While Democrats debate in Iowa tonight, President Trump looks to build momentum for his 2020 re-election campaign in Wisconsin at a rally in Milwaukee, the very city where Democrats will hold their convention this summer.

In the interest of fairness and equal coverage, as we are covering the CNN Democratic debate tonight, here are details on how to watch the President’s rally set to begin at 8 pm ET.

Here is all the information on the Trump rally tonight from Wisconsin such as start time, how to watch, and live stream links.

Trump Keep America Great Rally – Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Time: 8 pm ET (7 pm CT, 6 pm MT, 5 pm PT)
 Tuesday, January 14, 2020
Location: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panther Arena

Full Video

The rally took place on Tuesday, January 14. Here is the full video of the President’s rally in Milwaukee:

Why Wisconsin?

Of all the locations to choose for a rally held against the backdrop the Democrats’ first 2020 primary debate, why would the President choose Milwaukee? The answer, of course, is quite simple in relation to the electoral college. Wisconsin is a state the President must hold if he has a chance at re-election, and Democrats are working hard to return Wisconsin back to the “blue wall” of upper-Midwest states that have voted reliably Democrat for years.

As the Associated Press reports, Trump needs Wisconsin and the state will be part of the strategy for both parties in 2020:

It will be the Republican president’s first appearance in Wisconsin since July. He scheduled the rally for roughly the same time as a Democratic candidate debate about 375 miles to the west in Des Moines, a counter to the last time candidates will square off before Iowa’s Feb. 3 caucuses. That marks the beginning of voting by Democrats to select Trump’s challenger. Wisconsin’s primary is April 7.

Winning back Wisconsin is a key part of Democrats’ strategy, which fed into their decision to pick Milwaukee to host the national convention. Trump, who won the state by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016, knows its importance as well and is expected to make frequent visits in the coming months. Wisconsin is part of the “blue wall” of states, in addition to Michigan and Pennsylvania, that Trump carried in 2016 but that Democrats feel they can win back.

As always with most every city where the President holds an event, there will be a planned protest rally tonight near the university to push various issues such as immigration reform, protest the President’s foreign policy, and promote criminal justice reform:

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee arena is expected to be surrounded by protesters. A group called The Coalition to March on the DNC said more than a dozen groups were joining for the event. Meanwhile, an immigrant and refugee advocacy group, Voces de la Frontera, planned a separate rally to criticize the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrants and refugees.

Aside from Democrats debating in Iowa at the same time as the rally, the issue of a Senate impeachment trial also looms, which is a topic the President is sure to discuss when he speaks tonight, likely making news as he often does while speaking off the cuff on a rally stage, as CBS reports:

The rally also comes as the Senate readies itself for Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial, which is expected to begin on Tuesday, January 21.

The House is soon expected to name impeachment managers to prosecute the case against the president in the Senate and to hand off the articles of impeachment for the trial.

It’s no coincidence the President chose tonight for a campaign event, as he had a history of scheduling rallies on the same night as Democratic debates over the past few months. Now that 2020 is upon us, we will be shifting our coverage to also incorporate more re-election events from President Trump in addition to our complete coverage of the Democratic primary.

So, take your pick, watch the Democratic debate tonight, or watch the President rally his base in Wisconsin.