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Full Video: Pete Buttigieg Fox News Town Hall From Iowa (Jan. 26)

Former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg joined Chris Wallace on the Fox News Channel for a town hall event from Des Moines, Iowa,...

South Carolina Poll: Tom Steyer Surges to Second Place Behind Biden

In our story on Thursday about polls in New Hampshire showing Biden losing support, we mentioned the total lack of polls coming out of...
Trump Fox Feud Cavuto

Is The Trump-Fox Feud Fake?

As a commenter said in our pages, “Donald J Trump is a master manipulator of minds.” Is the Fox Flap just one more ruse?...

Upcoming 2020 Candidate Town Hall Events on CNN and Fox News

Cable news channels hosting "Town Hall" events with 2020 candidates has become all the rage lately. CNN did several of them over the last...
Fox News 2020 Democratic Debate

DNC Denies Fox News From Holding Democratic Primary Debate

This news is a few days old, but it continues to develop as the decision by the Democratic National Committee to pull out of...

The GOP is Messed Up, Too

In a previous article, we talked about the mess that the Democratic Party is and always has been. That’s because the Republican Party was...

MSNBC Winning Cable News Race as Fox News Drops to Third

For almost two decades, the Fox News Channel was the top of the top for cable news viewers, both in key demographics, and for...

Fox Finally Fires “The Factor”–O’Really?

“Fox News has officially cut ties with Bill O’Reilly. Through the network’s parent company 21st Century Fox, the Murdochs issued a statement on Wednesday...

Megyn Kelly’s Move Means Big Changes

They say that a reporter should not become part of the story. But there are times when a reporter is the story. ...

Bernie Challenges Hillary to California Primary Debate

In fact, Bernie has already accepted the invitation from Fox News and is currently lobbying the Clinton campaign to do the same. The debate...

Trump Plans to Skip March 21st Fox News Debate – Update: Debate Canceled

The event that would tentatively be last Republican debate of the primary cycle is scheduled for Monday, March 21, in Utah. Donald Trump said...

Bernie Boldly Goes Where No Dem Has Gone Before

I don’t have to tell you this is an odd election year. Nearly all the interest is on the GOP side, and nearly...