is corrupt by his own admission. It’s you clueless twits that believe him that lets him stick it to you over and over!

            • I can not believe how many people he has duped…..a 12 year old sees right through him, but these weak minded followers……can’t figure it out…..

            • How smart you must feel to stoop to such low accusations. It sounds like insecurity in your decision. Did your 12 year old inform you of how to think.

            • We don’t care what he does…..the election is about destroying the corrupt elite establishment….that includes Cruz, Rubio and all the rest. Trump will win the presidency and the liberal class will be no more.

            • Hello, Bella,
              I’m French, from Paris, if you don’t believe me, you can check my CV by google or my facebook page. which is open without restriction of view

              William LALOUM,

              I’m french, I love US, i was in orlando, chicago, Ny, atlanta and New Orleans for the organization of medical congress.
              I was and give during 3 months of my life as volunteer in the Harvest food for the catholic diosces of New Orleans… that’s all.

              I have interest for US polls and politics.
              I see the Sanders and Dem. campaign with interest, Trump and Cruz/Rubio for GOp.
              All best

            • Someone might question that you’re French because you know so much about America.

              Almost no Americans even know who your president is, and an embarrassing number of us couldn’t find France on a map.

              So if you meet skepticism on here, it’s because we expect you to be as internationally ignorant as we are.

              In fact, you seem to know more about our election than many of us do!

            • Don’t be worry, It ‘s like this. Strange attack…

              I followed the debate, yesterday night, Sanders vs Clinton. Really interesting. For me Sanders, seemed lead the debate, during the first hour at less.

              But, about the economic questions and this bank Import-Export question, we see all the ideologic prejudices of a certain form of politic approach. Behind, Wall street, Sanders forgot that there are several thousands of employees.

              So, the final of the debate, I felt Clinton better. I think about the question of faith, for example.

              It’s interresting to see the “no-difference” on the economic terms between Trump and Sanders.
              To finish, really interesting, to see how Detroit and Flint (with this story of poised water) had been suppliced in economic ‘s terms

              In the north of France, all our indsutrial center had been “cleaned” too (steel, railways industry, textile…etc).

              If some want to give his feeling about this debate ?

            • Trump is corrupt in minor ways for skirting the business laws of conduct just like the rest of those f****** in congress. He is not corrupt in what he wants to do for the country and republican voters are tired of the progressive promotion of illegals, islamists, black lies mutter, and keeping the public poor and vulnerable to criminals.

            • There are different levels of corruption. I would rather elect the puppet master rather than the puppet. Doesn’t that make so much more sense?

            • Yes, I agree with you. Newt said it tongue in cheek so they wouldn’t throw him in some canal in new jersey. Look what happened to kubrick for spilling the beans on these f****** in his movies. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye in our country.

            • Excuse me idiot,never saw show! I like Trump for ONE REASON, THIS COUNTRY IS BEING INVADED AND WILL GO TO HELL UNLESS WE GET
              SOMEONE WITH BRAINS AND GUTTS! Wake up you stupid loser!

            • If he gets the Nom when he sticks it to you just remember millions of us told you so. The idiots are the ones that believe a know con man!

            • Get ready for TRUMP….no more liberal closet queens screwing-up the world. No more homo marriage…it’s over.

            • Another fool following the racist, narcissistic, minority hating, self-centered, lying, psycho evil doer. He has yet to finish a sentence without lying…….And they spell just like him…..un-educated.

            • Hillary didn’t mind dissing obama in 2008, she sure loves her pants outfits too and how about her hypocrisy on women’s rights and lying about the security of the country. She might be the first candidate to be running for president ever while under indictment soon. If you look at her laundry list of scandals with her significant other you will get an idea as to the evil she worships. I guess you are still listening to your 12 year old.

            • Again, I do not have a 12 year old…..scandals? They all have scandals. Try as he might, Donald Dump will NEVER be president, I don’t care how far he goes…….GET OVER IT!

            • Which Trump ‘kiss ass’ are you? The one that stands to his left and runs around fetching things for him, or is this Ivanka?

            • You need to just tell the truth about your racist views and your lies……then you will be able to get over it…..your balls are in a twizzle.

            • No, not even close. I’m not a liar, like he is. I am stating the FACTS and calling it like I see it….

            • I’m far from angry….I’m doing what you’re doing. No one really knows what you really think or who your are….you could be responding to people for purposes no one knows.
              I’ve got news for you…..every human being is racist. People who deny that are delusional…..the ones who really are honest about their racism are the left….hell, they own it.
              By the way, Trump will be president and you really need to get over that.

            • Trump will NEVER be presdent. LET IT GO, GET OVER IT and MOVE ON!!! Nothing to see here folks, except David Duke using the name D Kidd…..WAH! WAH! WAH!

            • I think it will be decided in the next month or two. He’s still on target to get 1237 with New Jersey.

              And if he’s able to do that, he will have illustrated more than enough skill to beat Hillary in the fall.

            • I never watched the reality show with trump but i can tell you that everyone is jumping on the trump train about immigration both the illegals and the syrians. The gop is shaking in their rolls royces and mansions now. He isn’t one of the new world order boys and they don’t like it. Hillary on the other hand is one of them but she’s a woman and as always (no matter how crooked and evil) women come second-even in their club.

          • I watch every debate that Trump is on. I believe he is the only one that can defeat Hillary. The only other candidate that I believe will be great for America besides Trump is Kasick. If you listen to Kasick you know he has a great record, very surprised he is so low in polls? Back to Trump. Never have i ever seen a candidate be attacked the way Trump is. The republican establishment is so brutal. they want who they want and it is disgusting. they get me do mad that if they pull any shenanigans on trump i will vote hillary, how do you like me now!!

            • So it does not matter that he mocked a disabled man, downed woman, conned people fraud, was sued by DOJ for discrimination against blacks and paid his way out, hired illegal aliens and was charged paid his way out, and paid them four dollars a day for twelve hours days, bankrupted companies leaving investors high and dry, being sued all the way to Hawaii for Trump tech as long as he beats Hillary?

            • And that he keeps talking about bringing millions of jobs……when he has businesses overseas and in Mexico and hiring their workers there?

            • ohhhh, you are s angry! On the defensive all the time! He’s not going to be president, get over it!!!!! Fantasy land is your territory along with your psycho, arrogant, white racist, bald-headed, crater-faced, insult-throwing (just like him) evil doer……

            • Like I said you got on the wrong train – hillary sanders limited! That’s the free-bie-dumb train!

            • Kasich is too reasonable.

              Typically, the VP candidate is the bulldog, allowing the top of the ticket to appear more “presidential.” Cruz is certainly a pitbull, but his ego is so gigantic, I can’t imagine him taking second position.

            • Kasich is riding the sidelines but he can be a second man. Watch his old videos back about 10 years ago.

            • Apparently, you have not watched EVERY debate that Trump lied on. You would have seen and heard what a racist, minority hating, nut he is. He began the attacks first. Anyone who attacks me will get attacked back. He attacks anyone who disagrees with him, or whenever he is asked a question he doesn’t have an answer to. (Which is almost every question). Watch how he veers off and changes the subject mid sentence on ALL questions!

            • Didn’t say that ‘know it all’. They all lie, but not like Trump…..who will lie and immediately when asked about it, deny what he said……he’s a chronic liar, the others aren’t….

            • They may all lie, true. But they are not CHRONIC liars like Trump. He will lie to your face, and when questioned about it minutes later, he will deny it!

          • Wrong….Trump’s supporters are mostly white racist’ who don’t care what, who,where, or when…..they simply follow Trump because he acts like their white supremist grand master…..They probably don’t even understand what he says. How can they, when he doesn’t understand himself…..

          • I do think he is unfortunately right about the loyal uninformed. I think its a streak of laziness and apathy that some minorities grow up with in poor hoods. Tongue in cheek suggestion is meant here but maybe trump ought to twist that baseball cap around and hold some interviews at a barbeque and shoot some baskets with the kids.

            • That is what he has. The backwoods racist, who don’t care what he says, as long as he acts like their grand master of the KKK, they will remain loyal.

            • You do realize that minorities as mentioned in my comment includes blacks, asians, and hispanics who are poor and low info voters in addition to po whites. I guess you’re saying that if trump gets the vote of those whites by appealing to things they like he is kkk. In your toilet logic then those minorities that listen to la raza, and the naacp, and others who appeal to low info voters in their groups by doing things they like at events are just nice people. Yes, twelve year old logic.

            • You racist you……..he is getting the poor…..those at his ‘shows’ from the backwoods, a la DELIVERANCE. Donald Dump will NEVER be president…..get over it!

            • Never listed to la rasa, naacp, or others….apparently you do, you seem to know all about them….go take your meds like mama told you and wait for her to come home from work….

      • Low info is not a slur, it just means people who don’t pay a lot of attention to politics. Part of Trump’s appeal is that he attracts a lot of these voters.

        • LIV was a phrase coined by Rush Limbaugh to explain the Obama voters and it is a slur. If you don’t know what the phrase means you shouldn’t use it. It just makes you look like a low information person.

          • Quite the contrary. It is our duty to rescue English from unscrupulous propagandists who work to make our beautiful language dirty.

            In this case, I was the one who purposely used “low-information voters” above, to rescue it–to denote people who simply do not have the time to delve into the political minutiae–which is the decent meaning.

            • Got it. Wikipedia says that the term “low-information voters” simply refers to those who do not carefully follow all the details of an issue or candidate.

              Any word or phrase can be turned into a slur.

  2. I think this would be pretty close to how this would play out

    Kansas (very similar make-up to Oklahoma, but that basketball game may hinder Sanders).
    Maine (guarantee due to the white population, geographic region, and liberalness).
    Nebraska (only one I am unsure of due to complete lack of polling, but pick Sanders due to large white population).

    Louisiana (A guarantee for Clinton due to the black vote).

    Louisiana (Louisiana and Texas have a close bond, so them going the same way would not surprise me, especially with a Senator from Texas and with the Oklahoma win going against a lot of the polls, it is a possibility).
    Puerto Rico (The Latino vote will carry him, although the case for Rubio is convincing).
    Kansas (Very similar make-up to Oklahoma).

    Maine (Trump has also been doing well in this region and don’t see Kasich making a big enough splash to do any harm)
    Kentucky (Trump has been doing well in this region of the country)

  3. It seems national polls are not needed as there is no national primary or caucus. Pollsters should devote more time to states.?

  4. Hello, I’m french, and, I follow the caucus on CNN by the cable tv, during the night.
    I have an open question about Sanders.
    What do you think in generally about him ? Still again chance to win or not ?

    On the french TV all our commentaries or “specialists” of the US life are “all wrong” from december…
    But, it’s really strange, but nobody speak about Sanders.

    Trump is in heart of the debate too, of course.

    • Excusez mon français:

      Il n’y a guère parler de Sanders. Le Parti démocratique création est derrière Hillary. Plus important encore, la plupart des minorités (qui sont 43% de notre vote public) sont pour Hillary. Depuis qu’il a peu de chance de gagner, et parce qu’il y a beaucoup de théâtre dans le GOP, Sanders est ignoré.

      Merci pour votre commentaire!

      Pardon my French:
      There is little talk of Sanders. The Democratic Party establishment is behind Hillary. More importantly, most minorities (who are 43% of our voting public) are for Hillary. Since he has so little chance of winning, and because there’s so much drama in the GOP, Sanders is ignored.

      Thank you for your comment!

      • I think that Sanders is under-estimated like Trump in a few month ago.
        I’m not for him, or socialist !
        Don’t be afraid ! ahahah.

        But, one thing is sure for me, some new fresh blood is always good for the democracy.
        2 Bush then 2 Clinton, something goes wrong is the US… and for the next time, the daughter of clinton or Obama ???

        In France, our president Hollande lead the govt with his ex-wife (as like ministry of “high rank”, her title is “ministry of state”, we have different rank in our protocole).

        For me Hilary appears like so wrong, in her attitude, behaviour, no natural…etc.

        But, of course, I m not able to judge the Democratic program.

        I just look the race as an observer.

        The USA miss me ! That’s the point !
        And on the same time, the americans will stay a great peopl of a great nation.

        I will check CNN to night, to see Louisiana is particulary.

        A good day/night and nice week-end

        • CNN, FOX and other networks are trying to block any information about Sanders. But they forget, that the millions of Sanders supporters don’t need their networks to get information. We have the web. We have – The Young Turks on you tube and many many other resources. Bernie is the most honest and trustworthy candidate we have had in a very long time. As a 65 year old American, I am so disappointed to realize how corrupt our Democratic party can be by trying to force a corrupt candidate on us. Bernie has my vote all the way. The only candidate who cares about the struggling middle class population. I get $706 a month SS and my husband gets $1600 a month. Can the billionaires who are trying to control our election even fathom living on that amount of money each month. I think not. Bernie can cause he has been in our shoes.

          • That’s actually not true since they have been giving him lap dances for months. They are afraid of Hillary so they are artificially inflating Sanders. Only since Hillary has become inevitable does she get any press for actually becoming the nominee. It’s not honest at all to say the press doesn’t give Bernie air time.

            • I speak about the French TV, and my / our politics and specialists commentaries here, in France.

              One again, I cannot be able to judge the whole US TV .

              But, but… CNN cut yesterday night, the Sander’s speech, so funny…
              And see the head of Granny Hilary, yesterday night in Detroit… something was wrong, may-be the food…

          • you are talking about a man that never earned a paycheck until he was 40 years old!!!
            And you think he can understand!! Sorry, we are not a socialist country, and if one wants to live in one, they should move to one. I live in Germany for 4 years and UK for 8 years, they are socialist! And I can tell you I would not like their economy. 20-22% taxes, directly charged on everything for EVERYBODY, people don’t even know it, cuz it is added in. Medical is the worse in the world. I was hospitalized in the UK several times and once in Germany, Germany was better than the UK, but so substandard, and 50 years behind US medical…that is until obummer takes it from all of us.

          • Social Security was never meant to be a retirement program for anyone, It is meant to keep people from starving. We are supposed to delay gratification, work hard and save for our own retirements- not require others at the point of a gun to pay for it. Many choose to spend every penny they make, never work second jobs or choose not to have tight knit families- or choose partners that can provide security so that the “government” can take care of them.

        • Willi:

          If it were not for France, we may not have had our success in our Revolution. You were our first ally. We have a kinship that goes way beyond your gift of the Statue of Liberty!

          Yes. You may not know, but we have had a Bush or Clinton in EVERY election, from 1976 to 2008 (when Hillary ran, but lost).

          Your contributions to our forum are most welcome!

          • Our two nations had never been in war, one against the other since for ever. And never, we forget the american contribution to liberate our country and protect us, during an half of century and since today. In Normandy, on June, at each corner, village, everywhere, you can see the star US flag.

            “Yes. You may not know, but we have had a Bush or Clinton in EVERY election, from 1976 to 2008 (when Hillary ran, but lost).”

            Good point, I have forgotten this fact.

            Let’s go for the TV show.

          • We also had the Kennedy family. Being related doesn’t make one corrupt. Thank goodness for the Kennedy’s. If Bobby hadn’t been killed, he would have been one of our best presidents.

        • Sanders is underestimated and under covered by the media which is the real crime. Talking common sense is not “sexy” enough, we must speak of our small appendages!
          Dog help us.

      • The policies of liberalism work so effectively for minorities here in the United States that they continuously and relentlessly vote DEMO every cycle.. Under the guidance of liberalism, the ascension of minorities into the middle class and upper middle class has been nothing short of ASTOUNDING.. It is no wonder why they religiously turn out in droves every election cycle to continue having members of the liberal movement to represent them..

    • He is a socalist, just like you have in France and Europe. We have capitalism, not socialism. America will never elect a socialist! I think it is kinda good he is giving hillary a run for her money, but will neve be anything more.

      • Social Democrat/Democratic Socialist. In a Social Democracy, Capitalism still exists, but it is regulated, and there is a social safety net and social justice policies. Most countries including our own, have a mixed system. There is no country that is a pure free-market capitalist system or a pure socialist system.

        • This system exists, in E.U. commission. At european level, we have a pure liberal and capitalist system.

          An example : currently, we have a crisis of surproduction of pigs and milk in France. (cause a large part of our product (milk, cheese, meals normally go to Russia, and, there is an embargo, decided by EU. committee, cause the ukrainian situation).

          the industrials and supermarket brand buy at theses prices : (like CUesco or wholemart)
          Milk is buying at 0.40cts/per liter
          Pigs meals at 1.10 euros/per kg – 1000g

          But, our farmers need 0.60 for the milk and 1.40 for pigs just to survive and rentabilize theirs exploitations.

          Since 1 month ago, So, the famers cut the road, bridges, highways, downtowns center…etc and other strikes (we love it, in france :-))

          the last week, some industrials and supermarkets choose and deal to guarantee a “price market minimum” for theses products 0.60 and 1.40. One again, it’s a survival questions for our famers.

          Firday, our fanstastic E.U. commission attacks the France for “distortion of competition” .Because, we don’t respect the “price market” (which kills our famers).

          This is for why, in France like in other european countries, we have a raise of right extrem wing. More the other things like migration no-controlled, economic crisis…etc.

    • You’re French and i’m the queen of Ireland. Fool, people can say whatever they want on these posts, truth or not. Oh, and I’m also a Psychologist.

    • Note to “the Queen of Ireland.”

      We don’t address one another in that manner here, and if we do, we’ll be deleted.

  5. Predictions:

    Canadian Cruz will win the caucus states (since the panicked GOP rather cheat in his favor, than dead-end Rubio’s).

    Trump will crush all in the direct vote in Louisiana.

    Afterward, winner take all Florida and Ohio will make Trump unbeatable — sending the dozen fat men from the North-East Coast that run the Republican Party from their country clubs, into a tail spin, thus ending their pernicious power forever.

    The End of the anti-American RINOs and Neocons is just a few days away!

    Then, the Tea Party will ascend — for only such Patriots are the salvation for our Nation!

    • Patriots? More like a bunch of nitwits running around in drag. Spare me this kind of perverted patriotism.

  6. Weird. The polls were going crazy and you could track levels of support from phone surveys to exit polls to twitter searches by the minute until a week ago. Now nothing? What’s that about?

  7. It looks like Mitt Romney’s voodoo black magic is really having an effect on the electorate.
    I wonder who his puppeteers are. They must really have him by the balls.

    • Donors and lobbiests…. the people that are doing the commercials for Rubio and Cruz.. well instead of paying 2 million for a commercial…they gave Romney a million to stand up and make a pledge against Trump. It’s all about $$$$ just like in Sports!

  8. Cruz should’ve been able to perform much better considering 3 things:

    1. All 4 of Saturday’s contests were Closed

    2. Kentucky was not only Closed, but it was also a Caucus

    3. Trump has been absolutely terrible this past week. Not only has he been getting attacked by his opponents, pundits, past candidates, party leaders, the media themselves (and rightfully so)… but he hasn’t responded in any resilient way. Not to mention, the guy couldn’t attend CPAC because it was obviously too big of a risk for the campaign (WTF?). hahaha, like…. the man seeking the Republican nomination can’t attend CPAC… because he’s seeking the Republican nomination,lol. Usually it’s a right of passage for candidates.

    I just don’t see the support pulling away from Trump like it should/should’ve been. It shows that there’s a strong possibility of Trump sweeping the WTA’s of FL, MO, and OH. Whereas there’s zero chance of Cruz nabbing all, if any, of the 3. Kasich pulls too much from OH and Rubio pulls too much in FL and MO is a friggin’ OPEN primary! (217 delegates in all)

    It’s good that Cruz got the headlines of winning 2 more states, but his situation is more dire than it seems. Basically, the next 10 days will decide the 2016 general election. GoP voter turnout is up something like 100% from 2012 and Dem turnout is below expectations. The GoP will certainly win the General. So I’d expect some “Lee-Atwater-level” hijinks coming from conservative leaders in the coming week if they truly want to stop Trump.

    (Oh, and reason 4. Ron Paul basically won Maine in 2012. It’s a weird state. I love the guy, but Maine doesn’t really count.)

    • Trump should of went to Kansas earlier and really needs to start hitting 2 places per state(day) instead of jumping 1 city in a state to the next unless he plans to go back. Point is.. Trump needs to start making more than 1 trip to a state. He’s hitting NC 2 times coming up which is what he needs to do.. but he needs 2 more times in Ohio… 2 times in Missouri and Illinois and 2 more times if not 3 in Florida before each primary to secure them states. If he did 2 times in Kansas..he would of if not won but only lost by 1-2 delagates only.

      • I don’t see him changing his campaign up too much at this point, for it has been working for him for the most part. If he starts acting like every other politician, that hurts his brand he has made for himself.

  9. The majority of the people who voted absentee are disappointed they did. Those who voted for Donald Dump regret it and wouldn’t have done it had they seen and heard what a psycho, minority hating, racist ass#hole he is…….

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