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Live Results: Democratic Primary Voting in Arizona, Florida, and Illinois (March 17)

There was supposed to be four states voting today, but now it appears only three will be heading to the polls amid the Coronavirus...
Trump 2020 Campaign Kickoff Orlando

Trump Kicks Off 2020 Re-Election Campaign From Orlando, Fla.

Some media outlets are asking whether Donald Trump ever really stopped campaigning for the presidency even after winning in 2016. He continued holding rallies...

Race Spotlight: Florida Senate – Nelson (D) vs. Scott (R)

From now until Election Day, on November 6, we'll be highlighting all the important midterm races in 2018. Today we will focus on 1...

Recap: Tuesday’s Primary Results in AZ, FL and OK

As we noted yesterday, some states are still in primary season in the run-up to the 2018 midterm election on November 6, 2018. Arizona...

Primary Elections Today in Arizona, Florida and Oklahoma

They're calling it the "sunbelt primary" with respect to the warm, southern states represented in the primary races taking place today. There are several...

Rubio, Wasserman Schultz and McCain Win Primaries

To almost no one’s surprise, Marco Rubio defeated his opponent in the Republican primary for his Florida senate seat. Meanwhile, Debbie Wasserman Schultz...

Trump-Breitbart Battery Story Seems Settled

Reuters announced that Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, has been charged with misdemeanor battery for an incident in Florida between Lewandoski and a...

Video: Trump and Clinton Speak After Primary Wins

We're still waiting on some of the Democratic results, and the GOP results in Missouri, but it's safe to say that Hillary Clinton and...

Marco Rubio Suspends Presidential Campaign

Following a stinging loss in his home state of Florida, Marco Rubio announced during a concession speech tonight that he is suspending his presidential...

Today’s Primary Polls and Odds

As we noted before, there have not been enough polls taken to give us a clear idea of how candidates will do in some...

March 15th Primary Results

Some news outlets are referring to today as "Super Tuesday 3" in reference to the start of "winner take all" delegate allocation in some...

Sanders Looks for Upset in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri

The Democratic primary is becoming more of a competitive race as Bernie Sanders continues accumulating delegates and claiming some upsets, like when he won...