Bernie Sanders 2020

Bernie Claims Victory For Mainstreaming Progressive Policies

Despite the fact that Bernie Sanders' poll numbers have continued waning for several months now, the democratic socialist Senator from Vermont is claiming a...
Trump Maduro

Venezuela Crisis: More Complicated Than It Seems

Venezuela’s economy seems to be in free-fall. That’s relevant here because it is likely to become a presidential campaign issue. The country that sits...

Biden Support Remains Steady While Harris Weakens Before Debate

Following the first Democratic debate, back in June, Sen. Kamala Harris saw a jump in her poll numbers as her attack on former vice...

Report: Trump Regrets Following Ryan on ObamaCare

With the ObamaCare repeal vote set for today, and the outcome almost entirely uncertain, reports indicate that President Trump is disappointed with the progress...
Gabbard Harris smear

Tulsi Gabbard Hits Kamala Harris Over Biden “Smear”

Speaking to CBS News on Monday, Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard defended former vice president Joe Biden against what she called a "smear" from Sen....
Robert Mueller Trump Impeachment 2020

Impeachment Talk Continues After Robert Mueller’s Press Conference

In case you missed it this morning, Special Counsel Robert Mueller spoke for roughly ten minutes this morning providing his first public statement on...

Bannon: Trump Probably Won’t Finish His First Term

In fairness to Steve Bannon, he said there's only a "30 percent chance" Trump will finish his first term. As in, according to Bannon,...

Romney 2020? Former GOP Presidential Nominee Pens Op-ed Attacking Trump

Well, that didn't take long. Many speculated that Mitt Romney would eventually become a harsh Trump critic at some point in his new Senate...

Trump Opens Culture War Battle Over “Merry Christmas”

This past Friday, President Trump spoke at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC. The event is an annual gathering of religious groups and...

Biden Steps On Racial Land Mines in George Floyd Protest Visits

Former Vice President Joe Biden made another public appearance this week by venturing out of this home and meeting with protestors concerning the killing...

Joe Biden Takes Commanding Win in South Carolina

Some will argue that it's too little, too late, for the former vice president who stumbled through Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada. However, others...

Sanders, Biden Top List For Democrats In 2020

It's only 2017, but the Democratic field for the 2020 presidential election is slowly beginning to take shape. At the moment, the field is...