Biden 2020 Selfie

2020 Democratic Primary News Roundup (April 12, 2019)

As we head into mid-April, the new cycle slows a bit as most of the country is on vacation for Spring Break and observance...

Russia: Meddling, Da; Collusion, Nyet

The National Review (NR) has a story that pretty much explains the 2016 election Russian connection: Yes, there was meddling. Even Trump...

PBS/POLITICO Will Co-Host 6th Democratic Debate On Dec. 19

The December Democratic debate will take place on the 19th and be held at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles according to the Democratic...
Justice John Paul Stevens

Former Supreme Calls for 2nd Amendment Repeal

Former U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens (appointed by Gerald Ford in 1975, resigned 2010) has written an opinion piece in the New...

Federal Judge Reinstates New York Democratic Primary

Last week, a storm began brewing over the New York Board of Elections announcing the cancellation of the state's presidential preference primary which had...

Could We Still See Hillary Clinton Nominated in 2020?

This is a series of unlikely presidential tickets that have been proposed. We’ve already done Trump-Tulsi, Mitt-Mike, and Justin Amash. Today, we have (believe...
Trump Fox Feud Cavuto

Is The Trump-Fox Feud Fake?

As a commenter said in our pages, “Donald J Trump is a master manipulator of minds.” Is the Fox Flap just one more ruse?...

Candidates Hit DNC Over Debate Rules As Deadline Approaches

The last day for candidates to submit their polling and fundraising data to earn a September Democratic debate spot is on Wednesday, August 28....

Ohio-12 Results Tighten, Possible Recount Looms

On Tuesday night, it looked like Republicans would hang on in Ohio's 12th district Special Election for an open congressional seat, but the results...

The Warren-Sanders Feud is Just Getting Started

At first glance, the actual content portion of the January Democratic debate, sponsored by CNN and the Des Moines Register, seemed rather tame. The...
Biden 2020 apology

Biden Makes Pledge On “Respecting Personal Space”

This is an undesirable way to kick off a presidential campaign, but it's the situation in which former Vice President Joe Biden finds himself....

Will Biden Really Pick Amy Klobuchar as VP?

While the COVID-19 lockdown debate rages over Memorial Day weekend, several prominent Democratic women are getting attention from former vice president Joe Biden. No,...