Since a recent story broke explaining that Texas Senator Ted Cruz legally has dual-citizenship in the United States and Canada, Cruz has decided to renounce his Canadian citizenship. The situation arose since Cruz was born in Canada while his mother is an American citizen. Thus, under the law in both countries, Cruz retained both American and Canadian citizenship from birth, until now.

Report from the Washington Post:

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) announced Monday evening that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship, less than 24 hours after a newspaper pointed out that the Canadian-born senator likely maintains dual citizenship.

“Now the Dallas Morning News says that I may technically have dual citizenship,” Cruz said in a statement. “Assuming that is true, then sure, I will renounce any Canadian citizenship. Nothing against Canada, but I’m an American by birth and as a U.S. senator; I believe I should be only an American.”

The Dallas Morning News wrote in a story posted late Sunday night that Cruz likely remains a Canadian citizen, by virtue of being born there to an American mother. Having never renounced that citizenship, Cruz was technically a Canadian and an American citizen, according to legal experts.

Meanwhile, supporters of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul have been floating questions and concerns about Cruz’s eligibility to run for President. Report from the Washington Examiner:

Allies of Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., in Iowa have begun raising questions about whether Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, qualifies for president under the Constitution, according to an in-state political operative who supports the Texas lawmaker.

“They’re scared and they now keep bringing up the eligibility issue,” Jamie Johnson told the Washington Examiner. Johnson was coalitions director for Rick Santorum’s campaign during the 2012 Iowa caucuses, but he hopes Cruz wins the Republican nomination in 2016. “They are hitting the eligibility issue hard,” Johnson said. “They’re using third-party sources, though; they don’t want it tracked back to Campaign for Liberty [an organization that grew out of Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid].”

Paul and Cruz have not clashed personally, but their respective treks to Iowa — home of the presidential primary season’s first election — suggest the Senate allies are on a collision course.

An interesting quandary Cruz finds himself in since I’m betting this issue isn’t going away anytime soon given how competitive the GOP primary will be in 2016.


  1. I have met Cruz and listened to him speak in a couple of small venues, and am amazed that he is pursuing this, and by the way he is pursuing it. The man was Solicitor General of Texas (appointed by the Texas AG), argued at the SCOTUS, etc. It is either highly embarassing, or an outright lie, that:

    1) He only learned from the Dallas Morning News that he was a Canadian citizen by birth.

    2) He thought he could renounce that citizenship by issuing a public statement (see the Canadian Immigration web page re. the requirement to apply and receive permission to renounce citizenship).

    3) That he was ever eligible in the first place. Significant past precedent supports the contention that one must have two U.S.A. citizen parents at the time of one’s birth, in order to be considered “natural born”. This goes all the way back to Howard, Washington, Jefferson, and Vattel, and is supported by multiple court actions and administrative rulings by U.S.A. Dept. of State.

    If we’re going to hold anyone to a standard, we must hold everyone to the standard, regardless of whether we think that person is a good guy or a bad guy, whether the name is Cruz, Jindal, Rubio, Obama, McCain, or Calero.

    I really wanted to see Cruz make some good libertarian-republican ripples on the national scene, but it appears to me that his POTUS ambitions have gotten the better of him.

  2. Politics is all about manipulation. And perception. Watch the media and who gets all the attention? Presidential candidates, or more precisely, “is he gonna be” presidential candidates. So my guess is that Cruz is “running” in order to scare the crap out of everyone and give him the visibility to have more power in the senate.

  3. Really, all Cruz would have to say to end the argument is…none of you have even seen the presidents birth certificate yet, why are you asking me about this now? Are you admitting that you made a mistake with Obama, or are you just creating a double standard?

    I’m sure Obama is probably a citizen. But i do think its just weird that no one has ever publicized his real birth certificate after all the controversy. I would think that the democrats would jump at any chance to make republicans look stupid. After all the hub bub, simply publicizing the document would make them look really stupid, which makes me wonder about what is on the document. It probably says he’s caucasian or something like that. Probably nothing about citizenship, but maybe something real embarrassing.

    • This is the problem we still have. Just as with Chester Arthur, the birth certificate / citizenship issue is a red herring that diverts attention from the ultimate issue of his parent’s status. People chase the red herring and not provable/proven issue.

    • Josh — spot on!

      Obama is a Citizen (now…) BUT was he born here…?!

      All data shows he was NOT!

      So, must be Impeached ASAP!

    • This will likely become a very relevant issue in the next 20 ish years. With all the ‘undocumented’ people in the USA, it is likely that we’ll have a presidential candidate try to use that excuse at some point. “yes, i have every right to run for president. I’m just an undocumented naturalized citizen”

      This whole ‘undocumented’ thing is laughable, I can’t believe the media is actually letting people get by with it. Okay, well, yes I can…

      Oh, no officer, I have a right to carry this weapon. My concealed carry license is undocumented.
      Oh, no secret service, I have every right to attend the presidents ball. I’m on the undocumented guest list.
      Oh, no boss, I do have a degree, I’m just an undocumented doctorate holder.
      Oh, yes my patient, i can do open heart surgery on you, I’m just an undocumented surgeon.
      Oh, yes officer, I do have insurance. its just not documented.
      Oh, yes officer, i do own this car. I’m just the undocumented owner.

      I guess this means anyone can break into congress and just say…I’m an undocumented officer of the law with an undocumented search warrant signed by an undocumented judge with an undocumented degree…

  4. Ted Cruz is an American Patriot!

    Will Obama follow suit and renounce his Kenyan birth certificate…? —LOL!

    p.s. Save America — IMPEACH OBAMA NOW!

  5. Donald Trump has said he’s considering running for the White House again. Democrats could not be happier. For one thing, it will mean that the “birther” issue would not go away for Cruz, and weaseling out of it will make the GOP look disingenuous with the intense birther attacks on Obama. What was that quote about being “the stupid party”? The party should have flatly said no to Cruz, in order to claim integrity.

    • Goethe Behr — Ted Cruiz is not only a Patriot, but he is also eloquent (that puts fear into the neo-cons). The Republican party is disintegrating because of the old fat neo-cons hanging onto to their new world order beliefs — which the young people of America are rejecting, just like they are rejecting Obama’s socialism.

      See below how crude, out of touch and illiterate Barrack Hussein is when facing the college crowd (same goes for the neo-cons).

      NBC News August 22, 2013 “Booing Barrack’s speech in NY” (off topic, but NICE to share, since few are aware of it!).


      Has the USA ever had a president that speaks and acts like a street punk when things don’t go its way — watch this 1+ minute DISGRACE by the narcissist that occupies our White House!

      What kind of language is that coming out of the mouth of a supposed US President when BOOED (count the incredible stupidities Barrack utters, and watch its expression in disbelief that he is not the omnipotent King of USA he thinks he is, but gets put down by the people he thinks he rules — shocking treatment for this narcissistic buffoon!) — below are its street punk’s utterances by its own mouth:

      “I hear you, I got you…no, no it’s fine… wait, wait, wait, wait!…. We’re OK, we are OK….It’s OK, it’s OK…hold on a second, hold on, hold on!…. Hello everybody, Hello…. Hey, hey, hey!….Hold on, Hold on a Minute!….Now…you know….hold on a second….”

      Save the USA — Impeach Barrack Hussein NOW!

      • Surfisher: I agree with you that Cruz is giving the NeoCons conniptions. I also agree that the GOP is disintegrating (which is the opposite of integrating–both in the sense of pulling together and of encouraging diversity). I’m not cheering it. I’m just saying it’s obvious.

        I also agree that Obama goes too far in trying to appear like “one of us.” He’s educated. He knows the language. But I think he wants to sound like “Joe Sixpack,” such as when he first addressed the issue of chemical weapons in Syria, saying he would have to reconsider getting involved if a “whole bunch” of chemical weapons were involved. We have not seen “a whole bunch,” and it’s sad that warmongers are trying to use any excuse to get us in there.

        But you’re mischaracterizing the Obama episode you cite. The crowd was clearly on Obama’s side. Note that they cheer when the heckler was removed. And after that, he says, “Can I just say, as hecklers go, that young lady was very polite. . .and she brought up an issue of importance, and that’s part of what America is all about.”

        • Goethe Behr — straight forward question (that will measure your deductive reasoning).

          Do you think the USA will be better of if Barrack Hussein Obama is IMPEACHED — Yes, or No?

          Not asking for elaboration — just a Yes or No answer.

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