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Federal Judge Reinstates New York Democratic Primary

Last week, a storm began brewing over the New York Board of Elections announcing the cancellation of the state's presidential preference primary which had...

Coronavirus Cancels Many Democratic Primaries in March and April

The remaining primaries and caucuses to be held in March have all been postponed essentially clearing the calendar for a minimum of several weeks,...

Six States Vote on Tuesday: How the Sanders-Biden Battle Will Take Shape

Some analysts are calling it Super Tuesday 2, or Mini-Super Tuesday, but whatever you call it, there are six more states voting in the...

Joe Biden Takes Commanding Win in South Carolina

Some will argue that it's too little, too late, for the former vice president who stumbled through Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. However, others...

Live Results: 2020 South Carolina Primary (Feb. 29)

With the candidacy of former vice president Joe Biden seemingly hanging on the line, we enter the last of the early state contests on...

Could We See Trump-Tulsi 2020?

With all the reporting on the New Hampshire Primary, we heard that Bernie won with 28%, followed by Mayor Pete at 26%, Klobuchar at...

Live Results: 2020 New Hampshire Primary (Feb 11)

After the debacle in Iowa last week, voters will get another chance at stamping a mark on the 2020 Democratic primary. Here's everything you need...

New Hampshire Primary: Late Surge For Amy Klobuchar, Could Biden Finish 5th?

There's no denying, at this point, that Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota seemed to have the best night at the Democratic debate last week...

New Hampshire Democratic Debate: Who Qualified and How to Watch

As we still await full results from the Iowa Democratic caucus that took place on Monday, the campaign has already shifted ahead toward the...
Trump Cancel Primary 2020

GOP Canceling 2020 Primaries In Four States, Maybe More

There was never going to really be an actual Republican Primary in 2020 that had much meaning. The sitting Republican President, Donald J. Trump,...
Walsh Trump Weld 2020 GOP

Dem Presidential Primary Not The Only Show In Town

Most of the attention on presidential politics is focused on the Democrats, since just about everyone but Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton may run....

Biden Drops 4 Points Since June, Maintains National Lead

The latest national Democratic primary poll numbers out from Emerson Polling show the former vice president maintaining his lead over his rivals but has...