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New Hampshire: The 2020 Cycle Has Already Begun

With the endless parade of Democrats seeking their party's nomination in 2020, coupled with a few disgruntled Republicans hoping to challenge President Trump, the...

Trump Pumping Up GOP For 2018

Politico has an article titled, “Republicans see hope for midterms, despite Trump's unpopularity.” It’s a counterview of the current common wisdom that Democrats are...

The GOP is Messed Up, Too

In a previous article, we talked about the mess that the Democratic Party is and always has been. That’s because the Republican Party was...

Wisconsin Democrat Turns Trump District Deep Blue

Back on Tuesday there was a special election in Wisconsin for an open state Senate seat. Wisconsin's 10th Senate District, which spans several counties...
Al Franken and Roy Moore

Democrats Prepare to Run Against Sexual Harassment in 2018

The secondary headline would involve Republicans being on a bad footing when trying to counter that line of attack. You can almost feel a...

Dems Prep For 2018 With Record Number Of Candidates

They say there is strength in numbers, and that translates to many aspects of life. One in particular, where we're concerned, is the number...

Partisanship Hits All-Time High in 2017

Perhaps as a result of polarization which happened during the Bush and Obama years, capped off by Trump, America is more partisan on issues...

What New Gun Law Would Have Prevented the Vegas Massacre?

President Trump has said he will be "talking gun laws" in the coming days amid cries from Democratic lawmakers to pass more stringent federal...

GOP Leaders Feel Betrayed by Trump

Well, no surprise here given the President's newfound fondness for their arch-enemy, Nancy Pelosi. But then again, are they really shocked given how little...

Gerrymandering: Greatest Threat to Democracy

Look at the chart above, particularly district #1 on the right, and #10 on the left. You might not be able to find...

With Health Care Fail, Republicans Heading Toward Legislative Abyss

At this point, basically any and all paths of repealing the Affordable Care Act seem to be hitting a dead end for Republicans, and...

GOP Dropping ‘Repeal and Replace’ in Favor of ‘Repair?’

Republicans have barely moved on the topic of healthcare since Donald Trump promised to repeal ObamaCare on day one of his presidency. Yes, the...