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Did the Supreme Court Push Trump Over the Top?

In any other year, the Supreme Court would be background noise to the campaign. This year, however, with Justice Scalia's passing and a vacancy...

Leftwing Websites Also Predicting the Election

We’ve regularly quoted Breitbart, The Daily Caller, Newsmax, and other right-wing websites. It was brought to our attention that we have not quoted...

Only Breitbart Confident Among Rightwing Sites

The maps in the last two articles (here and here) were all taken from those which were highlighted by 270towin.com. We decided to...

Current Electoral Map Projections, Part Two

Here are the other six maps from 270towin.com. You can see all twelve maps together at their site. But we decided to separate...

Current Electoral Map Projections, Part One

We had an article a few weeks ago, with maps predicting the election. We’ll give you an update, and break it into two...

Trump May Win, But Not Because of “Brexit”

Our election polls are getting close, with the momentum behind Donald Trump. At this point, it’s unlikely that a “November surprise” would be...

Polls Can’t Keep Up With Ever-Changing Campaign

In the time span of about 15 days, we've witnessed more events that changed this campaign than just about anything up to this point....

Maps Show Various Views of the Campaign

We love maps. It’s so much easier to look at a graphic and see how the campaign is going, without having to dig...

All the Momentum is with Trump

The polls have been swinging wildly this year. That’s why Nate Silver, at FiveThirtyEight, developed an average of polls, and a “polls-plus” number,...

It May Be Trump’s Election to Win (or Lose)

This has been the wildest year ever. And that comes from someone who remembers Eisenhower v Stevenson. Nobody took Donald Trump seriously...

NeverTrump, Johnson, Carson, Dean, Beck, Wolfowitz, and MORE!

OK, kids! Time for Uncle Goethe to fill you in on some short stories! These are items that probably don’t deserve a...

Libertarian Johnson Succeeding with Certain Constituencies

Libertarians are the perennial “also rans” of American presidential politics. When Gary Johnson ran on the Libertarian ticket in 2012, he received less...