In a move surely to be cheered by some and highly criticized by others, Texas Senator Ted Cruz took to the Senate floor on Tuesday and spoke for over 21 hours in opposition to funding parts of the Affordable Care Act within the next Continuing Resolution to fund the government.

Report from the Guardian:

Texan Republican Ted Cruz talked through the night in a marathon speech against Obamacare, in a show of congressional theatrics devoid anything other than symbolic consequence.

Reading from children’s books to keep going, a tired-looking Cruz was joined in shifts by fellow conservatives Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Pat Roberts in a stand against Barack Obama’s plan to extend health insurance in the US.

Cruz’s speech was not technically a filibuster, as it he was merely speaking during a permitted time slot. Nevertheless he gave one of the longest Senate performances ever, stopping after 21 hours 19 minutes, with occasional remarks by other conservative senators.

The speech was ostensibly intended to hold up the passage of what is known as a continuing resolution: a motion to maintain funding for the federal government. The resolution passed the House of Representatives on Friday, but is the subject of controversy because Republicans tacked on a provision that would defund the non-mandatory elements of the Affordable Care Act.

But there was never a chance that the resolution would be delayed: Cruz always knew that he would have to give way to a procedural vote. Indeed, after sitting down, he joined every other senator in allowing debate on the resolution to continue.

Some Republicans have disavowed Cruz’s tactics. A number are fearful that they will be blamed for the consequences of a government shutdown and, others complain of the difficulty of explaining Cruz’s position: attempting to block a measure that he supports.

Some of the sharpest criticism came from fellow Republican John McCain who went on record also on the Senator floor to rebuke many of Cruz’s statements following the 21 hour speech.

The next phase in this battle is the cloture vote for final passage of the bill coming this Friday or Saturday. There was confusion earlier in the week as Senator Cruz himself voted for cloture to debate the bill. This was followed by his 21 hour speech urging his fellow Republicans and Democrats in the Senate to vote against cloture for final passage of the bill. The reason for this is that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will introduce a single amendment which will strip the Obamacare defunding language from the bill once the bill reaches the senator floor. Thus, Cruz is asking for at least 41 votes to filibuster cloture and demand the language stay in the bill and force all Senators to take an up or down vote on defunding Obamacare.

Cruz’s 21 hour speech was aimed mostly at the American people to contact their legislators and demand they support his efforts. Is Cruz a serious player here or is he following in Senator Paul’s footsteps to have his filibuster and carve out some support in the GOP primary for 2016?


  1. Personally, I think “the Cuban-Canadian” just showed that he’s neither original nor constructive. This publicity stunt was just because he was jealous of the attention Rand Paul got for taking the floor several weeks ago, although Rand had a reason, and with some hope of making a difference.

    This was pure self-aggrandizement, and once again shows that the “Cuban-Canadian” is most of all interested in becoming a celebrity.

  2. This was a drawing of a line in the sand for republicans. For too long the moderates have been unwilling to stand up for anything. Sometimes you have to fight a battle you know you’ll lose in order to win a war – the Alamo was a great inspiration. McCain, and the moderates who are with him, needed to stand on this issue.

    One of the main reasons the republicans won the house and senate in the 1990’s was their contract with America. American’s believed they would really bring change. Largely they kept their promises, but then moderated under Bush after about 15 years in power. They even had a government shut down in the 90’s, and after the shut down still held on to power. Not long after the government shut down, we had 4 years of a balanced budget and even had surpluses. Why? It forced Clinton to moderate, and they truly worked together to get things done (Clinton and Gingrich have both talked about the collaboration of these days)

    This is an amazing quote, that points to their cowardice and lack of understanding:
    “A number are fearful that they will be blamed for the consequences of a government shutdown and, others complain of the difficulty of explaining Cruz’s position: attempting to block a measure that he supports.”

    These 2 things are exactly what’s wrong with the moderates:
    1. They’re afraid of negative blame – making their lack of standing a political move, not a principled one
    2. They think the American people are dumb and won’t understand what they’re really trying to do

    I really hope that the conservatives and libertarians in the Senate will raise their voices higher after this and in the 2014 election, work to get rid of the moderate republicans. Giving in to the democrats on this issue is just like agreeing with them.

    The democrats are just plain evil on this. They are forcing a measure in place that the American people do not want. What makes it even more evil is the measure itself – it forces all Americans at the barrel of a gun to buy health insurance.

    Barrel of a gun is not an exaggeration, here’s how it goes. Obamacare has a mandate that *every* American buy health insurance. If we refuse we will be taxed. If we refuse to pay our taxes they will show up with guns, confiscate our property and throw us into jail.

    Yes, it is true that this is how they enforce all tax law, not just Obamacare. However, with Obamacare, it means they will be using the force of guns to make people buy health insurance. We should all pay our taxes and enforcement is reasonable, but we should not all be forced to by health insurance, that’s the difference, that’s the tyranny, that’s the evil….that’s the democrat party.

    Democrats I suggest you have your own party revolution like the republicans are with the Tea Party. Maybe you can call it the ‘Freedom Party’ or something like that. I know you rank and file democrats don’t agree with forcing America to buy health insurance. The Democratic party is your party, you can change it with your votes.

    • Josh — spot on!

      In short — The Obamination needs to have his brownshirts point guns at US to make us obey his dictates (that’s his last hope…too bad it won’t work IN THE LONG RUN)!

    • Josh — yes, the 2014 elections are crucial.

      It would denote in realistic terms if the tide against EVIL is beginning to turn!

  3. Goethe Behr…I found this exchange interesting: Ted Cruz was ask by Senator Durbin if he, and his family, was protected by the Health Coverage offered all Congressmen. Senator Cruz replied “I’m happy to tell you now I am eligible for it and I am not currently covered under it”. The New York Times offered this reason:Cruz’s wife, Heidi Nelson Cruz, is a regional head at Goldman Sachs. Top executive officers and managing directors at the bank participate in a health care program that costs Goldman more than $40,000 in premiums for each participant’s family annually. This is the same same Goldman Sachs that took a $10 billion bailout from hard working U.S. taxpayers.

    • Tess Liehard — still clutching at imaginable straws to create propaganda in favor of your boss: Lil’ Hussein, the wannabe Dictator of US?

      LOL, what a good little Obama shill you are….

      • Surfisher…What I said to you in another post remains true: Unable to debate with reason, you create lies, repeat lies, and use them to repeatedly abuse others.

        Regardless of party affiliation, religious beliefs, or race, as an American, each individual is entitled to their personal choices without undue harassment. There have been many posts (not yours) directed at me that have made me reconsider a particular stance.

        I do not vote a straight ticket for any party. I’ve voted for a lot of winners and a lot of losers that looked good.

        My post on Ted Cruz is true. However, if he should be elected president, I will address him as President Cruz.

        • Tess Liehard — I debate my peers…not the likes of you.

          Obama shills like you that post lies to advance his propaganda — I expose.

          Enjoy your 30 pieces of Obama dollars… that you receive to defend this Obamination that has usurped our Nation!

            • Goethe Bore — which part did you miss?

              I only debate my peers, not inferiors like YOU and TESS LIEHARD — such mental defectives I expose.

            • Surisher: I have been on here for more than a year, and I’ve never seen you “debate” anyone. You either “rant” or “berate.” That’s apparently the extent of your intellect.

              In order to debate, you have to listen. A few days ago, Josh said basically the same thing three times, but since the third one didn’t include the magic word you were looking for, you patted him on the head the first two times and berated him for the third. Likewise, I said basically the same thing three times, and you just couldn’t tell.

              If you were not so unpleasant all the time, perhaps people would consider what you have to say.

      • Surfisher: You’re such a dumbass. Somebody who calls him “Mr. Big Ears” is not a shill. I just reply when things get so out-of-whack that I think a response is needed.

        Speaking of “whack,” we don’t know your name, but we’ll just have to assume if you stop throwing your vomit on us that you must have been the latest shooter, since you sound so much like them.

        • Goethe Bore — what a sad little bore and sick puppy you are.

          You state: “Surfisher: You’re such a dumbass… we don’t know your name, but we’ll just have to assume if you stop throwing your vomit on us that you must have been the latest shooter, since you sound so much like them”.

          Your vomiting assumptions about me are as ridiculous as me assuming you are a BABY KILLER (after all, you are for abortion — while I have never shot anyone)!

          Goethe Bore — you are nothing but a sciolistic pathetic parvenu that post anything without the ability of logical thinking. As such you are even lower creature than Tess Liehard — at least Tess Liehard gets paid for posting propaganda, while you do it for free and out of spite.

          • Surfisher: In real life, do people think you are as ridiculous and tedious as you are on here? Do you even have a real life?

            • Goethe Bore — that is a question best applied to you.

              You always chime in on every topic posted — and usually make no sense, but you keep posting nevertheless, just to be present here, regardless of the stupidities you state — as long as you post something…. (that makes you the one with NO real life).

              I only respond to such idiots like you and Tess Liehard, since MORONS like you and Tess Liehard need to be exposed for their
              HATE of Real Americans!

              Again, go back to England — euro trash.

            • Surfbum, you really have no idea what you’re talking about. I have never been to Britain. And have spent only a little time in an airport in Europe, white trash.

    • Tess: That’s the problem with someone like Cruz. Just plain dishonest. He knew that he could “get points” for saying that he is “not currently covered by it,” because he knows that SOUNDS like saying, “I refused it.” But it means something quite different from someone who is just getting a better deal from his “sugar mama.”

      I am not saying what Cruz says is wrong. I’m just saying he’s another power-hungry politician, who will do anything, and say anything, for his own, personal power and glory.

      I have criticized Rand Paul for playing political games, but Cruz is nothing BUT gamesmanship. Yet, so many people are being suckered in by him.

      • Goethe Bore — you are nothing but a sciolistic pathetic parvenu that post anything without the ability of logical thinking. As such you are even a lower creature than Tess Liehard — at least Tess Liehard gets paid for posting propaganda, while you do it for free and out of spite.

          • Goethe Bore —.

            Crawl back to England and leave America alone, kid —Goethe Bore…your euro trash “advice” here is unsolicited, and thus unwanted.

            • Surfisher – your themes are redundant and even less entertaining. please lower the tone and let people say what they want. Your volume disruption causes disconnects in a theme. Many of us have no respect for the POTUS or his Administration, but a constant “harp” is a big turn-off. Calling people “rude names” is a bigger turn-off. I am guilty of being accusing and rude occasionally but i’m 73, retired USN,and Electronic Sales Engineer , have cancer and earned the right to assess from all the personalities classes i took on reading people.

              You might be happier on a ranting blog that is mainly comprised of Hard-right commenters that are as angry as you are. http://Reusser.US

            • Sam: Have you told us before that you have cancer? I mean, I know you’re a “tough old bird,” so I’d expect you to beat it, but you have my good wishes, for what it’s worth.

              But now that we know, how has your experience been with the VA? I hear good and I hear bad.

            • Goethe and Tess – Thank you for your thoughts, I shouldn’t let my alligator mouth run off sometimes. I had Prostate cancer in ’05 that was completely cured, then this small b cell Lymphoma in ’08 that went in remission in ’09 and returned about 6 mos ago, just finished my 6 mos of chemo yesty. i’m told this one may not go into remission so i’ll dance with it for a couple of years and go HOME. That’s actually quite fine with me, did my lessons (probably failed a lot of ’em) and lived a bunch of dreams so it’s all cool.

              Goethe, I’ve been very fortunate medical wise. even if you retire from the Armed Services the VA doesn’t give you squat in terms of Medical unless you get disabled from the Service. my lymphoma was possibly caused by my ship being target ship for some Nuclear air testing in ’62 at Christmas Island. so i got VA disability in ’09.

              but i have paid into medicare since ’64 and now still pay $110/mo and soon to go up with the influx of ACA changes. when my civilian job at HP went away, all my Docs (7 or 8 ’em) all take medicare and my secondary of Tricare from military retirement. So i haven’t had to exercise any VA yet. But we do have a very good VA here in Denver metro associated with the Univ of CO Medical center.

              I have been very fortunate to pick Doctors and hospitals that accepted regular insurance companies as well as Medicare and Tricare. That’s the reason i have such a problem with ACA (or Obamacare) – yes, doctors and insurance companies make good money, but everyone still gets medical care. If people are too poor (and i had relatives that were), Medicaid steps in. An inefficient government-controlled single payer socialist health control system is not something i’m comfortable with.

            • Sam: Sounds like you have your hands full, and I wish the prognosis were immediate, full recovery without effort. But, that being said, it was refreshing to hear someone open up about himself on here. There has been so much hostility on here lately that it hasn’t been much fun. Thanks for your gutsy note about real life.

            • Goethe – thank you for your kind comments, i’ve been told i “wear my heart on my sleeve”, or at least till i became an old curmudgeon (dirty ‘ol man).

              Initially, you were very hard to read and i would let my anger show through our differences, but you opened enough to help me understand and sometimes align. Almost all your comments have meat behind them and are often thought provoking even when they differ from me. and almost all have some verification and/or research behind them.

              No doubt we will have differences, because you lean left and I lean right – which based on on our backgrounds and geography, it is to be expected – but we do show some commonality in Libertarian and understand there is no mention of a bedroom or the exact moment that the soul enters the human in our original founding documents.It is a strict personal spirituality feeling – Religion or any writing from this Domain can define it. We will probably discuss the size of government or Democracy vs Republic as long as i’m around, but that too is a good 237 year old back and forth discussion.

              Believe it or not, FOX actually has about a 60-R / 40-D complement of “correspondents” on their network. Yes the Hosts are mostly “right” but the lefties get to speak their minds and thoughts and the ideology / platform. It is surprising how many of them friends behind the scenes.

              We have several good commenters on here – Tess, Daisy, Billy, Josh, etc. We let our anger escape when the comments are outlandish in our own minds but not the commenter. .

              Nate puts up some thought provoking statements for comments – hope we get to continue.

            • Surfisher…You are obviously an intelligent person who has allowed himself to become a spiteful, nasty piece of work. You could be clever and amusing but, instead, choose to vilify and undermine others. You post lies, insults, and irrational thoughts and expect your victims to take your bullying with bowed heads. When you write that another’s post is unsolicited or unwanted…does it not occur to that your post may be unwanted or unsolicited? Is it by choice that you have become a troll? Is it by choice that you post your brand of crap all over the internet? Again, I ask you, “curb your insanity”.

  4. I would love to see the Tweets sent to Cruz during his 21 hour long “Chat”. Why did Government get out of using the exchanges or the Government having to pick up the difference. maybe it is Government to Gov money but it shows the real cost of Obamacare, as well as who really wants it.

    • Sam…I just read Gothe’s note to you. There is no doubt in my mind that you can beat this imposition. Be strong. Be Navy….Tess

  5. It was quite refreshing to hear Cruz reflecting the already expressed will of We the People when he stood for over 21 hours to direct his colleagues to do what we went them there to do by defunding/repealing the Obamacare bill which decades ago former President Ronald Reagan warned eloquently against in the first place. That bill would kill jobs and thereby the economy followed by the citizenry through abortion and passive euthanasia. It has no place in a Christian founded nation such as America and was criminally shoved down the collective throat of the nation despite the fact that fully 75% of the electorate at the time demanded that our representatives vote to KILL THE BILL. I am with Sean Hannity who said this is the line in the sand. If our Republican Party fails to deliver on this promise, we MUST then have the conservative base move under a new party banner, ie. perhaps the Constitution Party in order to save the republic. I only pray it is not already too late to save the legacy to which the Founders pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor. Cruiz. Lee, Paul, Rubio et. al. are the true heroes of our day with the conscience, moral fiber and spinal column to get the job done. May God bless them for their proven patriotism!

  6. Ted Cruz is a true American patriot — he would make for a great VP to Rand Paul’s Presidency!

    The only ticket to SAVE America from the Marxist Obamination that is bent on destroying the USA!

    Rand Paul for President and Ted Cruz for Vice President (there are no other options to save US from the path of tyranny already taken by the Liberal Democrooks, in their zeal to achieve Total Governmental Control of our nation with ZERO individual freedom for the citizens)!

    Americans are finally waking up to the fact that a single individual can make a difference!

  7. Folks: Here’s a question I’d like to post on the related threads, because I’m asking for a response:

    Both houses just voted unanimously to pay government workers retroactively for time lost. I mean, it was a nice thing to do, for people who are being used as pawns.

    HOWEVER, how can Tea Party legislators rationalize paying people for NOT working?? Isn’t that exactly counterpoint to the Tea Party philosophy? If they’re not on salary, shouldn’t they be paid only for the hours they work?

    Billy, in particular–what’s your feeling about paying bureaucrats for NOT working??

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