In the time span of about 15 days, we’ve witnessed more events that changed this campaign than just about anything up to this point. It all started back on September 26th with the first debate between Trump and Clinton, and then seems to have snowballed from there.

Following the first presidential debate, which drew mixed reviews, though generally is though to have given Hillary a boost, was the Vice Presidential debate on October 4th. The VP debate went well for Mike Pence and the Trump campaign had much to celebrate heading into the rest of that week and getting ready for the second Trump/Clinton battle.

However, then came Friday, October 7th, and the infamous Trump “locker room talk” tape. By Saturday, the campaign was reeling from this bombshell with some Republicans withdrawing their endorsement and others calling for Trump to exit the race entirely. Trump’s reaction to this, naturally, was to double-down and swear he would never quit the race because he didn’t want to disappoint his supporters.

Then came the second debate on Sunday, October 9th. Earlier in the day on Sunday, hours before the debate, Trump held an impromptu press conference with four women from Bill and Hillary Clinton’s past, all involving sexual assault or allegations of some kind. This set the stage for what would be one of the most fiery and wild presidential debates we’ve seen in modern times.

Depending on your perspective, Trump either revived his campaign by going on the offensive, or Hillary handled herself in the face of extreme attacks and came out unscathed. The post-debate polls were split on this one, with the some seeing a Hillary victory, and others seeing more of a “tie.”

Here’s a condensed timeline:

Monday, Sept. 26 – First Presidential Debate
Tuesday, Oct. 4 – VP Debate
Friday, Oct. 7 – Access Hollywood tape released
Sunday, Oct. 9 – Trump holds presser with Clinton accusers, second Presidential debate

All of this pushes a volatile polling model into a rabidly volatile polling model in steroids. Since not everyone lives at their keyboard pressing the “refresh” button waiting for new information to drop, it can take days before all these events are fully priced into the polls, especially at the state level.

By all accounts, it appears Trump lost ground after the first debate, and perhaps the VP debate helped to stop the bleeding. Then the tape was released heading into last weekend and the campaign literally blew up again. It’s safe to assume Trump will take a hit from the tape, but we don’t have the full effect of the debate and how that will play out when Trump went nuclear over Bill’s sexual escapades and Hillary’s treatment of his accusers.

One poll in particular taken after the tape was released but before the debate showed Hillary with significant improvement. From The Atlantic:

With less than a month to go until Election Day, Donald Trump’s standing has plummeted with likely voters, falling from a dead heat just two weeks ago to a double-digit deficit behind Hillary Clinton, according to a PRRI/The Atlantic poll released Tuesday.

Clinton holds a 49-38 lead over the Republican. Two weeks ago, a previous PRRI/Atlantic poll found Trump and Clinton tied at 43-43. Following the first presidential debate in Hempstead, New York, the Democrat broke out to a 47-41 lead. She has now built on that lead. [Emphasis added]

Keep in mind, this 11 point lead doesn’t factor in the second debate. So again, we’re still in the dark there.

However a more recent poll which came out minutes ago from Politico shows a far smaller lead for Hillary. Report on this from Politico:

Hillary Clinton won the second debate and leads Donald Trump by five points in a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll that also shows voters perceive the Republican Party bitterly divided four weeks before Election Day.

Clinton leads Trump in the four-way race for the presidency among likely voters, 42 percent to 37 percent, with Gary Johnson at 10 percent and Jill Stein at three percent. In the initial two-way ballot, Clinton’s lead is also five points, 46 percent to 41 percent. [Emphasis added]

This would give Hillary only a 5-point advantage which is close to where she was before the events of the past several days. More polls are bound to come out soon, but perhaps it’s safe to say that Trump may, and I emphasize may, have been able to stem the fallout from the tape with his debate performance on Sunday night.


  1. I was amazed that the GOP reaction was so swift and decisive. With all the things “Teflon Don” has gotten away with this year, one would think they’d just shake their heads and wait to see what the public reaction would be.

    If the race does end up close again, what are Trump’s GOP critics going to do?

    • The important thing to do is to keep bashing Clinton to let all the low information voters know the consequences of a Clinton presidency. No matter how much Trump may be hated he’s still the better choice for the economy and protecting us against terror. People need to be less selfish and pick the candidate that’s best for the country. Sane patriots will choose Trump because Clinton will make us a third world country. With Trump we thrive, with her we dive.

      • To each their own I’m rather support Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump because of his way he talks about women even from the beginning of this campaign besides what happened a few days ago the place over 10 years ago he’s very very narcissistic

        • You didn’t mention who’d be better at protecting us from terror. Your stuck on how he’s offended you. Get over it.

          Whose best on protecting us from terror?

          • I’m leaning on the Everlasting Arms of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ God’s only begotten son he was slain before the foundation of the world

          • It’s not that he offended me he offended women, & minorities ie:, African-American ,Mexican American ,Latino Americans , and Muslim Americans now I’m not saying that all Muslims are bad and not all are good some are bad & some are good and not all American white folks are all good there’s good and bad in every race and religion out there I don’t care who they say how they say it not every race and not every religion is all bad or all good Nobody’s Perfect nobody I don’t care how narcissistic you are you are not perfect you are far from perfect and I’ll get Biblical scripture out if you want to go biblical Romans 8:23 for all have sinned and come short of the glory of God in the Bible also declares and I’ll have to look it up to prove it there is none righteous no not one that tells us we are not perfect Bible says we are to try to be perfect as our father in Heaven is perfect but we will never attain that until the Gathering of the church when Jesus Christ returns I’m sorry to bring biblical into it but I had to prove a point that nobody’s perfect

          • And who would protect us from Terror our Police Department are military police the Army the Navy the Air Force the Marines the Coast Guard I think about sums it up that to protect us from Terror just like this past Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York from Macy’s there were over three thousand officers on duty from the New York City Police Department they closed off the whole section of where the parade is going to take place so + Donald Trump building is around the corner from where the parade was so Secret Service was there in New York City also so we have a vast amount of police departments around the country and the world’s best Army Navy and the world’s most powerful Marines and let me tell you in the Navy my brother was a Navy SEAL he got promoted to Captain and he was in the Navy for a number number of years then we got promoted to Captain he went and joined the army training the Army and the Navy Seals secretly in Secret locations he couldn’t tell me where he was at so my talk with him was very limited and now it’s non-existent

            • Your right. But my point was which candidate would best protect us from allowing too many people who can’t be properly vetted into the country.

              The border guards, police, etc. believe Trump would allow them to be stricter. You think Hillary would have and I brlieve Trump will.

        • Now that I have some time to think about it not only does mr. Donald Trump have narcissistic personality disorder he also have what they call histrionic personality disorder and that disorder in plane layman’s term a drama creator someone who creates drama around themselves and in the DSM 4 which is Diagnostic and statistical Manual of mental disorders the 4th edition tax revision also known as DSM – IV – TR and the diagnosis code for the narcissistic is 301.81 and the diagnosis code for the history on a personality disorder is 301.50 and how I know this because I have those disorders to have more than them but they are under “The Cluster B Personality Disorders” nfu several weeks ago I posted on Facebook that the United States has a bipolar disorder there are many different types of bipolar disorder but they have the most common one type 1 extremes ups and downs

      • Eraser the reason why I’m totally against Donald Trump for the following reasons mainly number one he’s going to cut Social Security I am 100% disabled both physically I have degenerative disc disease and I have degenerative joint disease fibromyalgia I take to heart medication because heart disease and heart attacks and strokes is in both sides of my family both of my grant for the grandparents died of heart attacks and strokes my grandfather on my dad’s side had 12 Strokes before he died and had 3 heart attacks back to back so I am 100% disabled I even have the handicap thing hanging from my window when I park my car in a handicap spot because I can’t walk too far before my back starts hurting even when I’m around home and walking around doing things my back hurts badly he wants to cut Social Security out and private eyes it I won’t get a check anymore how am I supposed to live I can’t work he will cut Social Security out here cut Medicare out if he doesn’t he’ll reduce it because he won’t raise taxes taxes have to be raised and I think there should be an increase in the amount of money taken out of each person’s check no matter how much they make each person should pay their fair share of Social Security taxes and the more money you make the more you should pay I don’t care how rich you are how poor you are if you make 10 million dollars you pay social security taxes on your gross income not your net income after deductions and losses it’s only fair I don’t care if you make 10 billion dollars you should pay into Social Security trust fund that way everybody gets a retirement check or if they found disabled and unable to work a full-time job to support his family or him or herself you should pay social security taxes. And taxes the government can’t run without tax dollars from residents and business tax everybody who works should pay their fair share of taxes after their fair share of deductions businesses the same thing there should be a basic tax on businesses no matter how much you make should be the same percentage amount so if you make a dollar you pay whatever percent tax that is if it’s 5% you will pay $0.05 if you make 10 million at 5% you would pay $500,000 that’s nothing to a person collecting 10 million dollars in a check even if you own your own business and you make 10 million dollars when you’re gross you should still pay that 5% which would be $500,000 that’s only fair the rich should take care of the poor according to the Constitution and it says we the people to form a more perfect union and to take care of the welfare of the nation we establish excetera an extension the nation should take care of the welfare of the people that means if you’re sick and unable to work the government send you money if you are a millionaire and you lose all your money and you can become disabled do car accident or a mental condition you should be able to collect on your Social Security taxes that you paid in I’ve had my fair share secured text when I work in my teenage I paid a lot of money because I work for my mother and her business and I had to pay the full Social Security in the that and I work my little butt off so hard that I created a disease in my spine from working so hard so don’t go criticizing me about being on a check I paid my fair share of Social Security taxes while I work my butt off from the age of 14 to 20 and two of those years I work for my mother making $500 a week I paid all of Social Security taxes for those two years I work for her I paid a lot of money in the system I’m collecting all that money that went into that trust fund and the interest that was turned on that trust fund gave me what I get today so don’t go criticizing me for being on the check and criticizing others don’t pay taxes like Donald Trump did not pay any taxes at all last year that’s been in the news how many years did he not pay taxes at all and he is very narcissistic never served in political office before I believe that you should serve in a political office before you become President of the United States because the President of the United States is most powerful person in the world we are the most powerful in the world. Thank you for taking the time to read and I welcome any response but please be nice and don’t be mean I only said what I said because I’m tired of this bickering over taxes everybody should pay their fair share of Social Security taxes and taxes in general there should be no more itemized deductions there should be just the standard deduction that everybody gets when you file your taxes

        • Whoa! There is so much wrong with everything you wrote there, I’m appalled that you felt secure enough to write all that.

          As a Tax-PAYER, I feel there is not nearly enough bickering going on about Taxes in this country. When you delude yourself into thinking that your measly taxes on earnings you had from age 14-20 (and BTW, it’s illegal to be employed in the US at age 14, other than as a paperboy, dishwasher, store clerk, etc, and not more than 3 hours a day, so not sure how that worked out to be a taxable income), was sufficient to earn enough interest to support you in the style to which you are obviously accustomed, for the rest of your life – I know we’re in trouble!

          Geeze! C’mon! Try doing some math for a moment. Even if you earned $30,000./yr for those 6 years (Highly unlikely), that’s only 180,000. total, with a likely tax burden of roughly $4,000./yr, times 6 years, equals roughly $24, paid in, and at 5% interest, that equals $1,200./year.

          Do you seriously think that ALL the costs associated with providing your care and welfare benefits are paid out of that $100./month? Trust me, you burned through all the money you paid in, and then some, in the very first year you were on the Government dole.

          Disability gets a Cash Payout of $13,000 a year, PLUS Medical payments … Yeah, I’m sure you blew through your entire life’s taxes paid in, all in year ONE!, so NO, You ARE NOT living on the interest from the wild income your childhood taxes paid in, no matter how hard you worked.

          And that’s not even counting the myriad OTHER services you’re probably taking in, like Food Stamps, heating assistance, rental assistance, and lets not forget the free cell phone for virtually every person on assistance. It would be criminal to deny welfare recipients a cell phone (despite the fact that “I” don’t even have one, because they’re too expensive, and “I” PAY taxes!)

          The US TAXPAYERS have to foot the bill to the tune of $260 Billion dollars – EACH YEAR, JUST in Disability payments!!!

          For that, you have all the class to whine because Donald Trump is not paying enough in taxes to suit you? How charming!

          Do you imagine that Hillary is paying taxes enough to suit you? Dream on. Sure, she’s gonna pay a little bit in taxes, just to make it look good, but that whole $2,000,000,000,000.Slush Fund (oops, I meant Charity) is a tax loophole big enough to drive the MOON through, and she’s selling out our country every single day, just to be sure the Bribes (oops, I meant Donations) keep on coming!

          That’s 2 BILLION dollars, and can anyone point to anything worthwhile that’s come of it? Billy goes to Haiti every few years, but really, does anything get better there? Nope, but Billy’s friends get lucrative contracts, and provide the kickbacks (oops, I meant donations) all along the way, and HillBilly Clinton get’s richer, and richer!

          So if you want to complain about people not paying sufficient taxes to keep you in style for the rest of your life, how about bitching about the Charities that these people use to skirt the law, and accept bribes while avoiding any taxes at all?!?

          • Well let me say this back in 2005 my father passed away from a heart attack and he worked from the age of 14 until the day he died and he paid thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to Social Security tax which his current wife when he died gets the inheritance of the estate with well over three or four million dollars I get to collect the Social Security money if I was able to get that when I applied my benefit would have been ten times the amount what I started with which was $500 a month that was back in 96 97 I guess it’s over the disability and it jumped a hundred fifty bucks a month more and I still make less than $850 a month now but now I have an enormous budget had to get a new car because some lady in a big red truck backed into my car as I was going down the parking lot Lane and she totaled my car I mean it wasn’t much damage to look at but when you pulled everything apart you can see that the frame was bent she hit me pretty hard she has the bump so the insurance company gave me a check for $3,100 for the car they valued at 5000 but because I was quote on quote not paying attention of course my always responses you don’t pay attention I tell him I can’t afford to cost too much that’s supposed to be a joke if you can get that but anyway they gave me 3154 Drexel 3188 I took that $3,000 over to the dealership and was supposed to put $2,000 down 199 a month for Kia Soul well I didn’t have enough credit scores to get a 2016 Kia Soul so I pulled out a 2007 Dodge Caliber payment of $247 a month and I had to put full coverage on it which every month including the monthly fee they charge you don’t pay the whole balance off is $77 and change month it’s not bad cause I’m 41 years old with no accidents except for this one that have been reported so I get good discounts and cut the car has airbags I get discount for that but I have two credit cards now that I’m trying to rebuild my credit that I screwed up 3 times in my life since I was a teenager I started out really good I had like 6 credit cards and I was really doing really good and then in 95 and late 95 early 96 I lost my job and I lost the credit then when I got in 97 by 1998 the credit card companies started issuing credit cards with $300 credit line but 270 of it was charged in feet well I ran with four of them that didn’t work out so that went on the credit report and then I went dead silent on credit for a long long time finally I was searching around for credit cards signed up with my credit that boosted my credit score from 450 to 550 and in return I got an offer from Capital One which would be my third round with them a $200 security deposit on a Capital One Platinum MasterCard no annual fee and interest rate I think it’s 20% minimum payment 25 I pay 50 to $75 a month right now I haven’t charged anything on it except for my part D monthly premium of $6.90 to AARP with United Healthcare next year because I switch plans with them and went with Walgreens Part D plan it’s only $2.10 a month 124 generic and 374 brand name and I had to pay those co-pays until my drug costs go over $5,000 and then it’s zero after that that I had to pay it at the 2:10 a month so and food I get $20 a month in food stamps and buys me two cases sold a gallon of milk a loaf of bread and it’s gone so a lot of my funds go towards food I got to eat every day got to stay alive right wrong I eat once every 3 days can’t afford to eat everyday cost too much food it is more expensive than a car when you add it up at the end of the year so there you have it I don’t care if you don’t like it that I’m on the system I’m not abusing it if I was abusing that I would be getting more than what I’m getting so I am on it legally I have the diagnosis to back it up I have two doctors that say I cannot work one is adamant that I cannot work I can’t stand no more than 15 minutes before my spine and my lower back muscles start cramping up and start hurting and then I can’t walk very far I can walk from here to the pharmacy which is about three-quarters of a block but I can’t walk back my spine starts hurting and the muscles around my lower part of my spine start locking up and the pain just gets unbearable I can’t move so I have to get a taxi to come get me or send my roommate home to get my pain medicine to bring it out to me and then I have to sit there 30 minutes late for the payments and you can so I can walk back home so I don’t walk to the pharmacy. I drive now.
            and again let me reassure you you text me or two or reading this I am for real I am not kidding you I am legitly on disability program for real I have real problems and I’m not faking anything I’m not abusing diagnosis or get a pen and piece of paper or 3 piece of paper and get ready to start writing because I’ll give it all out to you give me a minute to find the diagonal sheets my mental health she is Hope as long and my physical health is a whole page long I will say this I take 23 different medications everyday not three pills those two pills that total 2023 different medications a day one pill is every 4 hours in a 24 hour. One pill is every three times a day when pills every day every day and several 2 times a day I got one pill that I take two pills 4 times a day and I say again two pills every 4 hours but there are so many more that there’s just not enough room on this page for me to list it all so find me on Facebook send me a private message if you want to know send me your email and I will email you every diagnosis that I have and the doctor that diagnoses than a year it was diagnosed in and the medication I take for it

      • That is so wrong too bad somebody that is wrong dead wrong I don’t mean to be disrespectful to anybody but my goodness what would be a real man and don’t bash anybody my mom always told me it takes a bigger man to walk away from a fight then it is to sit there and fight the fight but you don’t let nobody tear you down and you don’t care anybody down you want to be treated with respect you treat others with respect do unto others as you would have them do unto you not the other way around you to others as others do to you that’s wrong do unto others as you would have them do unto you. P. S. Sorry for being so long-winded I was called to be a preacher that’s why it’s long-winded.

    • t’s very scary to see the millions of ignorant people especially the 18-30s. all we can do is keep telling them, & showing them how bad she is. The media has kept the truth from millions of Americans. I wish they could see this hilariously true video. [paste in browser] ENJOY

  2. This campaign is unlike probably any of us have ever seen. Both candidates have their warts. The problem is I think the warts the Wicked Witch has are becoming rancid.

    Close to the end of Sundays debate most likely all watching saw a fly land on Hillary. I think she is spoiling. If this is happening now, just think what will happen should she God forbid be elected president. She is ROTTEN TO CORE and that fly proved it.

  3. What is claimed to be an ancient Chinese curse says, “May you live in interesting times”.


  4. The 3rd debate is a total waste of time and should be cancelled. Trump refuses to debate on any substantive issue that matters to the future of the nation and he is obviously resorting to calling out the extremist groups again to take some sort of action within our borders. If he was not completely out of control, seemingly joined at the hip with certain large foreign anti-US nations, and threatening everyone and everything he would have won this thing and we would all be doomed. Thanks Trump for being Trump and not winning again!

  5. So I guess the question is – why is everyone so upset because he mentioned grabbing a cat?

    Could it be, that the very folks who are covering their ears, and shouting for his withdrawal already knew he wasn’t talking about grabbing someone’s cat?

    Cause if that’s so, then all the “Why, I never…” comments, and the “OMG, HE Said What?” comments would be in response to someone saying a word they’ve all heard before, and knew what it meant! And if they weren’t calling for the heads of the people whom they’ve heard it from previously, why do so now?

    If the entire News crews from all these websites and TV stations believe that kind of talk is NEVER spoken between men (or presumably women, either), then Just How did they ALL know what it meant? Did their Moms tell them?

    Just sayin … if you know what it means, you can’t very well claim that you’ve never been in the presence of someone who would use such language.

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