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Democrats Find Victory With Suburban Voters

Democrats scored big victories in Virginia and Kentucky last night, while Republicans held on in Mississippi. In what's being viewed as a preview of...

Election Day 2019: Will Results Impact the 2020 Presidential Election?

It's Election Day in 2019 and many Americans are headed to the polls for what usually consists of a variety of local races such...

Republicans Hold Mississippi in Senate Runoff Election

It was being forecast as a nailbiter for Republicans, a possible Alabam redux where an easily winnable seat for the GOP could quite possibly...

Mississippi Senate Runoff Candidates Debate Tonight

The 2018 midterms are still - still - not entirely settled as one more Senate race needs to be wrapped up. In Missippie, election...

March 8th Primary & Caucus Results

There are three states holding primaries today and one state holding a Republican caucus. Michigan is the big battle to watch on both sides...