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Gallup gives up: Polling firms uneasy on 2016 accuracy

Amid reports today that Gallup, one of the longest running political pollsters, is sitting out the 2016 presidential cycle, concerns grow among the entire...

The 2016 Presidential Race in One Chart

Here's a good snapshot of what's happening in the 2016 presidential race by the poll numbers. A majority (51%) of Democrats seem to be...

Donald Trump takes second place in latest New Hampshire poll

The news isn't that Jeb Bush has the top spot, he's toyed with that for weeks. However, Donald Trump has now rocketed into the...

Today’s Primary Polls and Odds

As we noted before, there have not been enough polls taken to give us a clear idea of how candidates will do in some...

Hillary Clinton losing ground among Democrat voters

I'd say this is probably inevitable to an extent, Hillary Clinton is taking on fire from her left, and the right. Bernie Sanders is...

Would Trump Win if Election Were Today?

All year, the polls have shown Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump, by as much as 13 percent. The betting odds have been...

Tuesday Should be ‘Music to the Ears’ of Clinton and Trump

Since everyone is remembering “the artist formerly known as Prince” this week, let’s look at “Just Another Manic Tuesday” of primaries. And regarding...

First Iowa 2016 poll shows Clinton the early favorite

I'm aware of the current date but come on, this is too good to resist. Among Democratic voters in Iowa, Hillary Clinton is topping...

Bernie Sanders Wins Wyoming Democratic Caucus

Bernie Sanders won the Wyoming Democratic Caucus on Saturday marking his seventh straight victory of contests held since the Idaho caucus on March 22nd....

Current Electoral Map Projections, Part Two

Here are the other six maps from 270towin.com. You can see all twelve maps together at their site. But we decided to separate...

Current Electoral Map Projections, Part One

We had an article a few weeks ago, with maps predicting the election. We’ll give you an update, and break it into two...

Chris Christie leads among New Hampshire GOP primary voters

Last week we saw a poll come out of Iowa showing Hillary Clinton the early 2016 favorite among Democrats. This week, a new poll...