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Current Electoral Map Projections, Part One

We had an article a few weeks ago, with maps predicting the election. We’ll give you an update, and break it into two...

“Silver” Linings and Thunder Clouds for Trump

Nate Silver, at FiveThirtyEight, has been seen as the “guru” of political and sports analysis since 2008, so when he speaks, he’s like EF...

It May Be Trump’s Election to Win (or Lose)

This has been the wildest year ever. And that comes from someone who remembers Eisenhower v Stevenson. Nobody took Donald Trump seriously...

Libertarian Gary Johnson Could Be President By Winning One State

Gary could become the third “President Johnson” in US history. It sounds incredible, but it’s quite possible, if he wins just one state....

In 2016, Hillary Can (Almost) Beat Anybody

The thing about polls is that they are just a snapshot—a gauge of what’s happenin’ now. Remember when Jeb Bush was expected to...

Electoral Strategy May ‘Trump’ Trump’s Popularity

I was listening to the BBC late Saturday night. There was a lot of talk about our election. But they didn’t comprehend...

New York enters the National Popular Vote Compact

Along with a short but growing list of other states, New York has now officially joined the National Vote Compact by deciding to award...