We’re still waiting on some of the Democratic results, and the GOP results in Missouri, but it’s safe to say that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will be the winners tonight. Clinton was able to pull out strong victories in Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina, while Trump picked up Illinois, Florida, and North Carolina. John Kasich won his home state of Ohio, as the polling in recent days suggested he would. Bernie Sanders also took home a victory in Missouri (see update below).

Here is a rundown of victory speeches, beginning with Hillary Clinton:

As of writing, Clinton and Sanders are locked in a tight race in Illinois, which remains too close to call. Bernie Sanders eventually won Missouri (see update below), though he was speaking tonight at a campaign event in Arizona and did not specifically address the contests tonight.

Here is Donald Trump speaking from Florida after his victories:

As of writing, Trump and Cruz are competing in Missouri with the race still too close to call.

John Kasich won his home state of Ohio, beating out Trump for the top spot. Here is Kasich’s speech to supporters following his Ohio victory:

Ted Cruz spoke last in the queue, likely waiting for results in Missouri which hadn’t come in at the time he spoke:
(Cruz speaks at 7 minute mark)

So, where does this leave the state of each race? For Hillary Clinton, it’s a sigh of relief that Ohio didn’t fall similarly to Michigan. At this point, she’s likely on her way to securing the needed delegates for the nomination. Sanders will also pick up a good share, since they’re proportional, but she’ll end the night winning the most. If it holds as expected, she’ll end up with about a 300 delegate lead of pledged delegates alone. That is a serious uphill climb for Sanders to make up.

On the Republican side, the race is still muddied. Republican voters seem to be coalescing around Donald Trump, though the GOP establishment is still looking at ways to halt his momentum. With Ted Cruz and John Kasich still in the race, Trump will have a tough, but not impossible path toward earning his way to 1,238 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. More detailed analysis on this tomorrow once the voting settles.


Missouri remains too close to call on both sides. Right at the time of writing, some outlets called Missouri for Bernie Sanders, though by the morning, that call had been retracted.