Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will participate in a debate tonight being held in Miami and sponsored by Univision and The Washington Post. CNN will also be airing the debate as well, though Univision is the primary broadcast partner. The debate will be moderated by Karen Tumulty of The Washington Post and Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos of Univision.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
Univision Democratic Debate
9pm ET (8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT)

Aired On: CNN and Univision
Moderators: Karen Tumulty, Maria Elena Salinas and Jorge Ramos

Live Stream:

Alternate live stream: WashingtonPost.com

Report from IBTimes:

Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will face off for the second time in four days Wednesday night at Miami Dade College in Miami. The debate location gives the candidates a chance to appeal to Florida voters before the state offers up 246 delegates in its primary next week.

So far, Clinton is significantly ahead of Sanders in the delegate count, but the Vermont senator vows he will stay in the race until the convention, and his campaign has emphasized that it is ready for a long slog. Sanders scored a big symbolic win in Michigan Tuesday, just one day before the debate, but he effectively tied Clinton in delegates there and she took home a large win in Mississippi, putting her farther ahead in the count. The former secretary of state has scored big wins in Southern states with many black voters and large delegate counts, while Sanders has typically fared better in small, whiter states that hold caucuses.

Sanders has struggled to win over minority voters, often ceding those groups to Clinton by overwhelming margins. In Florida, Clinton holds a wide lead in state polling, but both candidates have been highlighting their support for immigration reform and criticizing one another’s records on the topic.

Immigration will surely be an issue during Wednesday’s debate given the involvement by Univision, the Spanish-language TV network. This could give Sanders another opportunity to make headway among Latino voters.

Following Sanders’ stunning victory in Michigan yesterday, the stakes couldn’t be higher heading forward on the Democratic side. The polling does indicate that Clinton is the favorite heading into Florida, however, Sanders is starting to make some inroads. The good news for Sanders is that the polling in Michigan was very inaccurate as it showed Clinton with a sizable lead. This could mean that Florida and Ohio might be tighter than polling would suggest.


  1. The moderators are playing hard ball with the Secretary and kissing BERNIE!!
    These questions are seriously bothering me And I do not see these moderators as reflective of their constituents. They are not raising issues of economy, education, safety, security or issues of My Hispanic culture! Let’s get on the ball! Ask both candidates BOTH serious questions.

  2. I think thst mexican guy needs to learn english so he can understand what sec. Clinton is saying and not repeat question 10 times

    • Jorge Ramos is demanding to know why the U.S. is enforcing its laws against Mexicans. He is not gaining any support from Americans.

      • We need Mexican people in this country. They are a very beautiful people, religious, family oriented, hard workers…and love this country. Trump will work with them to become citizens. Trump’s wife is an immigrant. What we don’t need is Muslims.

          • I am not a bigot when I lock my doors at night to keep me safe. I don’t think the country is wrong to keep bad people out of this country. At this time the Democrats have a come one, come all policy…..Canada let 27 immigrants into their country…of the 27, three have already raped and committed crimes.

  3. I think enough of corporate speaking fund. They need to move on and talk about foreign policy. I need to know if we r atracked what Sanders csn do. Does he hv capabilities to negot u ate with foreign leader

  4. Bengazi is blown out of proportion by Republican party. It is,sad what happened but Senator is not to be blamed

  5. I am getting little mad with Joorge Ramos moderating. He needs to go. Sandets can not comment on Bangazi because he hardly has any foreign policy knowledge

  6. Summary of Democratic Debate:

    Univision mediator panel: “Thank you, Senator Sanders, thank you…(Now please shut up)”

    This CNN Univision Democratic Presidential Debate brought to you by Big Businesses for Hillary Campaign.

  7. Great debate. Great moderators. But it is a shame that the candidates’ replies are often limited to 30 seconds. What can they say of merit in such a short time?

  8. Summary of Democratic Debate:

    Univision mediator panel: “Thank you, Senator Sanders, thank you…(Now please shut up)”

    This CNN Univision Democratic Debate brought to you by Big Businesses for Hillary Campaign.

  9. I hope Sanders has enough money to pay. We will hv more debts. I hope China will be willing to lend 🙂

      • No politician is perfect. At least she has enough foreign policy and capabilities to negotiate with other world leaders

        • haha…she’s definitely a politician, i’ll give you that. Unfortunately, as Trump says, our politicians aren’t smart enough to negotiate with China.

          • Well.. that’s not true. It is not that we can not negotiate, it’s we don’t hv a choicrle. Let me tell u as much ascwe want jobs to stay here, we can’t because the production cost will be so hugh duecto msny factores we will not b able to sell.

            • It’s more than that. The Chinese and Japan are controlling the value of their currency to their favor and we need a team of very good business specialists to structure the deal contracts we make with them. So far, The U.S. under Hillary’s watch has not done a very good job.

            • HC hasn’t bn a president. If u think DT will fix all eco. Problems it’s sadly mistaken. He might b a business man and a successful to some extent but thstbis not enough qualification to b president and run a country

            • It’s hard reading your writing, but no, Donald Trump hasn’t been President either. You’re right, being a business man does in no way qualify him to become President. But considering he is not being controlled by the Big businesses through special interest groups and the fact that he has proven ultimately to be skilled in business qualifies him to take on the economic problems the U.S. is facing today.

            • Lol, he was born rich… and he has built on that. He’s also gone bankrupt several times and has had many lawsuits filed against him. His products are made in China. He’s also a complete bigot and irrational. If you believe the people should actually have influence in our DEMOCRACY and that we do not want to continue to function as an Oligarchy, do not vote for Donald Trump. Vote for Bernie Sanders who has fought for decades for we the people, no matter how politically inconvenient. People over profits! Bernie Sanders for president.

        • If by negotiating you mean toppling them when she doesn’t like them (and laughing gleefully about their deaths) without even thinking about the consequences, sure. P.S the consequences are often very, very bad.

  10. Stop interrupting the candidates let Bernie Sanders finish his thoughts! It’s a debate of 2 people we want to hear the candidates!!

    • You’re making a fool of yourself as it is clear you have no idea what you’re talking about. Embarrassing.

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