Democratic voters in 11 states and 1 U.S. territory will choose their preferred nominee today with nine primary contests and three caucuses. Here is a breakdown with live results updated when voting ends in each state. The Democrats Abroad primary also begins today and will run with voting through March 8, 2016. There are 1,033 delegates up for grabs on the Democratic side. Republicans are also voting today, those results are available here.

Results will start coming in sometime after 7pm ET.

Races called:

Clinton: AL, AR, AS, GA, MA, TN, TX, VA
Sanders: CO, MN, OK, VT

Alabama Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am to 7pm ET
Delegates: 60
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

American Samoa Democratic Caucus
Delegates: 10
Results: DecisionDeskHQ
Winner: Clinton

Arkansas Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7:30am to 7:30pm CT
Delegates: 37
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Colorado Democratic Caucus
Find Polling Place
7pm MT
Delegates: 79
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Georgia Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am to 7pm ET
Delegates: 117
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Massachusetts Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am to 8pm ET
Delegates: 116
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Minnesota Democratic Caucus
Find Caucus Location
Starts at 7pm CT
Delegates: 93
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Oklahoma Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am to 7pm CT
Delegates: 42
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Tennessee Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am – 7pm CT
Delegates: 76
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Texas Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
7am to 7pm CT
Delegates: 251
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Vermont Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
Opens between 5am and 10am depending on town
All Vermont polls closed by 7pm ET
Delegates: 26
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Sanders

Virginia Democratic Primary
Find Polling Place
6am to 7pm ET
Delegates: 110
Live Results: Politico
Winner: Clinton

Democrats Abroad Primary
Find Polling Place
Voting begins March 1st, runs through March 8th
Delegates: 17

This page will be updated throughout the day as we add more information. The live results won’t start coming in until after 7pm ET, when the first polls close tonight. Republicans Super Tuesday results are available here.


  1. This is a grave night for the left & the right overall… the centrist Hillary Clinton will now fight for the center of center-left against the centrist Donald Trump that will fight for center of the center-right… It’s almost like they planned this together! Think about it; what a debacle! Give us better candidates that stand for something in 2020 or its all over.

  2. I will admit I was wrong. I thought Massachusetts was more Bernie than Hillary, but Bernie did make it close, and I thought Oklahoma would go for Hillary, but went for Bernie. I should have paid attention to the expert that perfectly predicted Romney Obama 2012. The Democrats have a race on their hands, hopefully Bernie can continue on with his campaign. But, if he can’t appeal to more voters, it does not look good going forward with the rest of the southern states.

      • Yes, hopefully Hillary gets indicted before people nominate her and she has to cede the general election to Trump.

        • HRC won’t be indicted. Geez how much $$$ do we have to waste continuing to bang THAT drum???

          • The FBI thinks otherwise, and since they’re the ones doing the indicting, I’m going to trust them over you in this case.

            • That might work if A) She were actually being investigated, and B) the FBI indicts, which it doesn’t.

              Not that “[t]he FBI thinks otherwise” in reality.

              Sure, some right-wing political science professor claims she’s being investigated, but the facts prove otherwise.

              The entire discussion on Clinton and the FBI hinges on the claim that felonious -yes, specifically felonious – activity took place.

              But when you stop listening to political scientists and start listening to lawyers, you get a very different story.

              For example, this SCOTUS decision which deals with the espionage act:

              We find no uncertainty in this statute which deprives a person of the ability to predetermine whether a contemplated action is criminal under the provisions of this law. The obvious delimiting words in the statute are those requiring intent or reason to believe that the information to be obtained is to be used to the injury of the United States, or to the advantage of any foreign nation. This requires those prosecuted to have acted in bad faith. (Gorin v United States)

              In other words, to prove that Hillary Clinton committed a crime, someone would have to prove that she intended to injure the United States with her actions.

              To prove that Clinton committed a Felony, they must prove that Hillary Clinton intended to harm the United States.

              Look. Those of us paying attention know that facts are inconvenient to our politics, especially for those who are becoming desperate to ruin one of the two best presidential candidates we’ve had in a long time.

              Kinda sad that she can even be in that category, but I digress…

              The point is that facts matter, and the facts are that in order to prove felonious activity under the espionage act, intent is required.

              This is why no other Secretary of State who used a personal e-mail system has been charged with a crime, and that is also why no charges have been filed against Dick Cheney over Valerie Plame despite the untold damage done by what many consider to be an act of treason.

              When dealing with with law, don’t pay attention to political scientists; pay attention to lawyers.

          • I agree. She spent 11 hours in Congress answering all the questions and innuendos. They could not charge her. Weather your’re a Hillary supporter or not, what more do you want.

        • Military spending …. foreign aid …. tax breaks for the 1%. Trump nailed it didn’t he – thanks to the STUPID voters …..

      • This post was flagged by a reader. I have to admit that I was taken aback by it, as well.

        Let’s interpret “dies a quick death” as meaning his CAMPAIGN, and not him, personally.

      • And the scarecrow is still awaiting that brain ….. Bernie Sanders HAS explained funding for his proposals – alas, the ‘military industrial complex’ – and the 1% – have other ideas. Economists have also analyzed Bernie’s proposals and publicly stated his plans WILL work.

      • Using our tax dollars to pay for the things our country needs is not giving away “free stuff.” When we talk about things like free college, expanding Social Security, or expanding Medicare to cover all Americans, the typical Republican reply is, “We can’t afford that.” But, those same people never bat an eyelash when we spend astronomical amounts on war, tax cuts, or corporate welfare.

        Expanding health care, investing in new public works programs, improving our crumbling infrastructure, offering free college at public universities, and enacting paid family leave would cost our nation an estimated one and a half trillion dollars.

        Not cheap, but we could easily pay for such programs by eliminating the big government handouts to Wall Street, Big Oil, defense contractors, and other corporate welfare recipients. That doesn’t even consider how much the progressive proposals mentioned earlier will stimulate our economy by putting more money in the pockets of Americans who will then go out and spend it.

        Ever since Ronnie’s presidency, we’ve been told that government is the problem and that slashing taxes is the solution. Then, the rich and the powerful rigged the system to make sure that government is still large enough to hand out corporate welfare and that taxes only cut for those at the top.

        Sorta the idea, actually.

        In point of fact, We The People are the government, and we get to decide how to spend our tax dollars. We can either have a government that supports the billionaires, or we can have a government that works for average Americans.

        Guess which one the GOP (and too many Democrats) go for.

        The only “free stuff” we can’t afford is the pile of conservative talking points designed to make us believe that we shouldn’t want a government that works for us.

        Btw, could you supply a link that has more than a headline and what looks to be a very small part of the article?

    • THIS is just what HRC camp wants to see ….. BTW, AP initially reported that Massachusetts went to Bernie – following day ‘corrected’ to HRC. Acquiescing, throwing in the towel at this point is tantamount to letting THE SOUTH choose the next DEM presidential candidate. anyone else find it scary that results in southern states favor HRC AND TRUMP??? Alabama: HRC/Trump; Arkansas: HRC/Trump; Georgia: HRC/Trump; Tennessee: HRC/Trump; Virginia: HRC/Trump. Yes, surprises me that HRC ‘edged out’ Bernie in HRC. My ‘other’ surprise is that depending on news source, # of delegates is reported differently.

      • What is also kind of funny, is that despite winning the southern states, she is not going to get them (outside maybe Arkansas) in the general, for these are consistently red states.

  3. Updates above aren’t full: Bernie took Colo and Minnesota.. and Hillary took American Samoa

    Hillary 7
    Bernie 4

    those aren’t listed above (yet)

    • Interesting that Bernie won as many states as Cruz and Rubio COMBINED. Yet, people are saying Bernie is done.

      • Well considering Bernie is the only other option in the democratic race. If Rubio dropped out today all of his votes would go to Cruz and completely change the election. Bernie has nobody to drop out. He has gotten all the support he is going to get and his biggest demographic is known for not voting. Bernie’s campaign is dead and Hillary will be awaiting her coronation at the DNC.

  4. This generation of young voters don’t know what time of day it is because they are too dumb. They don’t know Hillary Clinton just what they read. And there is a lot of jealoousy over the fact that a lot of young women cannot do what Hillary can do because she made it her business to get ahead in life. She is a highly educated woman and can run this country better than Trump and better than Obama did. I am glad she beat out Bernie who should not even be campaigning for the presidency. He is too old and should watch the results from his home. I also believe that Christie wants to be the V,P. that’s why he is staying close to Trump and endorsed him. These young voters need to get an education on politics

      • If their reading too much they don’t understand what their reading and these young voters haven’t been around long enough to know about politics. I have been around since the days of FDR our greatest president and have voted in many elections. Hillary has more experience in politics than Trump and would make a better and smarter president. She had more experienced than Obama who lied to get elected and these voters of today didn’t know the difference. I don’t know who started the rumor about her not being trusted. They need to state their reasons why. I think it is a made up theory so Hillary would lose votes. Its a blessing that she beat out Bernie Sanders who doesn’t know which way the wind is blowing. He is too old and doesn’t know politics well enough to become president. In fact, Trump, Cruz and Rubio are not that experienced in the field of politics but they give that impression and people fall for it. I agree with Trump that the people living here from foreign countries should all be sent back to their own country and blocked from ever returning here and if he gets elected I hope he does just that.

  5. Zero Dark: And Bernie was lucky to get them. We never had a candidate like him running for president and hopefully that won’t happen again. He is not going to win the nomination so don’t get excited. He should be sitting home in his rocker watching the results not trying to be president. By the time he got elected he would be 76 and 80 four years from that. Do these young voters have a mind to think or are they blind to the fact that he is not experienced enough. Hillary will defeat him and run against Trump who Sanders thought he would defeat. He certainly can daydream.

    • Nearly every major foreign policy and domestic policy decision Bernie Sanders has voted on the correct side of for the past 40 years. Time has proven that he has great foresight.

      Hillary Clinton on the other hand has not done so well. She has had to reverse almost all of her initial positions on everything just to remain relevant in the political world.

      Now, I am not saying that people aren’t allowed to change their mind. Hillary has some good hindsight to have switched her beliefs.

      However, hindsight is not more valuable to me than foresight is as a quality in a leader that has to make decisions for the nation in which I reside as it moves forward and we continue and try to improve our daily lives.

      Bernie Sanders has foresight.
      Hillary Clinton has followed others foresight (including Bernie’s).

      Make your choice for our leader well.

  6. jp: Bernie wasn’t old enough when FDR was president. I am 13 years older than Bernie. In 1944 I was 15 and he was 2. Bernie should have campaigned in his earlier days not now.

    • People hadn’t been screwed enough by the current system to realize how bad it is and how much it doesn’t work for his run to have been effective earlier.

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