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Trump Tax Plan

Trump Tax Plan Set for Slowed Timetable

The Trump tax plan, which was being pushed as something that could be passed by this August, now appears to be in jeopardy. Tax...

Following Healthcare Loss, Trump Appeals to Democrats

Much is being made about the shift in talking points coming from the White House following the collapse of the first attempt by Republicans...

Trump Wins: “Now What Do We Do?”

Perhaps no one was more surprised about the election outcome than Donald Trump. But it’s not because of so-called “fake” polls. The...

RNC Day 1: Many Notable Republicans Skip the Convention

As Never-Trump Republicans tried to force a floor vote on rules for running the convention, the Trump faction swiftly and effectively twisted arms to...

Next Republican debate set for September 16 on CNN

Now that we're past the Labor Day hurdle, the next Republican debate is coming up in just eight short days on September 16, 2015....

When will the rest of the 2016 candidates announce?

So far, the first half of April has been busy, as expected, since it is the beginning of the new fundraising quarter. It also...
Presidential Convention

Brokered Convention for Republicans in 2016?

Something we haven't seen in years could be brewing due to the vast Republican field in 2016. The prospects are still probably unlikely but...

The 2016 Presidential Race in One Chart

Here's a good snapshot of what's happening in the 2016 presidential race by the poll numbers. A majority (51%) of Democrats seem to be...

RNC will allow Iowa GOP to hold Ames Straw Poll in August

After much controversy and debate, the Republican Party of Iowa has been given permission by the Republican National Committee to once again conduct the...

Iowa Freedom Summit to Host 2016 GOP Hopefuls

U.S. Rep. Steve King will be hosting a gathering for 2016 Republican candidates scheduled for January of 2015. So far, numerous 2016 Republican hopefuls...

Mike Huckabee laying the groundwork for 2016 run

Having passed on the 2012 campaign after winning the Iowa caucuses in 2008, there was little doubt Mike Huckabee wouldn't launch another bid the...

The Tea Party and 2016

Not the first thing I've written about the Tea Party and 2016, definitely won't be the last either. Report from the Washington Post: The latest...