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Tony Evers Wisconsin

Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in CT, MN, VT, WI

On Tuesday, there were primary races in four states. These races included two primaries for Democratic gubernatorial candidates, in Wisconsin and Vermont, as well...

Minnesota and Wisconsin Hold Primaries Today

It's Tuesday in August, which means there is probably a primary happening somewhere around the country. This week, it's Minnesota and Wisconsin picking candidates...

2020 Democrats Speak at Netroots Nation Conference

With the 2018 midterms just heating up, it's never too soon to start looking a little further into early next year when Democratic candidates...

Surprise! The Primaries Did Matter!

We almost didn't preview Tuesday's primaries, since they seemed a foregone conclusion, but there were some surprises, and some lessons. We did suggest that...
2020 Candidate List

Five States Hold Primaries Tuesday

Five states are holding primary elections Tuesday, but you wouldn't know it from the coverage. If you go online, you'll see stories from individual states,...

New Hampshire: The 2020 Cycle Has Already Begun

With the endless parade of Democrats seeking their party's nomination in 2020, coupled with a few disgruntled Republicans hoping to challenge President Trump, the...

Arizona GOP to Repeat Alabama Disaster?

Perhaps the best tagline for a bad sequel, was for Jaws 2: “just when you thought it was safe to go back in the...

2020 Democratic Primary Poll: Sanders 28, Biden 17, Warren 12

A Democratic primary poll released today by Zogby gives Bernie Sanders the early lead when it comes to which candidate should battle President Trump...

Will John Kasich Primary President Trump in 2020?

We touched on this topic briefly yesterday in a post about how to tell which politicians may be planning a presidential run in the...

Rubio, Wasserman Schultz and McCain Win Primaries

To almost no one’s surprise, Marco Rubio defeated his opponent in the Republican primary for his Florida senate seat. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz...

McCain Faces Primary Opponent (and Breitbart)

The “elderly” presidential candidates (as Ben Carson calls Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton) are not the only candidates whose health is being questioned. ...

Paul Ryan Beats Nehlen (and Trump)

To nobody’s surprise, Paul Ryan easily won re-election to his House seat—with more than 80% of the vote. But it wasn’t an easy...