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A Few Surprises in Tuesday’s Primaries

Happy July. We’re now just four months away from the general election, and June ended with some significant primaries. The most notable...

Fixing The Presidential Primary Process—Is It Broken?

The clunky and somewhat outdated process of how major parties select their presidential nominees is often criticized for being out of touch with modern...

Julian Castro Forms 2020 Exploratory Committee

I want to say "first in the pool," but he's not the first Democrat to make a formal move toward a 2020 presidential run....

Do Democrats Need Superdelegates?

We like to try to give you a range of views from elsewhere. Sometimes, we note that the opinion is nearly unanimous. It’s more...

Down Ticket Primaries from Tuesday

The big primary race this week was Paul Ryan’s run for his seat in Wisconsin, so we devoted a full page to him, but...

Is America Searching for the ‘Boring’ Candidate in 2016?

Two interesting articles popped up the last few days. The Daily Beast says that Hillary Clinton is the Jeb Bush of the left. Meanwhile,...

Video: Trump and Clinton Speak After Primary Wins

We're still waiting on some of the Democratic results, and the GOP results in Missouri, but it's safe to say that Hillary Clinton and...

The Definitive Super Tuesday 2016 Guide

Super Tuesday is the first day in the primary cycle where the presidential campaign heads nationwide with multiple states voting on the same day....