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Some Democrats Are Worried About Biden’s Campaign Strategy

Call it a case of feeling like you're doomed to repeat history unless you learn from history. In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran what was...

Presidential Debate Moves to Miami After University of Michigan Withdraws

With three presidential debates set for the Fall, starting in September, and one vice presidential debate sandwiched in between them, the rubber is now...

Are Polls Underestimating Trump in 2020? Maybe

At this point in the 2016 race, polls were giving Hillary Clinton the appearance of an insurmountable lead against Donald Trump. Nationally, Hillary lead...

Covid-19 Likely to Lead to More Mass Violence

There’s a great line in the 1997 movie, Men in Black: Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are members of a secret...

Will Libertarian Justin Amash Hurt Trump or Biden More?

It was often said that 2016 should have been the year for a third-party bid to intrude into the general election with a stronger...

Biden Cleans Up in Idaho, Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi

We're still awaiting the official results from the state of Washington where former vice president Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders are locked...

Six States Vote on Tuesday: How the Sanders-Biden Battle Will Take Shape

Some analysts are calling it Super Tuesday 2, or Mini-Super Tuesday, but whatever you call it, there are six more states voting in the...
Trump 2020 Polls Rust Belt

Early Polls Show Trouble For Trump All Over The Map

As the headline suggests, there's a slew of polling data out in the past two days that might give the Trump campaign heartburn in...

Hillary Campaign Seeks Volunteers for MI Recount

What started off as the Clinton campaign offering some "people" to assist in Jill Stein's recount affair has now morphed into a volunteer-recruting effort....

Speaker Paul Ryan Announces Support for Donald Trump

I almost hesitate in making this a story since the headline feels like "Republican endorses Republican," but I digress. House Speaker Paul Ryan, a...

March 8th Primary & Caucus Results

There are three states holding primaries today and one state holding a Republican caucus. Michigan is the big battle to watch on both sides...

Divergence in Spudland: Polls and Bettors differ on Idaho

We are watching polls AND the betting table. A lot of times, this year, the polls have been so old as to be...