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Six States Vote on Tuesday: How the Sanders-Biden Battle Will Take Shape

Some analysts are calling it Super Tuesday 2, or Mini-Super Tuesday, but whatever you call it, there are six more states voting in the...
2018 Midterm Senate Races

2018 Midterm Senate News Update

There has been movement in some U.S. Senate races where Republicans have gained ground in Arizona and Texas. Democrats are also pouring some money...
Hawley McCaskill MO Senate

Race Spotlight: Missouri Senate – Hawley (R) vs. McCaskill (D)

As far as 2018 Senate races go, the battle in Missouri couldn't be tighter with several recent polls showing a tied contest. Democratic Senator...

Video: Trump and Clinton Speak After Primary Wins

We're still waiting on some of the Democratic results, and the GOP results in Missouri, but it's safe to say that Hillary Clinton and...

Sanders Looks for Upset in Ohio, Illinois, and Missouri

The Democratic primary is becoming more of a competitive race as Bernie Sanders continues accumulating delegates and claiming some upsets, like when he won...