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CNN Democratic Debate With Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on Sunday

Despite ongoing concerns about Coronavirus (COVID-19) affecting the 2020 Democratic Primary, the debate scheduled for Sunday will be going forth as scheduled, with just...

What Do Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump Have In Common?

While asserting Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have anything in common may, on its face, sound absurd, let me connect the dots. They do...

Sure Looks Like Bernie Sanders Might Win Iowa, But So Could Joe Biden

The Sanders team is trying to build momentum ahead of the Iowa Caucuses set for Monday, February 3. With a long-fought battle happening since...

Iowa Caucus Poll: Bernie Sanders Leads by 7 Points

Just days after the continued good news for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire, new numbers released on Saturday from the New York Times and...

Report: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Fear a Bernie Sanders Nomination

Is it happening again for Bernie? With just days to go before the Iowa caucuses, the establishment wing of the Democratic Party, made up...

Hillary Clinton Says “Nobody Likes” Bernie Sanders in New Documentary

Report from CBS News on a new documentary in which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton says that nobody in Congress likes Sen. Bernie...

Bernie Sanders Responds to Hillary Clinton Saying “Nobody Likes Him”

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was questioned about a new documentary in which former secretary of state Hillary Clinton says "nobody likes" Bernie in...

California Primary Poll: Sanders 24, Warren 22, Biden 14, Buttigieg 12

You've really got to hand it to Sen. Bernie Sanders. The man is pushing close to eighty years old, just had what he described...

Bernie Sanders’ Chest Pains Result In Heart Procedure. Campaign Events Canceled

The chest pains occurred on Tuesday this week when Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders was attending a campaign event. Afterward, he was rushed to the...
Bernie Sanders Colorado Rally

Bernie Sanders Can Still Win The 2020 Democratic Nomination

Sen. Bernie Sanders started off the 2020 presidential campaign with a tangible leg up on his competition. After all, Sanders was coming off the...
Sanders Warren Co-Presidents 2020

Should Bernie Sanders And Elizabeth Warren Unite To Defeat Biden?

In these pages, we have had some discussion of whether we could have a Bernie Sanders-Elizabeth Warren (or vice versa) ticket this coming year....
Elizabeth Warren 2020 Polls

Elizabeth Warren Beats Bernie In 2 New Polls

We have chronicled the storied and checkered campaign launch of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren. From the dark days of her New Year's Eve Instagram...