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Scott Walker plans summer rollout for 2016 campaign

Following a decisive re-election victory, the talk of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker launching a 2016 presidential campaign has only amplified. Walker, and some of...

Ben Carson taking serious steps toward 2016 campaign

In case you missed it, which you most likely did, Ben Carson put out an hour long documentary which aired this past weekend in...

Stocks rising for Ohio’s John Kasich and Rob Portman

With Governor John Kasich (R) winning a decisive victory last Tuesday night, his outlook as a potential 2016 candidate just got a little better....

Ted Cruz: GOP should avoid candidates ‘in the mold’ of Mitt Romney

Let the intra-party debate begin over which direction should lead the way in 2016. On the one side, you have candidates like Ted Cruz...

Chris Christie, Jeb Bush would face conservative Iowa caucus voters

As this story points out, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush poll quite well around the country but they fall short in early states like...

Michigan GOP plans March 2016 primary

In an attempt to garner relevance in the Presidential primary schedule, many states have begun jumping the line in recent years to obtain more...

2016: Year of the Libertarian?

There have been numerous articles touting 2016 as the year when libertarian political philosphies may be poised to make a splash into the mainstream...

Rick Perry calls out Rand Paul on foreign policy

Between this intentional move to differentiate himself as a candidate and his spotlight on the border issue, the alternate headline could be "Rick Perry...