The first Republican debate of the 2016 election cycle is officially in the history books. The event, which took place Thursday evening from Cleveland, Ohio, featured the top ten Republican candidates in an average of five national polls. Earlier in the day, the remaining seven Republicans who did not make it into the primetime event took the debate stage.

Here is the entire video of the primetime Fox News Republican debate which aired at 9pm ET on August 6, 2015:

Moderators: Bret Baier, Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace
Candidates: Trump, Bush, Walker, Huckabee, Carson, Cruz, Rubio, Paul, Christie, Kasich

Report from Fox News:

Donald Trump was the unrivaled lightning rod at Thursday’s Republican presidential debate, but the prime-time showdown made clear he’s not the only fighter on the stage – or in the race.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie reclaimed his reputation as a tough-talking executive, blasting his rivals for their positions on domestic surveillance and entitlements. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul traded barbs with several candidates, including Christie.

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, among others, also scored their moments. Meanwhile, one-time front-runner former Gov. Jeb Bush found himself on defense several times and largely avoided tangling with Trump on the Fox News/Facebook stage.

Perhaps the most fiery moment, though, came in an exchange between Christie and Paul mid-way through. Long-simmering tension between the two exploded when Christie stood by his criticism of the senator for opposing NSA bulk collection of American phone data.

Paul said he’s “proud of standing for the Bill of Rights,” but Christie called his stance “completely ridiculous” – suggesting he wants to cherry-pick only some data.

“When you’re sitting in the subcommittee just blowing hot air about this, you can say things like that,” Christie said.

It will be very interesting to see how the polls shake out in the next few weeks. Several of the mid-level candidates, such as Ben Carson, came away with memorable lines. Rand Paul took a lot of incoming fire from several candidates and took a beating throughout the night but held his own. Donald Trump stood out at the beginning but was largely muted most of the event.

Sound off below, how did the candidates do?


  1. the issue of illegal immigration comes up every election cycle…remember Pat Buchanan’s “no way Jose”

  2. Megan Kelly was quite crass and obnoxious in going after Trump but Trump handled himself well. He got quite a few cheap shot questions aimed at him and handled them well.

    • Megan Kelly was frequently snarky and opinionated. I believe a “moderator” should moderate and BE moderate.

      • if you consider snarky and snide when someone ask all the right questions and points on CANDIDATES and candidates is key word … not elected yet … just candidates weaknesses and last faults than yea … snarky bitch Megan Kelly is … damn … went Yoda there ….

  3. How perfect. It is a perfect time capsule. Fox News, a stage full of idiots, and millions of people cheering their favorite gladiator. You can’t find a bigger illusion, a bigger set of worthlessness. Not one of those idiots on stage has worked an honest day. They all a bunch of loudmouths performing for the Fox Nation bubble of idiots.

    • Really? Even Rand Paul? If you be a blind partisan and paint everyone with the same brush, you’re just as bad as Fox News.

        • Paul has a degree in Ophthalmology and is a respected doctor from Duke University. He performs Eye surgeries even to peopl he dislikes like former Democratic Senator Harry Reed. So to say he is an idiot is a mistake. Unlike his counterparts, Hilary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, none of them have accomplished anything except advancement of their careers in politics for decades. Furthermore Dr.Paul has practiced medicine for 19 years and has only been in politics for four years and is still very fresh to the stage and is hardly a “Career politician”.

          • and he should’ve stayed where he was …. in medicine … clearly politics are not for him so why dabble in something that you have no concept of ? and as far as trump goes … puhlease …. couple of words come to mind ….. pompous buffoon anyone ????

    • It’s people like you that give the liberals a bad name. Why don’t you think before you start spouting something you know nothing about. Right, there lies the problem having to think. Maybe you are the one that the “worthless, idiot, loudmouth, never worked an honest day” Dr. Ben Carson operated on. Did you watch or listen? I doubt it or you would not make such a foolish comment.

        • But he did not actually say he would bring it back, he said that the methods we use to get information should not be disclosed and I agree.

        • Seems as if you didn’t watch the debate. Typical LIBERAL thing to say….. He never said he would bring back water boarding, NEVER, yet you lie and say he did. That’s the brains of a liberal right here my friends!

          • That’s exactly right. He just said you have no right to know what the government is doing in your name.

          • yes he said let not discuss how we are getting information from the political prisoners …. and what is next step? …. let’s not discuss how we get confessions from criminals … o wait this sounds lot like where i came from … you were beaten until proven innocent … but hey …. welcome to inquisition and dark ages

        • ISIS cuts off people’s heads. AQ killed us on 9/11. When we catch these pigs and have the chance to extract information to save lives, they can be damned happy if all they face is waterboarding. The don’t deserve to breath another breath. You want to close Gitmo? Fine. Kill the terrorists imprisoned there and tell the American people where you want to house terrorists instead. On American soil?

          Jihadists are not human, they are monsters and worm food.

        • It is so tedious to continuously hearing liberals and conservatives call each other non-thinking idiots (“dittoheads,” as it were).

          And the ridiculous thing is that the other side says EXACTLY the same thing about you, but you don’t know it, because you never talk to each other. Sad.

          • While you have a point, you’re barking up the wrong tree. I grew up a progressive among progressives. My loathing of them is personal and seen from a former member of their non thinking drones. Liberals FEEL, they don’t think. They don’t care that ACA doesn’t work, they WANT to impose their vision on the people who are in their view too stupid to care for themselves or make informed choices. Are there thoughtful liberals? Sure. But they don’t come to these comment threads. The trolls who come here have one purpose… to say inflammatory things and start fights with people they have been brainwashed to hate.

            I get what you are saying. I have Democrat friends and family and they are what I consider well intended but uninformed. They don’t study the facts they parrot what they’ve heard said on MSNBC. The 44% of Americans who support Obama after all the crap sandwiches that fraud has served up, including this treasonous deal with Iran, are not ‘thinkers’, they are sheep. The fact is that I understand the leftist position and I can disprove it based on facts. Leftists don’t truly understand the conservative position and instead resort to calling it stupid ‘redneck’ or whatever. To them I would refer two terms of Obama. He had the keys to Washington and he blew it. Smart he is not.

      • is it a same DR. Ben Carson who gave Hippocratic Oath not to harm other human being …. o wait he won’t be involved directly … he’ll just bring it back and what his poltroons do with it is out of his hands … that is one fucked up logic my friend …..

    • Read below at Akai’s message regarding bringing back water boarding…. You idiots are all the same!

  4. In my opinion, I think Senator Cruz won the debate. He has consistently exhibited both high intellect but also high morality and has been one of the few modern day politicians who is willing to do what is right, even when it’s not popular or expedient to their career. I also believe Donald Trump has some value and validity as a candidate, he has the rare opportunity to run his own ship because he is not dependent on others for contributions, is a straight talker, and has the ability to put people in their place. Everybody should have the opportunity to vote for a candidate of their choice. But, Hillary Clinton should not be one of them. If you like the direction the U.S has been going for the last six and a half years, then vote for Clinton. Obama has been a destructive force for much of his tenure as president. But, over the last year or so his game plan will be to completely abuse his position as president. We have already seen proof of this, particularly in regards to foreign policy and his disastrous “Iran deal.” In addition, Obama’s arrogance and belligerence against Israel has exceeded his usual attitude, which has gone from bad to worse. Both Obama and his sidekick Kerry has publicly threatened Israel and those in the House and Senate, if his suicide pact with Iran does not pass. History has shown that when moral depravity tightens its grip, inevitably, this leads to the decline and eventual downfall of a society. Hopefully, the American electorate will recognize this fact and vote accordingly.

    • I find it interesting you refer to Cruz as having “high morality” Did you know that last year alone he accepted over $21,000.00 from lobbyists Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable to oppose Net Neutrality? He plays the washington game like everybody else.

  5. Chris Christie — the Jersey mafioso-type Fat Pig — why was he in the debate?

    Finally figured it out, the RNC elitist scum fearful of the only American Patriot that can win the presidency — Senator and Doctor Rand Paul — inserted the Jersey Pig to do a hatchet job on Rand!

    The GOP Neocon scum will keep Fat Christie for that purpose alone, and once done with him, they’ll dispose of The Jersey Pig as the sanitary feminine napkin he is being used for.

    What Rand Paul should have said to this neocon scumbag: “Your state, New Jersey, has some of the vilest laws against the 2nd amendment, which makes you guilty of distrusting your fellow New Jerseyans, so you want to apply this travesty to the NSA, where all US citizens are to be mistrusted…? Shame on you for trying to negate the US Constitution!”

    On Donald Trump — this pompous ass is winning ONLY because the rest are scared to say the truth that all Real Americans want to hear: ALL Illegal Mexicans and Latinos….OUT of our nation for GOOD! Nothing else!

    • WRONG! He’s one of the best negotiators this country has ever seen. He’ll restructure every nitwit trade deal we’ve ever done and put America first. You think Donald Trump is going to negotiate with
      countries and lose every time, wake the F up. He’ll build state of the art V.A. hospitals, in case you haven’t noticed his buildings are magnificent and he’ll build them for a fraction of the cost. You and your Rand Paul nonsense he’s another Israel first stooge. Trump is AMERICA first. WAKE UP.

        • OK so that’s hopefully a subject to put right on him, he says he doesn’t lie so if he waffles then F him too.

      • Wait, did you really say Rand Paul is another “Israel First” stooge? Did you even watch the debate on the question that went to him about Israel. Ron and Rand Paul have had a strong anti-foreign aid policy since the get go. One of the most consistent and historically right (as in not getting it wrong) nominees was Ron Paul. The way he voted, only others could say “Hindsight is 20/20”. He KNEW how shit would go down. As well, they are constitutionalists. R. Paul has always been America first, world 2nd. Smart policy. The same policies that led us in the prosperous time in the 50s. To say they are “Israel first” stooges is just ignorance or Extreme bias.

  6. When I went to watch the debate, I was stopped cold. You have to have a cable service to get in. It’s sort of like a poll tax–you have to “be a member”–you have to “pay to play.” So Fox wants to make sure that young people or non-conformists may not participate in the political process. Typical.

    • I hate fox. I will start with that. But, you obviously don’t need cable to watch the debates. I’m in Japan without access to American cable (I’m American) and I can watch the debates. Young people and non-conformists can participate no problem. The internet is here for a reason and you’ve seem to have found it.

      • I don’t want to have to fly to Japan to watch a debate. In the USA, if you don’t have cable TV, you couldn’t watch online, either, because before it would work, you had to tell them your cable service–and if it didn’t check out, you couldn’t watch.

  7. When I went to watch the debate, I was stopped cold. You have to have a cable service to get in. It’s sort of like a poll tax–you have to “be a member”–you have to “pay to play.” So Fox wants to make sure that young people or non-conformists may not participate in the political process. Typical.

  8. I love when Republicans talk about making the world more fair with a consumption tax. Because when someone makes $4 million dollars they don’t consume $4 million dollars. When someone makes $22,000.00 they consume roughly $22,000.00. That means a poor family pays taxes on about 100% of their income and rich pay a tiny amount of their income.

    You would have to totally misunderstand how math works to think a consumption tax is fair.

    • People with a lot of money do not leave it stuffed in a mattress. They have to invest in something. Real Estate, stocks, gold, whatever. That’s taxable under consumption rules so really no one escapes

    • or, as in your case, you could completely misunderstand the nature of the Fair Tax and make comments on the internet exposing your ignorance. Why don’t you go do some homework and then come on back and apologize. Opponents tout this alleged ‘regressive’ nature of consumption taxes and I’ll give you a hint: the proponents of the Fair Tax address those concerns. But thanks for offering a factually challenged diatribe. It was good for a laugh.

  9. I have never seen so many questions get passed by. It’s like none of them even tried to answer the questions, just more talking points, or bluff.

    • Yeah. From what I’ve seen in the transcript, it was like they forgot to match the questions with the answers. They just ran off their mouths about anything they wanted, instead of answering the question. That’s the real problem with interviewers–except the BBC–they don’t even expect a straight answer, and don’t point out to viewers that the person is being duplicitous.

      • Are you new to politics? To debates? It is standard practice to turn a question around to what the candidate wants to answer. The better ones give a substantive answer and then turn to their points. Rubio did this very well. Others not so much. I wonder if you’d have the same reaction when Hillary spouts out her word salad and says absolutely NOTHING of substance and lies on top of her obfuscation. or is your indignation reserved for Republicans?

    • Because making fun of his weight is the “cool” and “adult” thing to say! What a loser

      • Yeah, we must be politically correct.
        It should be: “Chris Christie. . .unconstitutional fascist.”

        Oh, wait, that’s redundant. Cut to:
        “Chris Christie. . .fascist”

  10. It is very distracting allowing the audience to cheer during each question. In the next debate, please restrict them to silence (or, at most, polite applause) so that we all may hear what the candidates have to say and form our own opinions about their statements.

      • You’re a funny guy. There is nothing ‘funny’ about the issues that these candidates spoke on and their answers were no joke either. Typical kneejerk leftist answer to be dismissive of the opposition. That’s fine, but if you want a real joke, it’s the idiots who fell for the vapid ‘hopenchange’ BS that Obama pitched and then doubled down on stupid by re-electing him again.

        You want a joke? Hillary, who should be indicted for her failure to protect national security at the most basic level with her email server, is running a campaign based on hiding from reporters. I’m guessing you’re fine with that and what’s important to you is to mock Republicans.

        Looks like you are the joke.

        • Again, tedious, tedious. You jump to conclusions and substitute your own biases in place of analysis.

          The earlier comment was a response to people who complained that the earlier debate had too little no response–AND–that the later debate had too much response.

          It was also a comment on Fox’ turning the evening into a highly rated–and highly choreographed–TV episode, while attempting to manipulate the party into doing exactly what they want.

          For example, trying to crush one candidate by asking him about the bankruptcy of some of his enterprises–and then immediately turning around and flirting with the next candidate, asking him “gee-willikers, mister, is there anything ya think ya could do to help small business, sir, is there, sir, is there??”

          As for the Democrats, I’ve said repeatedly that Hillary is a joke and won’t be the eventual candidate, but there’s little to say about them, since nothing’s going on over there.

          • I’ll agree the debate was not ideal. Not as bad in some ways as previous debates run by the leftist media machine, but it did have flaws in line with what you’re pointing out. that said, I don’t object to asking these candidates about their Achilles’ Heel subjects because we need to winnow down this field ASAP and those who can’t take the heat need to bow out. Sooner we find out what they can’t handle the better. The left media WILL hit them on the very same subjects so not asking them such questions does no good either.

            • My complaint was that all the hardballs when to Trump. Fox just wants to pick the candidates and manipulate the audience.

              Two other candidates got a question each that COULD have been hard, but they were phrased as a matter of politely giving them a good opportunity to explain. In the case of Carson, he didn’t even answer the question, and they just moved on.

              Sloppy. Pandering. Sleazy. Unprofessional.

            • I think the abortion question Walker got and Rubio, too were anything but ‘easy’. Trump got toughest questions in a way but he is also the front runner so that can be explained in part that way. Fact is, Fox exists for ratings so that colors the questions and format a bit I’m sure. Wouldn’t describe it quite as harshly as you did, but fair enough.

            • Naw. Asking a conservative about abortion is like asking a libertarian about war or taxes. All you have to say is you’re “agin” it. Degree hardly matters.

              It’s not a “hard” question unless your answer is, “Yes, please!”

            • Pataki is pro-choice. The Democrats and their media lapdogs will reliably turn the likely criminal actions of PP selling late term baby parts into a ‘women’s health’ issue and try to gussy up the tired ‘war on women’ meme again (even though it failed in 2014 badly). Walker’s answer opposing exceptions for the life of the mother is far more controversial than anything Trumpy said because about 80% of Americans favor that exception (though about 60% oppose late term abortion).

              I don’t really get what your stiffy is for whining about the Fox debate… I’m guessing you are one of those ‘Faux News’ types who is obsessed with the network. You silly ‘agin’ bit is just evidence that you are not a big thinker but rather a condescending bigot who stereotypes Republicans as hicks and rednecks… Which is dumb considering the Reagan Democrats and white working class union democrats probably don’t appreciate your tone either. Ted Cruz is Harvard and Ben Carson is a freaking brain surgeon. Paul is an Ophthalmologist and any one of those people on stage are vastly more accomplished than you are… so maybe tone down the baseless snark, mkay?

  11. So Jeb knows all kinds of things but didn’t know about his donation of 10k to PP? hmmmm…..ok yeah…sure

  12. Bush kept saying all the great things he did but Florida is a mess. Immigration problem is really bad and has one of the largest welfare draws of any state. I smell a RINO

    • Exactly. That question was solely meant to be bias against him. This whole debate was a rail attack against Trump.

      • It really was. The very first question was an attack on Trump. Then Megyn attacked him, personally. Then, instead of asking Kasich or Rubio a question, they were officially invited to attack Trump. Then Fox attacked Trump for saying Mexico sends us criminals. Then there was the attack on Trump about healthcare (and Rand jumped in). Then there was the attack on Trump, saying he has donated to Democratic candidates (and he said it was to buy influence). Then there was the attack on Trump because some of his businesses have gone bankrupt. Immediately afterward, Fox asked Rubio the ultimate softball question: How would you help small business? Then Fox asked when Trump “became” a Republican. Then, Fox claimed Bush if he called Trump a clown (he denied it).

        In addition to the “softball” for Rubio above, other candidates were given softballs like “who’s our best Arab ally?” “How would you shrink government?” “How would you (and you) reply to Hillary?” “What about entitlement reform?” “How would you save social security?” “What do you (and you, and you) think of the Iran deal?” And of course, “if your son were gay would you hate him?”

        Cream puffs. Fox was obviously out to get Trump.

        Anyone who doubts Fox’s bias and ongoing agenda is not paying attention.

  13. I can’t believe I’ve read some of the comments and responses I have read here and in the same breath some of you use the word idiot describing a candidate….WOW!!!

  14. Rand Paul was the only one to defend the Bill of Rights and the US Constitution (while the rest of the despicable Neocons and RINOS stood silent) when he told off Fat Christie —The Jersey Pig — that he, Christie, does not understand the 4th Amendment, the Bill of Rights, and therefore, the US Constitution. Rand Paul was polite enough not to PROPERLY accuse Fat Christie — The Jersey Pig — of actually wanting to negate the US Constitution (which as Governor of NJ he’s done to the 2nd Amendment)!

    Amazing that a Republican candidate — Fat Christie — thinks the US Constitution as meaningless!

    Now wonder with attitudes such as scumbag politicians like Christie, it trickles all the way down to cops — watch this video that’s gone viral, where a cop pulls a gun, without cause, on an unarmed citizen just because he is videotaping the cop, and cop asks the citizen “If he is a Crazy Constitutionalist” …?!?!

    A cop, who is sworn to uphold the US Constitution, thinks that people that believe in the Constitution are crazy, and thus dangerous…?!

    How sick has our nation become when from the top (such creatures in political power, as NJ Governor Christie) to all the way down to cops, the US Constitution is NOW considered “dangerous” and “subversive”?

    Time to put an end to such scumbag politicians, and their obedient dogs-of-war, like this cop, IN JAIL!

    Watch this most disturbing 5 minute video, and spread it!!!

  15. Donald Trump is a sharp businessman — one of the greatest negotiators — so has economic savvy to claim he can do great things to restore our economy, and stop the illegals who are invading our nation.

    But even the most astute businessmen are babes in diapers, when compared to the Dirty Pool that is Washington DC. He’ll drown when faced with these career politicians who have made an art of backstabbing their constituents while making them believe it’s all for their good, cutting pernicious behind closed doors deals, accepting bribes for votes, negotiating away our liberties to put more dollars in their pockets, etc.

    As an independent candidate Trump is the most dangerous person in America!

    For it will be Déjà vu all over gain — gifting the Presidency to the most despicable political creature in USA today: Hillary Clinton — ala Ross Perot who split the votes of Republicans and Independents, thus gifting sleazeball Bill Clinton the Presidency!

    However, Trump must stay in the race, for he is the only one who has Truth on his side — that All Illegal Mexicans and Latinos are criminals by the very fact that they have entered our nation illegally, which makes them criminal invaders to be deported and NEVER allowed back in USA!

    How sick and wrong and unconstitutional is this: 2 Illegal Aliens Appointed To City Council in Huntington Park, California — are we becoming a Banana Republic …?!?!?!

    As much as I find Alex Jones to be an utter ass — this is spot on!

    What Donald Trump needs to do when he is done with his exposure OF END The Illegal Mexicans and Latino Invasion of our Nation, and sees that he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination, is to endorse Rand Paul — the only Libertarian, and thus true American Patriot, who can win the Presidency and save our Nation!

    Anything short of that will make Trump a traitor for he’ll gift another scumbag Clinton to Rule US All !!!

  16. Rand Paul has learned the lesson of how his Father, Ron Paul — the greatest American PATRIOT THIS CENTURY — was cheated, abused and blacked-out by the RNC/GOP Neocons and the Mainstream Media (which tolls its bells for Israel, not the USA).

    The above video shows an ABSOLUTE conspiracy by the major networks and the RNC to negate Ron Paul in 2012:

    Rand Paul is his father’s son — and will fight till his dying breath to save and REESTABLISH our Free Republic from the ONSLAUGHT OF BIG GOVERNMENT RINOS and Democrats (which are just different sides of the Same Anti-American Coin). That’s why AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee — a most pernicious Jewish American organization that works for the benefit of Israel only, thus to the detriment of USA) who have through the media they own, and $$$$$$$$$$$ clout, their fingers in any public figure’s possibility of election WILL do their best to destroy the only American Patriot who can win — Rand Paul (just like they did to his father, Ron Paul)!

    Time to put an End to AIPAC — and put their top members in Jail, as the anti-American foreign agents that they are!

    Only Rand Paul can defeat Hillary (the pre-chosen Queen of the Dems) — as witnessing his destruction of her vileness over the Bengazhi deaths she is responsible:

  17. I guess this shows who really owns the Republican Party. They rail against “political correctness,” and they claim to want “straight talk,” but if anyone dares to say a FOX host is unfair, you don’t get to attend the next event–which should have nothing at all to do with Fox.

    Trump said (a) he wasn’t going to insult Megyn Kelly, although she was insulting him, and (b) noted that she was furious with his comment. Oh, my dear, no, we can’t have him say anything that might sound like criticism of Fox!!

    Apparently, Fox doesn’t like that his show was on another network.

  18. I don’t remember a newsperson being as inappropriate as Megyn Kelly since Dan Rather went up against Richard Nixon.

    • If someone starts a petition to fire that Megyn Kelly troll —- I’ll bet there’d be a few hundred thousand signing it….

  19. The only issue that I have a problem with is if you are for the constitution and for people’s rights. That people should be free and make there own decisions and that the government should stay out of said freedoms, why are we arguing about abortion. Defund the government program and let people make there own decision. Enough said!

    • I think there is some logic to increasing the age for Social Security. After all, we’re living longer. Most people are not ready to be sent out to pasture at 65 anymore, so many of us go back to work.

      However, the big problem is that the fund has been raided almost from the beginning. We should have put all that money into a blind investment trust, to build it.

      As for today, get rid of the limit on taxing for Social Security. We only tax the first $118,000. If there’s going to be a limit on taxing, there should also be a “means test” for collecting.

      • There is a lot of sense in increasing the age since life expectancy was so much lower when SS was designed. Further, it is an insurance program, not a retirement plan and people need to understand that. It was never designed for people to live off it for 20 plus years. With that said, increasing the age, means testing, all valid ideas, though means testing amounts to stealing money from those with higher incomes which is par for the course with the federal government but hardly treating taxpayers the same. The problem with the scheme is that the SS program offers a really low return on your money and most would be better off investing it properly. Since we have accepted this socialistic program into our lives long ago we will not likely find a perfect solution but the longer we wait to reform it the worse the options get.

  20. I don’t feel like Trump should have been included in this debate. He makes the whole thing a circus.
    Sadly it shows alot about the american intellect, that people seem to find him a viable candidate to lead the country.

  21. Too much time given to Bush, not enough time given to Ben Carson.
    Kasich, whom I had never heard of impressed.
    Trump out, Christie out, Rand Paul out

  22. Kudos to the candidates that spoke against focusing on issues that divide us and spoke to the importance of a positive message and one that seeks unity not division.
    The Obama administration has fomented division more than any thing else, and like no other.

  23. I wanna know if the next president is going to take charge of making this country whole again? Are we gonna correct the tyranny that is effecting the entire country? And what about all the people were supposed to trust causing some of this tyranny? Our biggest problems since 9/11 have been coming from within our borders. We need healing in our own country before we can seriously help any other country.

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