There were a handful of caucuses today, the most meaningful of which is the District of Columbia Republican caucus and the Wyoming Republican caucus. Ted Cruz came away the victor in Wyoming winning 9 delegates with Rubio and Trump picking up 1 a piece. Wyoming has more delegates beyond these twelve that will be allocated later during a convention. Democrats in the Northern Marianas Islands held their first presidential caucus which handed Hillary Clinton a victory. See results below.

Races Called

Cruz: WY
Rubio: DC

Clinton: Northern Marianas Islands

District of Columbia Republican Caucus
Live Results: NYTimes
Winner: Rubio

Northern Mariana Islands Democratic Caucus
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Wyoming Republican Caucus
Live Results: NYTimes
Winner: Cruz

There was also voting in the U.S. territories of Guam and the Virginia Islands, but both of those contests produced unbound delegates, with the exception of one delegate for Ted Cruz in Guam.

Report from The Guardian:

Hillary Clinton added to her primary victories and Ted Cruz took an early lead in Wyoming on Saturday, as the state, two territories and Washington DC doled out delegates in Republican and Democratic races.

Clinton won the first-ever Democratic caucuses on the Northern Mariana Islands, with 102 total votes to 65 votes for Bernie Sanders. Clinton won four delegates, increasing her pledged delegate lead over Sanders to 223; an additional 22 votes were cast for “uncommitted”.

The tiny Pacific island represents Clinton’s 14th primary victory to Sanders’ nine and was the only Democratic contest held this weekend.

On Guam, where Republicans held their primary this weekend, Ted Cruz picked up a single delegate. The big winner, however, was reported as “uncommitted”. Guam’s unconventional system means that its six convention delegates do not have to announce their preferred candidate for two weeks, so that they can hear from all four Republican presidential campaigns.

In Wyoming, another state with an unconventional system for choosing delegates, caucusing began for a Republican candidate. Ted Cruz appeared to be headed for victory there, winning at least three delegates and nearly 60% of the vote with more than 13 of 23 precincts reporting. The state will decide 12 delegates on Saturday, another 14 delegates in a state convention in April, and three in a decision by party leaders.

Rubio trailed Cruz in Wyoming with around 30% of the vote, with Trump in third at 18%. Adding to the complicated nature of Wyoming’s primary process, the state has unusual rules about when its delegates go to this summer’s Republican convention, where a nominee will be anointed by the party.

The 29 delegates will go to the convention officially unbound to any candidate, though identified by a preferred choice. Only North Dakota and the territory of Guam have similar rules, which mean their delegates do not have to vote on the first ballot according to the results of their voters’ elections.

Results updated later when we have results out of Washington, DC.


The DC Republican caucus has been called for Rubio, but the results show Kasich not far behind in 2nd place. Cruz and Trump round out the field, respectively.


    • I disagree. If it were up to me, the states would primary in order of their size, perhaps five at a time. That way, all the states would have more of a chance of having a say in the process. For example, small states like Alaska and New Hampshire would go early, and big states such as Texas, California, and New York would vote late.

      • I assume by ‘size’ you mean population, not actual square footage of the state. Far better to hold all the primary’s on a single day and report NO results until all results are in across the country! Reporting on the east coast states, which close far earlier than the west coast states, could create a vote result, rather than report the actual vote result.

        • I agree. 5o state primaries on The Same Day. Popular vote Wins. None of this BS about delegates and crap. And 50 state general…popular vote Wins. None of this elector stuff. Nice and easy.

          • The electoral was put into place for a very good reason. It actually gives the small states a say.

          • The electoral delegate system was put into place for a very good reason. It actually gives the small states a say.

            • Im in ND. A small state. My vote would have A Say anyway, because it would be part of the nationwide popular vote. I dont care about states (in this case). I just care about the popular vote. Majority rules. If my family is voting on Ice cream flavors, a simple plurality makes the call.

        • NYS polls close at 9PM eastern time. Not early according to them but maybe for California.

      • I still Say all 50 at once. Everyone should have an equal Say and all US citizens are the same. States should not mean anything. Whoever Wins the GOP and Dem popular votes should be the nominees and whoever Wins the general pop. vote should be President. Simple and clean.

        • Except it wouldn’t be because that would heavily favor established names. And those that can afford to advertise nationally right off the bat.

          Imo the states should primary smallest to largest as previously suggested, and they should all be caucuses because we have a serious low information voter problem in this country and having to actually speak to other voters about your choice is an asset for democracy in my view.

          The general election should be a simple vote though and it should be doable by mail or online or by phone.

          • 1. agree; 2. somewhat, but it should be left up to the states as to dates and methods. Cant really see the caucus methodology going over well in large population centers. 3. absolutely not, as these are or would be easily susceptible to corruption and error. In fact I think early voting by mail-in ballot should be limited to a 7 working day time period. IMO going to the polls is actually an involvement in the process… and doing such “by phone” would literally degrade this to the level of, say, american idol or others.

            • I don’t think there should be any early voting at all except absentee. If there is early voting though I think it should be in person, not by mail. No to mail voting.

            • I vote by mail always. Much easier. And I think the whole country should vote together on Primary Day. And General Day. None of this state by state crap.

            • “it should be left up to the states ”

              No. Voting is central to democracy, it thus needs to be centrally organized for the good of the country. Also it opens up the doors to absurd arms races and local voter suppression.

              “caucus problems in large population centers”

              Yeah, caucuses by definition reduce access and turnout. Can’t caucus by mail. I’ve changed my mind. Voting only. Not willing to trade engagement for access.

              “easily susceptible to corruption and error”

              That’s ridiculous. The banking system is plenty secure. So is the mail. We have the technology to communicate securely and frankly have since the telegraph. Corruption at the end point, like election rigging, is already an unavoidable risk. Someone somewhere has to be trusted at some point to do or certify counting. But even that can be rendered very open source. The question then becoming how often do people really check it out which is an even bigger issue as it is.

              Besides, the votes you cast in person are transmitted over a wire anyway at the precinct level. If the system can be secure enough for an entire precinct, then it’s certainly secure enough for one person. If we can PayPal a house or a car online, we can vote online. Same with mail.

              “early voting should be limited”

              There are no legitimate reasons for any such limits beyond cutoff dates associated with the composition of the ballot itself. Anything else is voter suppression.

              “IMO going to the polls is actually an involvement in the process”

              Going to the polls is not involvement. I’ve been going since I was 18, haven’t spoken to anyone or been spoken to besides the people running the place, ever. It’s a clear invasion of privacy when it’s just voting to talk politics during a simple vote, that’s why they are setup like photo booths or testing stations.

              “voting by phone degrade this”

              You seem to confuse getting a representative vote with getting a vote that favors your choices. There are no tests for voting, and nor should their be. If people want to select a leader by singing voice or tie color, so be it, that’s part of the experiment of democracy.

              Not that it matters. The last word is yours.

              I didn’t make that comment to start a debate.

          • No caucuses. It should be nice and easy that I can be in and out in 5 Minutes. And i dont care who it favors, it should be a simple nationwide popular vote.

    • Disagree, That would allow no time for candidates to campaign, express their points of view, etc. in each area. How do you perceive a winner in a “popular” vote when there are 20 contenders? A system based on pure democracy, eg. Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, is really a way to truly control the people, again pandering to the mob majority, not governing, that’s why we really are a democratic republic.

      • It should be mob majority. Just like a state primary for governor or something. Yes, whoever Wins the popular vote (I dont care if there are 100 contenders) should advance to the next round (the general). Im all for pure numbers based mathematical democracy. Sort of like a tennis tournament. You Win, u advance…doesnt matter if u Win 6-0, 6-0, or 7-6, 7-6. Or like the NFL….u Win by 1 point or 50 points, u Win the game.

        • Simple. Whoever has the most votes. When my family votes for Ice cream flavors, or for where to go eat, whichever choice has the most votes Wins.

          • I think primaries would be a good place to experiment with different kinds of vote with an eye towards moving the most satisfactory method national. Like alternate voting and new technologies and audit procedures that assure everyone of fairness and yet lead to the biggest turn outs.

            Basically that’s what we’re talking about now, only disliking caucuses and closed primaries.

  1. I thought Cruz would end up winning D.C., for they (establishment) have to know, that Rubio is a sinking ship and that he has no chance.

  2. The caucuses consist of people who avidly keep up with the issues and candidates, and they know each other from other races. They are people who devote their Thursday evening to come down to the civic center, interact with each other, and earnestly raise their hands to be counted, kind of like the 4th grade. Everyone can monitor the process. Also they use little paper folded ballots. It’s fun and reassuring. It is real. Also, it’s a way to see if your candidate even has a chance, especially if you are the only holdout standing against the opposite wall. lol

  3. The Electoral College should be thrown out since it can ignore the popular vote.
    Next, all primaries should be held within a couple of days, or all of them on one day but no more than two, including USA territories like Guam and Samoa.
    Conventions would be moved up and the rest of the time until November would be for the two contenders.
    This election campaign just may have a few demands – and Independents will have their own convention and therefore have ‘primaries’ too.

    • Depending on pure popular vote is systematically dangerous and open to ambiguities, both honest error and intentional abuse.

    • The Electoral College is there for a very good reason. It gives the smaller states a voice which they wouldn’t have with a popular vote system.

      • The EC has the ability to trash the popular vote and should be trashed itself.
        Why should a very few overspeak for the majority?
        They shouldn’t.

        • Exactly right buddy. Dont listen to Mikey Bobby Orr. Hes just repeating himself cutting and pasting again and again.

          • I only see 2 comments Ive made. One about Electoral College and the other about methods of voting. How is that copying and pasting? and who is Mikey Bobby Orr?

            • U changed my name to a girl’s name. I didn’t do that to him. SO I flagged your comment, idiot Goefell’s Bridge.

            • Well, your comment popped up identically twice, so If I saw it twice by accident, then my bad. Bobby Orr was some hockey player or something I think.

        • That is exactly the system they wanted. It works fine. Under popular vote system one big state like California change the whole election.

          • Speaking of California, they also have a system that the top two vote-getters in a primary will run against each other in the fall–even if they are from the same party.

            Do we want that nationally?

          • States dont mean anything in this case, Mikey Bobby Orr. Whoever Wins the popular vote in both the primaries and general should Win. In a football game, they don’t allocate points per Quarter or something silly like that. Whoever has the most points after 4 Quarters Wins the game. Simple, neat, and clean.

  4. This long drawn out game is exhausting. I think we should simply vote, one day – all primaries/caucuses. Done and done. It would allow everyone to focus on what truly matters, our family and our jobs. I work too hard to be thrown about like a rag-doll and disregarded emotionally by the so-called candidates. Let’s try something different because I am not certain what we are doing is working.

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