Not all that shocking that Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are at the top of a poll asking Tea Party supporters who they’d like to see in 2016. More interesting is the bottomless chasm between the establishment picks and the Tea Party picks.

Report from the Washington Examiner:

Conservative Sens. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul top the biggest Tea Party presidential poll yet, while moderates New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush are dumped at the bottom, undermining their hopes of being 2016 crossover candidates.

The online poll of 62,000 grassroots activists provided exclusively to Secrets finds that conservatives and Tea Party organizers stand fully behind the heroes of their movement, including outspoken surgeon Ben Carson, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

The poll provided 11 different matchups. From there, the support for each were totaled. Texan Cruz was at the top with 84 percent supporting his candidacy, followed by Kentucky’s Paul at 80 percent and Carson at 77 percent. Last of the 22 candidates polled was Christie at 15 percent.

While not as scientific as standard polls, it gives a strong indication of where the primary state activists are because they were the group targeted..

The results:

1. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz-84 percent.
2. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul-80 percent.
3. Dr. Ben Carson-77 percent.
4. Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker-70 percent.
5. Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin-64 percent.
6. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee-59 percent.
7. Texas Gov. Rick Perry-59 percent.
8. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal-56 percent.
9. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley-55 percent.
10. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio-52 percent.
11. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice-48 percent.
12. Former Sen. Rick Santorum-46 percent.
13. Rep. Paul Ryan-45 percent.
14. Ohio Gov. John Kasich-42 percent.
15. Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin-41 percent.
16. Indiana Gov. Mike Pence-41 percent.
17. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez-41 percent.
18. Rep. Steve King-37 percent.
19. New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte-30 percent.
20. Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.-29 percent.
21. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush-29 percent.
22. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie-15 percent.

Establishment favorites like Jeb Bush and Chris Christie bring up the rear of this poll which strongly illustrates the divide within the Republican Party.


      • kooky goethe — it does tell us something…that you are oblivious not to know that Gary Johnson is NOT a Republican (so won’t be on this poll…being a member of the Libertarian Party)!

        any other idiocies you wanna post here, kid…?


        • Oblivious: You’re such a moron. It was BILLY who brought up Johnson, and I was just replying to him.

          I can’t believe how disagreeable and obnoxious you work so hard to be–complete with your teeny-bopper use of “LOL,” as if you think anyone thinks you’re amusing (other than as an oddity).

    • billymalone…I learned my lesson on your views by researching Sarah Palin. I didn’t even have name recognition with Gary Johnson. I especially like his stance on immigration “Like, for instance, stop pissing away money on border patrols and erecting fences and walls across the Mexican border, and let immigrants earn work visas “and actually contribute to our economy.”

      He’s a five-time Ironman triathlete. He paraglides and does hot-gas balloons. He has biked across the Alps, climbed Mount Everest with a broken leg. He wants to bring our troops home, particularly from all peaceful countries (never heard a politican talk about the tens of thousands of troops the United States has serving in peaceful countries). Didn’t elaborate on how he would find civilian employment for them. He wants to legalize marijuana, admits using it from 2005 to 2008. When he left office, New Mexico was one of only four states in the country with a balanced budget..

      Johnson calls himself a “classical liberal,” but he reads “libertarian.”

      • Hmmm?………..Let illegal immigrants earn work visa’s and contribute to the economy BUT DIDN’T ELABORATE on how returning veterans he wants to bring home would find civilian work?

        He’s a liberal Tess!

        All that other B.S. on his resume about 5 time Ironman, paraglides, hot gas ballooning, biking across the Alps is simply HOT AIR and irrelevant unless he’s going for the Shawn White snow boarder vote.

  1. The answer is at the beginning of the second paragraph:

    “The online poll of 62,000 grassroots activists.”

    Why do you suppose the poll was topped by prospects who are favored by grassroots activists??

  2. If Pubs have to put up someone against The Bitch, I believe Condi Rice, then Sarah Palin are good choices. But It’s been said it’ll be awhile before America will elect another black president and Palin has been virtually (and unfairly) destroyed by the MSM and couldn’t go back now without showing their ass. I like the top three Male candidates, actually down through 7.

    Some comments on other threads is when I have used “We The People”, it is believed that doesn’t represent a majority of the lay people (sometimes called Grass Roots) in the U.S.. However, when Jefferson wrote the Declaration there were probably a minority who did not want to revolt against England; but Jefferson was throwing them under the wagon and declaring for the majority.

    Times have changed, it seems, and many more want to live under Socialism and Totalitarianism, but yet want certain freedoms for themselves and their “like” but not for all as in “all are created equal”. So when i say “We the People” I am referring to the many who would like the U.S. to remain the U.S, be minimally governed by the Constitution and it’s Amendments.

    Here, by the way, is the mission of the Tea Party and it 15 non-negotiable beliefs. All the candidates at thetop that Nate listed have beliefs similar to the Tea Party.
    “The Tea Party is a grassroots movement that brings awareness to any issue which challenges the security, sovereignty or domestic tranquility of our beloved nation.”

    15 Non-negotiable Core Beliefs

    1. Illegal aliens are here illegally.
    2. Pro-domestic employment is indispensable.
    3. A strong military is essential.
    4. Special interests must be eliminated.
    5. Gun ownership is sacred.
    6. Government must be downsized.
    7. The national budget must be balanced.
    8. Deficit spending must end.
    9. Bailout and stimulus plans are illegal.
    10. Reducing personal income taxes is a must.
    11. Reducing business income taxes is mandatory.
    12. Political offices must be available to average citizens.
    13. Intrusive government must be stopped.
    14. English as our core language is required.
    15. Traditional family values are encouraged.

    – See more at:

    • samreusser — great points!

      also, add end the Federal Reserve Board and the IRS…for starters…with many more federal agencies to follow!

      you say “We the People” — I prefer Real Americans!

      Real Americans want Obama in jail, and a tea party, libertarian President in office!!!

      End of story!

  3. Taking another look at the list, the surprise to me is that Huckabee is so high on the list. We knew he was liked by the establishment and religious right.

    It is a coup for him to be so near the top here.


  4. Every one of them is better than we have now. If we don’t limit voter fraud, who knows if we CAN win. What can we do about it?
    It’s time that “We the People” are heard.

    I’m soooo excited. At last someone is actually DOING something about our dire situation. But they must have citizen participation to be successful.
    Participate in helping to save our beloved country.
    I think you will be pleasantly surprised at what they are trying to do….
    1) Balanced budget
    2) Congressional term limits
    3) Limit Congress
    4) Repeal 17th Amend.
    5) Checks and balances on judges

    Other issues can be addressed.
    I’d like to address:
    1) Ilegals and “rule of law”
    2) Voter fraud for Presidential elections, & approved photo ID for Presidential election. Elections are now under the States but we can see what has happened with that?
    3) Irrefutable proof of citizenship of Pres. & Vice Pres. candidates certified by each Sec. of State from original documents with possibility of parents being citizens at the time of birth
    4) Any bills passed by Congress should be certifed by every Congressman that they have personally read all of the documents before signing and that bill be posted on the Internet, giving plenty of time for citizens to study it, depending on its length, before final vote.

    Be part of the solution.

    For those of you who believe in it but don’t have time, please forward to anyone you know who will have time.
    And for those who can do it, please join us and forward.

    You can go to and click on all of the info.
    Then listen to this Town Hall style audio which has already occurred. It is about 1 hr. & 10 min. so allocate some time for it.

    Then set aside some time tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 13 at 8 pm EST to listen to another Town Hall at their site.
    You can ask questions by phone or computer and vote on your opinion.

    • evelyn:

      I am in total sympathy of your above views on we must control the government however !

      When I go to the site you mention I do see a lot of wishful thinking however. It states that “A convention of states needs to be called to ensure that we are able to debate and impose a complete package of restraints on the misuse of power by all branches of the federal government.” It seems to me we already have those safeguards but the legislators we elect ignore them just as they ignore the Conservative rhetoric they spout during campaigns. It isn’t as the site says “legislators must know that grassroot teams have their back if they support a convention of states.” WE MUST KNOW THEY HAVE OUR BACKS ONCE ELECTED. They must follow the oath they took when elected to follow the Constitution and not their own personal whims.

      Secondly I am of the belief or should I say fear of what is described as a “runaway convention”. This seems like the perfect opportunity the left has been waiting for to re-write the Constitution to their ends. The statement “The ratification process ensures no amendment will be passed that don’t reflect the desire of the people.” seems rather vague and can interpretated in any number of ways by any number of political views. The original purpose of how the Constitution came to be was amending the weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation. Unfortunately we don’t have the men with anywhere the same patriotic vision we had then but instead it is personal gains.

      Lastly I must agree with Goethe’s post below on NOT GIVING more power to the back room party elite to make decisions on OUR REPRESENTATION.

      Call me a skeptic but this idea sounds to me idealistic on the same lines as that organization that was formed called “No-Name” party with no party affiliation after their name. But that is all it is ideas….with no teeth. And no teeth can lead to good intentions getting hijacked.

  5. I had not heard about attempts to repeal the 17th Amendment. But I don’t see it as being about “states-rights.”

    The Senate, by makeup, already gives “empty states” unfair power. There are only two senators per state, so 582 thousand Wyoming residents have the same say as 38 million Californians. Or, if you prefer, 632 thousand Vermont residents have the same voice as 26 million Texans.

    By going back to the old system, it would disenfranchise the voters, and put the power to pick a senator in the hands of state legislators who have been gerrymandered into safe seats.

    That doesn’t give more power to the states. It just gives more power to individual state legislators.

    If you like that, why not vote for electors of the Electoral College, INSTEAD of for the individuals running for president??

  6. No matter what conventions or laws are in place – if the voters (hopefully legal) are at the core root – they are almost totally influenced by the Main Media and it’s advertising. So the Republican Party (and all its subdivisions) is at a disadvantage by at least a 3:1 margin. Goethe doesn’t agree, but just research history and a perfect example is Nixon-Watergate-Impeachment and Obama-Benghazi-do nothing.

    There are literally Billions of “The People” who have never been beyond ABC/CBS/NBC/FOX-non cable and the movie Channels. so in reality it is 4:0 as FOX-non cable is apolitical. Also Billions who has never tuned to the AM frequency spectrum on their radio.

    The Democrats also spend more on advertising.

    Bottom line is unless Republicans have a more even stand with the Public – they will always be at a disadvantage.

    • Sam: People are always more sensitive to negative comments, or what they perceive as negative comments. Same for ads. You can see ten ads for your side and two ads for the other side, and you’ll naturally feel that the other side is overwhelming you.

      And, of course, these days, what the Republicans or Democrats spend is pretty much irrelevant, since so much MORE money is spent by outside organizations. In this tally, independent groups that supported Romney spent 401 million to the 26 million spent by those which supported Obama in 2012:

      If you hear from the other side, they say they think the MSM is against THEM, too.

      As for Watergate, I think the coverage of Monica Lewinski was at least as intense. The only difference was duration, and that’s only because there was no story after Nixon’s resignation and Clinton’s impeachment, which came quicker.

      The media are jackals. They’ll attack anyone. It’s just more obnoxious to you if they’re attacking your guy.

      As for late night, a media group did a tally of jokes Jay Leno has told ridiculing politicians and he did over 5600 jokes at the expense of Clinton and Gore as opposed to less than 3900 about Bush and Cheney. And that doesn’t even count the jokes about Monica Lewinski.

      As I say, it always seems like they’re unfair to your side, no matter which side you’re on. I get a little tired of the whining.

      • Goethe;

        I agree it’s all how it’s perceived…….or from where you get your so called facts.

        Now the liberal left spends hours and cuts down forest printing that the Koch Brothers are evil and have control of the Tea party and our country. If you look at the link below however it shows that they are NUMBER 59 IN THE LIST OF POLITICAL DONORS BETWEEN 1989 TO 2014. Not only that but 12 of the top 16 donors ARE UNIONS AND GAVE TO THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY (the other 4 went 50-50 between the parties). NOW WHO WADDA THUNK IT?

        The link is entitled “Heavy Hitters: Top All Time Donors 1989-2014” and is from the IMPARTIAL “Opensecrets” web site.

      • Goethe – we could have and actually have gone on about Media bias and you are probably a 1% part of the reading, watching, and listening audiences that still say the MSM doesn’t lean Liberal.

        btw – didn’t see Clinton leave office. Slightly different – NYTimes absolutely leans Liberal, as does LA Times and Washington Post as Washington Times and NY Post lean right. Further if Obama’s involved in a scandal MSM stays silent instead of broadcasting it. And if it published – no headlines and NBC and MSNBC will distort it and later come back and semi apologize. Plus no Democrat has ever been destroyed as the MSM destroyed Palin.

        • Sam:

          I agree that the NYT & LA Times (and others) lean left in their opinion pieces. Although they also have conservative columnists. That’s how it used to be in the old days. You’d get both sides of arguments.

          I also agree that the Wash Post and NY Post (and others) lean conservative. But doesn’t that, in itself, negate your argument?

          As for statistics, you’re way into the Oblivious/Surfisher/Gulag league if you suggest that I am among “1%. . .who say the media don’t lean liberal.” I would say 40% think the media lean left, 30% think the “corporate media” lean way right, and the other 30% don’t give a crap.

          One of these times, I’ll have to find liberal complaints about the media. I think you’d be amazed how much leftists HATE the media.

          • Goethe:

            The Washington (Com-)Post doesn’t lean conservative but a FAR ,FAR LEFT and the only good use for purchasing them is the service they provide while walking your dog!

            I realize no one on the left wants to be considered as a 1%’er However if you use only the few sources given as your index yes it would taint our argument but when you throw in NBC,CBS,ABC,MSNBC,NPR, USA TODAY and dozens of others on the left side there is no doubt the MSM is left wing.

            The only media you will find liberals complain about is Fox News.

            • Bob: Sorry for the typo. I was replying to Sam. He had mentioned the Washington Times as being rightwing, and I had meant to repeat that, but accidentally hit “Washington Post.” I think it was because I was wondering why he didn’t keep it consistent.

              He noted that New York has the left-leaning New York Times and said the right has the New York Post. He then mentioned the right-leaning Washington Times and I was wondering why he didn’t link it to the leftwing Washington Post. So, since I had that in my mind, I hit the wrong keys.

              Actually, I’m surprised that Sam didn’t compare the NY Times with Rupert Murdoch’s/Fox’s Wall Street Journal, with a circulation of 2.3 million and a solid conservative slant. (NYT circulation is less than 1.9 million).

              As for complaints about the media from liberals, you must not have any liberal friends. Yes, liberals hate Fox–because the feeling is mutual and consistent. But you’ll find that liberals hate the STORIES in other media, just as often as conservatives do. You don’t want to be cornered by a liberal after a critical story hits. . . .

  7. Hi Someone,me is telling ALL GOP candidates and elected officials to quit over thinking. Corker in a Union reply needed to only say,Guote,” Yes by all means Unionize if you prefer to live like those in Detroit and be in squaller all thanks to Unions.,and soon be on Obama’s unemployment line. Also ask where the textile industry in the South went ,due to High Union labor costs, It went overseas. Smarten up GOP. Wake UP

  8. Goethe;

    In regard to your post of 18th February @5:54PM yes I do have many liberal friends from growing up in NYC. We know where each of us stands on an issue therefore we trade jabs not roundhouse punches. No blood ….no foul!

    • Bob: I wish more people could “discuss with” and not just “talk at” the other person.

      Generally, I don’t like talking politics with people who have the same views. Where does that get anyone? I’d rather hear other views.

      I do have one friend who simply can’t deal with an opposing view, so I carefully maneuver any discussion, and if he gets way out, I just sort of “bleep over” that area–and say something like, “how about them Tigers!”

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