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Presidential Debate Preview: The First Biden-Trump Battle

We're just a day away from the first 2020 presidential debate between Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. The debate is...

First Post-Debate Poll: Biden Still Leads National Race By 10 Points

Granted, it's Morning Consult, which has consistently shown Biden with slightly higher numbers in recent months than other pollsters, but it's at least a...

Grading The October Democratic Debate: Who Passed, Who Failed?

The October Democratic debate, which aired Tuesday night on CNN, was filled with tense exchanges, notable answers, and a newfound sense of urgency among...

Full Video: CNN/New York Times Democratic Debate From Ohio

On Tuesday night, a record twelve Democratic candidates shared the stage in the fourth debate of the 2020 Democratic primary. The debate aired on...
Election 2020 Democrats Debate

Live Stream: Watch The CNN/NY Times Democratic Debate Tonight

As we head into the October Democratic debate, live tonight on CNN, with 12 candidates on the largest debate stage so far, there are...

The October Democratic Debate: 6 Key Questions

In a matter of days, a dozen 2020 Democratic candidates will gather in Ohio for the fourth debate this year. The stage will be...

CNN and New York Times to Host October Democratic Debate

No sooner have we finished the third Democratic debate and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is already giving us details on the next installment...
October Dem Debate

Fourth Democratic Debate Set For October 15 In Ohio

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) announced on Saturday that the October Democratic debate, the fourth debate in the process, will be held on October...
El Paso Walmart Shooting

Gun Control Becomes Top 2020 Campaign Issue After Texas And Ohio Shootings

With two high profile mass shooting tragedies over the weekend, one in Texas and one in Ohio, the topic of gun control and gun...
Sherrod Brown 2020

Ohio’s Sherrod Brown Bows Out of 2020 Race

He’s attractive and “high energy.” He is from the “swingingest” swing state, Ohio. He has been on a national tour, promoting his “dignity of...

Both Parties Push “Wave” Narrative in Ohio Special Election

We're coming up on a special election in Ohio for a congressional seat abandoned by Republican Pat Tiberi after he retired in January. The...

All the Momentum is with Trump

The polls have been swinging wildly this year. That’s why Nate Silver, at FiveThirtyEight, developed an average of polls, and a “polls-plus” number,...