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There Are Many Reasons Trump Could Win

In last week’s article, we pointed out that Insider Monkey thinks 2016 could repeat itself, and Donald Trump could once again “get...

Republicans Are Split Going Into The Fall Election

It’s an odd year. Oh, you’ve heard that? One thing that’s odd is that Donald Trump has an organized opposition in his...

Trump Plans Multi-City Convention Due to Covid-19 Limitations in Charlotte

With the Democratic National Convention already being moved from July to dates in August, and likely to take place in a mostly "virtual" form,...

Full Video: Watch the President Trump Rally From Milwaukee, Wisconsin

While Democrats debate in Iowa tonight, President Trump looks to build momentum for his 2020 re-election campaign in Wisconsin at a rally in Milwaukee,...
Walsh Trump Weld 2020 GOP

Dem Presidential Primary Not The Only Show In Town

Most of the attention on presidential politics is focused on the Democrats, since just about everyone but Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton may run....
Donald Trump Justin Amash Impeachment

Trump’s Impeachment Fate Is Controlled By Republicans (Part 2)

Over the weekend, Michigan’s Republican representative Justin Amash announced that he feels that the Robert Mueller report clearly shows that Donald Trump did obstruct...
Problem with Elections Divide

The Real Problem With Our Elections

Over the past week, this writer has focused on the Electoral College and has spent hours doing calculations. After reviewing the options, it seems...

NBC: Republicans Edge Democrats in Early Voting Nationwide

According to findings by NBC News, Republicans are actually leading Democrats in early vote counts based on the nationwide numbers. As it stands today,...

2018 Midterms: What Does Early Voting Tell Us?

For many jurisdictions around the country, this week marked the beginning of "early voting" which is voting that takes place before Election Day, November...

Blue Wave Turning Into a Trickle?

In a recent article, we reported that FiveThirtyEight is giving Democrats a three-to-one chance of taking the House in November. We did question that,...

Would Trump Benefit From Losing the House in 2018?

This is a question we touched on in a earlier story about whether President Trump is actively trying to lose the House in 2018....

Democrats and “NeverTrumpers” Working Together

In a recent article, we talked about the fact that the business community, such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Koch brothers, are...