Let the intra-party debate begin over which direction should lead the way in 2016. On the one side, you have candidates like Ted Cruz who draw ire from the GOP establishment. On the other side, you have candidates like Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, who are being actively pushed by GOP inner circles.

Report from Business Insider:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) believes the Republican Party needs to avoid one crucial mistake in the 2016 presidential election: running a candidate “in the mold” of Mitt Romney, the 2012 nominee.

“If we run another candidate like that, Hillary Clinton will be the next president,” Cruz said Thursday morning on CNBC.

Cruz, a conservative firebrand who is considering a presidential campaign, urged Republicans to “learn from history.”

“We need to look to history and what works and what doesn’t,” he said. “The one thing is clear is if Republicans run another candidate in the mold of a Bob Dole, or a John McCain, or a Mitt Romney — and let me be clear, all three of those are good, honorable men. They’re decent men. They’re patriots. But if we run another candidate in the mold of a Bob Dole, or a John McCain, or Mitt Romney, we will end up with the same result.”

So, is Cruz correct? Was it McCain’s, and perhaps Romney’s, inability to rally the conservative base on Election Day that ultimately sealed Barack Obama’s back to back victories? Could a different, more conservative candidate have carried the mantle to victory in 2012? How about 2016?


  1. “The Ballad Of Jeb Bush” (author unknown)

    Come and listen to my story about a Bush named Jeb
    Establishment RINO can’t believe a word he said
    Then one day he made his presidential play
    And told all the folks illegals ought’a stay
    Hispanic Vote….Lots of Love that is

    Well the first thing you know ol’e Jeb’s polls began to tank
    American folks said “Go away you stank”
    Said the ash heap of history is the place you ought’a be
    Take your brother and your father and leave America free !

      • I believe it was meant to be sung to the tune of the old “Beverly Hillbilles” theme. Instead of Jed Clampett it’s Jeb Bush.

      • Nate — how about starting a pool: the one that guesses closest wins a cigar!

        Once the dust settles, my prediction is 56 Repubs in Senate.

        By midnight tonight — 52.

    • Here is as ‘scare piece’ by the WSJ:
      *Control of Senate Might Not Be Decided on Election Day*


      Let’s hope that Main Stream Media picks up this tripe and fans the flames of this liberal wishful thinking as possible…thus putting a SCARE to all Good People to get out and VOTE the liberal trash out!

      I remember the liberal media pulling the same scam in 1980, and declaring that Ronald Reagan had no chance — only to wake up in the morning to find out he won in a landslide!

      I expect the same to happen today!

    • As a former English teacher, I’d give it a B for concept, but a D+ for writing. Extra credit for “stank,” and good substitution of “Bush” for “man,” but the rhythm is way off. It’s just not that hard to do it right.

  2. No. Conservatives didn’t cause Romney’s loss. Picking on one segment of the basically GOP voting bloc is self defeating. A case can also be made that ANY group could have caused Romney’s defeat. Blacks voting due to race, White Independents voting due to lackluster political ideals. Also, those too idealistic. Sure, Conservatives on the far right were upset with Romney and may not have voted. You can say this about ANY group, but the fact remains that the country is changing and this new secularist USA isn’t prepared for another man/woman with principles and ethics. They may say they do, but voting actions say differently. We need a SEA CHANGE in this country on ideas and reason; from all accounts Romney didn’t have a vision strong enough.

    • Romney lost because he was such a “suit.” People saw him as the pure embodiment of what brought down the economy in 2008–ruthless speculator. Just about any other GOP candidate might have won.

      As for Cruz, somebody otta tell the Cuban-Canadian about Reagan’s 11th Commandment. . .

      • If memory serves me right even Mr. Reagan failed to follow his own advice. He ran a very strong primary campaign against the incumbent President Ford in 1976.

    • Romney caused Romney to lose. Rarely has a president ever gotten re-elected with the numbers Obama had. If he hadn’t tried to cruise to victory after the first debate, and let himself get humbled by the debate moderator over Benghazi, he likely would have won.

      Obama got re-elected based on ‘low information voters’ according to the media at least. Down the line, issue by issue, poll by poll, the people were against pretty much everything the president actively advocated publicly. People turned out to vote for him because they liked him…not his issues.

      Romney could have overcome this if he had a stronger conservative history and was a stronger advocate for conservative principals.

      The country has been slowly undergoing a conservative reformation for over 40 years. Reagan was the first piece of this in the 80’s. then in the early 90’s when Clinton went strong liberal (gay’s in the military, gov’t health care, raising taxes…etc) the country swung toward the republican’s in the 93/94 election. A land slide only passed by the 2010 election which had an even bigger #’s shift.

      the only time the republican’s lost power was due to the evidence that they were not sticking to conservative principals – high spending and amnesty is what pushed them out the door. Remember, the 2002/3 mid-terms were one of the few times in history that the party that won the white house had *gains* in Congress.

      Once the conservatives saw too many republicans had no intention to represent, they stayed home.

      Romney lost because he didn’t stir the real base of the country..conservatives. You can’t blame the loss on them, its Romney’s fault…the sea change in the country is conservatives making a difference in elections. If the republicans could see this and truly represent, they would have a majority for a while to come again.

      • You’re right Josh and Jeb Bush and Gov. Christie have the same problem. If the establishment RNC/GOP sees that they can win elections simply with the Obama fear factor they will attempt to wage the 2016 campaign the same way they have 2014.

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