Earlier this evening, the seven Republican candidates who didn’t make it into the top ten primetime debate squared off from the same debate stage in Cleveland, Ohio. The debate aired at 5pm ET for a little over an hour. It was viewed as a “warm-up” for the main event that could give the lower tier candidates a chance to bump up their poll numbers with some national exposure.

Here is the entire video of the secondary debate for the seven candidates outside the top 10. This debate aired at 5pm ET on Thursday, August 6, 2015:


Moderators: Martha MacCallum, Bill Hemmer
Candidates: Perry, Santorum, Jindal, Fiorina, Graham, Pataki, Gilmore

From most accounts, Carly Fiorina came out on top. A report from Mediaite confirms that she won the night in terms of Google searches following the debate:

Just moments after Fox News’ 5 p.m. “undercard” debate wrapped up, Google Trends published a graphic that revealed which candidate likely benefitted the most from tonight’s event. In 48 out of 50 states, Carly Fiorina was the most-searched candidate on the stage:

As one of the lesser-known figures in the crowded field — and the only woman — Fiorina evidently struck a chord with a large percentage of people watching. Only Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry managed to rise to the top in two states, Louisiana and Alaska, respectively.

Fiorina began the debate by defending comparisons that have been made between her and “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher, continued on to attack Donald Trump for his cozy relationship with the Clintons and finished with a closing statement that went after Hillary Clinton hard.

If any candidate is going to get a bump in the polls following this lower-tier debate, there is a very good chance it will be Carly Fiorina.

Whether or not Fiorina, or any of the others outside the top 10, get enough of a bump to make it into the September 16 Republican debate remains to be seen.


  1. Each of these candidates was every bit (some better) as the 10 who were selected for the “prime-time”. Pataki and Gilmore whom I had never seen before were both outstanding.

  2. I liked your perspective that people already knew perry, graham and santorium and hence they didn’t search them.. We can’t say who won the debate based on google searches. good point.

  3. “A report from Mediaite confirms that she won the night in terms of Google searches following the debate”

    This victory very well may be due to her obscure identity as a candidate. Most remember Santorum and Perry from the last presidential primary; and the remainder of the candidates (except for Fiorina), Graham, Jindal, Gilmore and Pataki, have each held political office.

  4. Dissecting the key points:

    Perry — Scored points on stopping illegal immigration, and fizzled out on the rest.

    Santorum — Never said anything of merit.

    Jindal — Great analysis of what’s wrong with Obamacare, entitlement programs and the China Syndrome.

    Fiorina — In order to stop the scary ISIS from coming here, let all private companies such as Google and Apple cooperate with NSA’s spying on all of US. She stands with Israel and BB Netanyahu, who lie that Iran is a threat to USA (Iran has no nuclear weapons whatsoever now and for years to come, unlike Israel that has nukes, so Iran are no military threat to America).

    Graham — War, War, War… placing in harms way Hundreds of Thousands US ground soldiers … to stop a few dozen Crazy Muslims from possibly coming here.

    Pataki — While claiming to believe in freedom of speech and religion, wants to remove it from Muslims in USA. He doesn’t want to place one American life at risk to defeat ISIS, but since it is necessary, according to him, he’ll do so. More wars, wars, wars.

    Gilmore — Did he speak…?


    Bobby Jindal was the clear winner — too bad he has ZERO chance since he is on the front cover of each Mad Magazine… big ears and cartoon face don’t win the presidency. Sorry.

    Perry came second by default — since the rest were true dregs.

    Fiorina — her love for Israel and disrespect for the US Constitution is overwhelming….

    The rest were just plain idiots and warmongers.


    The general theme by the dregs was to negate the US Constitution in order to protect US from the new boogeymen ISIS (it used to be Al Qaeda under Bush’s “Patriot Act”).

    What both these Radical Islam Sickos have in common is not just hatred for USA since we support Israel, but that none have a NAVY or AIRFORCE — so represent ZERO MILITARY threat to our Nation.

    What is ISIS going to do — build thousands of rowboats to cross an ocean and invade our shores…?

    No — the best they can do is use a few Islam Sickos, that are allowed to come here, because we won’t ban (out of political correctness) ALL Arab travelers from coming here.

    And such few creatures are to be the REASON for our “Leaders” to try and suspend the US Constitution..?!

    It is not Al Qaeda, nor ISIS now, that are destroying our Liberties and the American Way of Life, but our own scumbag politicians with their knee-jerk responses!

  5. I like Fiorina’s calm demeanor and the fact that she seems to be on the outside of the political double-speak. She speaks with a clear mind, and a clear voice.
    Only one problem… she speaks of the corruption of the federal government… but I think she needs to address also, the corruption of big business practices.

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