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First GOP Debate: Winners and Losers

I have waited several days to see how the aftermath of the first 2016 Republican Debate would play out following the explosive confrontations between...

Video: Watch the Full ‘Early’ Aug. 6 Fox News Debate

Earlier this evening, the seven Republican candidates who didn't make it into the top ten primetime debate squared off from the same debate stage...

Fox News Confirms First GOP Debate Lineup

The polls have been averaged and the results are in. Fox News has released the official candidate list for the 5pm and 9pm debates...

More Details Released for First Republican Debate on Thursday

As the time ticks down, we're only two days away from the first official Republican debate of the 2016 cycle. The event, which happens...

GOP Candidates Jockey for Primetime Debate Spot

As the last weekend before the first 2016 Republican debate draws near, candidates are making a last-minute push to improve their poll numbers and...

Fox News Adds ‘Early Debate’ at 5pm ET on Aug. 6

As you likely know, Fox News will host the first official Republican primary debate on Thursday, August 6, at 9pm ET. However, the debate...

Just Two Weeks Before First 2016 Republican Debate

Well, it's the first 2016 debate of either party and it is sure to be a raucous occasion given the current state of the...

Which candidates will make the first GOP debate?

As you likely know, the first Republican debate, sponsored by Fox News, is coming up on August 6, 2015. Fox is using an average...

Fox News adds GOP ‘Candidate Forum’ to Aug. 6 debate lineup

Amid a torrent of criticism over the narrow rules governing which candidates can participate in the first 2016 Republican debate, Fox News has decided...