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Ted Cruz to introduce constitutional amendment asserting states’ rights on marriage

Before you jump into this, keep in mind what Cruz is proposing is different from what many social conservatives have supported in the past....

Tea Party poll: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul are top picks

Not all that shocking that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are at the top of a poll asking Tea Party supporters who they'd like...

Ted Cruz clenches top spot in latest GOP primary poll

Not all that shocking following Ted Cruz's 21+ hour speech railing against the President's health care law, a new poll released today from Public...

Ted Cruz speaks for 21+ hours against funding ObamaCare

In a move surely to be cheered by some and highly criticized by others, Texas Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor on...

Ted Cruz to renounce apparant Canadian citizenship

Since a recent story broke explaining that Texas Senator Ted Cruz legally has dual-citizenship in the United States and Canada, Cruz has decided to...