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Former Gov. Mark Sanford Third Candidate To Challenge Trump

First, there was Bill Weld. Nobody took him seriously as a challenger to Donald Trump in 2020. Last time around, he ran on the...
Trump primary 2020

Do Republican Voters Want to Primary Donald Trump in 2020?

According to a very recent Des Moines Register poll, Republican voters in Iowa are split - 40% in favor, and 41% opposed - on...
Bill Weld 2020 Trump

Weld Won’t Win, But Could Cause Trump To Lose

We had recent articles about all of the Republicans (here, here, here, and here) who are considering, or making moves, to challenge Donald Trump...
Larry Hogan and Donald Trump

Another Popular Republican Who Could Challenge Trump in 2020

In an earlier article, we discussed a dozen Republicans who might challenge Donald Trump in 2020. But we now have a new possible challenger....
John Kasich 2020 New Hampshire

John Kasich Launches 2020 Backup-Campaign

Ohio Governor John Kasich has never really gotten over losing the primary to Donald Trump in 2016. He has been meandering in the political...

Will John Kasich Primary President Trump in 2020?

We touched on this topic briefly yesterday in a post about how to tell which politicians may be planning a presidential run in the...

Rand Paul Endorses Liz Cheney’s Opponent in Wyoming House Race

The battles continue. Last week, it was Paul Ryan battling celebrities, including Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Lars Larson (but not Eric...

Attention Turns to the Dem Side. Is That a Good Thing?

Throughout the campaign season, there have been complaints that all the media coverage was on the GOP side—mostly, on Donald Trump. There was also...

Full Video: The Megyn Kelly/Donald Trump Interview

It was hyped for weeks by Megyn Kelly, and just about the entire Fox News conglomerate. The big sit-down interview between Donald Trump and...

May 17th Primary Results

There are two states voting today in primaries across the country. The big race is the Kentucky Democratic primary where Hillary Clinton is hoping...

Newt Gingrich, Tim Kaine Lead in Vice Presidential Odds

I guess this is vice president week. Election Betting Odds has begun a market in gambling on whom will be the running mates for...

Whose Party Is It, Anyway?

Usually, the presidential nominee is considered the leader of the entire party. We’ve made that person almost like a god. He has made the...