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Polls concerning the 2016 Presidential Election

Quinnipiac poll of Iowa voters: Clinton 41%, Christie 41%

A long way off for sure but it does give us some idea of where the support is sitting as of right now. Report...

Hillary the easy favorite for 2016 Dem nomination.. so now what?

Reading 2016 news coverage at this point is like reading press releases from Hillary Clinton's office everyday. Every major media source has polling indicating...

Florida poll shows Hillary Clinton leading both Bush, Rubio

It's never too early to start looking at 2016 polling (that's not true, it's way too early) so here are some numbers out of...

Marco Rubio, Hillary Clinton lead early 2016 polling

Early is the understatement of the day but let's explore them nonetheless. Report from PPP: For the third month in a row in our national...

Chris Christie leads among New Hampshire GOP primary voters

Last week we saw a poll come out of Iowa showing Hillary Clinton the early 2016 favorite among Democrats. This week, a new poll...

First Iowa 2016 poll shows Clinton the early favorite

I'm aware of the current date but come on, this is too good to resist. Among Democratic voters in Iowa, Hillary Clinton is topping...