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Paul Ryan’s Rough Battle Ends Tuesday

We have three months to talk about “Hillarump” (or “Trumpary”?), so let’s get into some congressional races, too. The most obvious ones would...

2016 New York Primary Results

New York will be the only state voting today with each party watching the returns closely as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hope for...

2016 Wisconsin Primary Results

Wisconsin is holding a Republican and Democratic primary today with a high-stakes battle on both sides since this is the first primary in the...

Today’s Primary Polls and Odds

As we noted before, there have not been enough polls taken to give us a clear idea of how candidates will do in some...

Mitt Romney tops Hillary Clinton in latest 2016 poll

While neither candidate has officially announced an intention to run, and one of them isn't even actively seeking another campaign, a new poll shows...

Rand Paul plots 2016 strategy days after 2014 election

In yet another sure sign that Rand Paul will be launching a campaign for president in 2016, reports indicate that he has summoned his...